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Lajwanti 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
As all sit beside granny’s side, they ask about her health, while lajo waits outside. Granny complains about the pain, pretending to be in grievous pain and adds that the pain of separation has added to it. kishan apologises profusely, saying that he is embarassed for what he did, and he shall never leave her. She asks what about Shakuntala’s demands. kishan glares at his wife, and she resignedly says that she dosnt need separation too. Kishori and kishan says that they shall never discuss separation ever again. she says that kishori has been brought up well with his father’s manners. but then adds that she felt a bad dream, that a thief stood right there, pointing to where lajo is standing. They are all boggled. But then she

says that it turns out it was her late husband, who had come to tell her that actually she is reprimanding the children for division when she herself is doing so. revathy is boggled and asks whats the matter. granny then says that her husband told how she has kept lajo alienated from the rest of the family. she says that she separated lajo from the rest of the family, and asks Revathy to erase the boundary and let her in. All are emotionally overwhelmed particularly revathy. granny says that she can stay with them but adds that till the time, she doesnt get well, she shall stay with the entire family. lajo smiles. she says that this isnt her, but her husband’s wish. kishori complies to his request. sunder smiles. He asks kishan to get her in. Sunder signals at lajo, who steps inside the room for the first time, excited and happy. Kishori tells lajo that as per granny’s wishes, the boundary and the restrictions on lajo stand nullified and can roam around freely, and even use the kitchen but only till she doesnt get well. All are happy yet tensed to hear this. Granny smiles while lajo is tensed. lajo comes and takes shakuntala’s blessings and out of courtesty, she blesses her too. then she takes everyone’s blessings one by one. When she comes to kishori, she does it apprehensively, but kishori walks away. all are tensed but lajo is determined even though defeated. sunder is tensed too. revathy blesses her and then she takes granny’s feet, but she instead hugs her, asking her in whispers to give back her keys now. lajo whispers, that she neednt worry as she always keeps her promise. she hands the keys and granny blesses her a long life.

later, with revathy’s help, Lajo plants the sapling of laajwanti, while she gets emotional that first time, too her mother did and the second time too. revathy hugs her and they both get emotional. lajo is teary eyed, while sunder eyes her amusingly. she comes to him, and he looks at the plant, and then romantically asks when shall they meet like the soils of city and village. she shys and smiles. he leans in and is about to kiss her, when she hears revathy calling her and she rushes. but then she comes back, and asks him to lend an ear. he complies. lajo naughtily tells him that patience always bears sweet fruit. He smiles and they have a good laugh.

In their room, when sunder is dressing her wounds, sunder is tensed, while lajo asks whats he thinking, as he should say it out aloud. He says that he has never seen granny going back on her words or stance. lajo says that his granny had the dream that caused this heart change. But he is still a little boggled, as to how granny left her staunchness and accepted her. she again assures him but he is still not convinced, and then finds lajo looking away. he gets suspicious and asks if she is hiding soemthing. She denies. she says that she was hiding away her pain, while she distracts him beautifully. he comments that the pain always starets when she is being questioned, not when she questions. lajo says that she had a question, and asked if he dreamt of her last night. he pretends to be surprised, while she says that they can meet in the dreams. he excitedly says that he did dream. she gets excited and asks what happened next. he then takes her for a ride, taking her excitement for a toll, saying that after the dream, she simply went to sleep, and he went for his accounts. she is disappointed, and he smiles at her innocent sad face. she says that she wishes to buy bangles from the biggest shop from lahore, as she doesnt like her bare hands, bandaged only. He says that he shall get her, asks her not to tell about this to anyone, nor let go of his hand, as he might not be with her all the time, but she is not to leave him for even a minute in the market.

In her room, Granny is sitting and resting, when kishori plays her the favourite song that she wishes to hear on the gramophone. the old record starts playing. lajo and sunder hear it, and he explains how granny is lost in her husband’s thoughts listening to these songs. She is amazed at these new things. She says that she wishes to see lahore. He then takes her on a dream ride, where they see lahore while romancing each other. He also in the dream sequence, also imagines lewd guys staring at his wife, and beats them to pulp. she jerks him back to reality and asks why is he so angry. He sternly asks her that she is not to go anywhere outside at all, without him, to roam in lahore. she gets tensed and worried, and then casually comments that she is a free bird and cant stay in the house all day. he then asks her not to joke as its serious. she asks if he wants to keep her captive, as she cant be restricted, and asks if he has gone mad to think that she shall stay in. he says that he has gone mad in her love. she is tensed. he cups her face, and says that he has married her and adds that she is the bahu of kishori lal and the wife of sunder, and it wouldnt be befitting for her to roam outside alone and mingle with people. The screen freezes on her face.


Precap: Sarfaraz tells sunder that soon lahore shall be a part of pakistan, and then no muslim shall have to serve for a Hindu. he says that soon the streets of lahore shall be resonating with the slogans of Pakistan Zindabad. sunder is tensed. he later tells lal that he isnt concerned for business, but about lajo. He wonders what destiny has in store for them. he seems tensed and worried.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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