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Lajwanti 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Lajo and sunder lie down on the bed, under the starry sky. They drift off into an unimaginable sequence, as to how would she expect her groom. Going in a parallel dream sequence, lajo awaits the arrival of his knight in shining armour, on a white horse, dressed as a bride, and is excited when she sees him approaching with a sehra covering his face. He gets down and conmfronts her, while she lifts the sehra off his face with nervousness and added excitement. But as she sees the face, she is shocked and apalled. Scared she wakes up with a shriek. But he calms her down, trying to amuse her with the pampering that she is going to get now. Then he tries to get casually intimate with her, while she shys away. He gets a call from Dulari, his sister, and

then rushes down, non resignedly. he leaves, but she is still tensed, thinking of the horrible nightmare and hopes that this never materialises.

The next morning, all are busy with the preparations, when sunder comes in saying that noone shall go anywhere, as the city isnt safe to go out. she insists, but he says that he is decisive on this. but after he leaves, his sister teases lajo that they shall go out, without anyone’s knowledge. They are amused.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple
Kishori and sunder come to the temple, where sunder prays that all this while, he only came for his business but today, he wants something for him and lajo, to be by their side, in every turn of their life, and make their life stable. kishori smiles, hearing this. They both ring the bell together. Then they turn around to find themselves confronted with narayan baba, who eyes them tensedly. gunwanti gives them prashad and then blesses sunder on his marriage with lajo. Narayan Baba tells them that his words might say anything, and they might mean something, but from the bottom of his heart, he shall always curse them, as the god might shower their blessinghs on them, but they shouldnt expect it from the father of an unwed daughter. He says that their love story shall never be consummated and solemnise. He says that just like gunwanti, lajo too shall curse her fate, when ill destiny befalls her too like gunwanti. he says that they shall have to pay for their deeds, and that sunder’s faults shall be penalised by lajo, and that she shall be such illfated. Sunder gets angry and says that he used to respect him, but today he freed him from that too, and says that their love and motives are pure and genuine. they are all shocked. Gunwanti stands tensedly. Sunder tells him agitatedly that it definitely shall, even though their love gets lost in the pages of history. narayan baba says that destiny has already played its bet, and they both shall see who wins it, the curse of an apalled father or the aggression of a lover.

Scene 3:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Sunder returns home and is furious to know that lajo went alone. Granny calms him down saying that she went with dulari. he is still unconvinced. She tells him that its womanly stuff and its natural for them to want to do it, and assures that they would return back too. Sunder however fumes, while granny is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Anarkali Market
Oblivous to all this, lajo and his sister are out on the streets in their innocence, when a mysterious man steps down from a cart, seemingly affluent. As she is running past, her dupatta sways past that man’s face and he catches it abruptly, and swings it back, causing a huge jerk in her neck, due to which she is surprised and boggled too. The fellow retreats back, as lajo stands tensed, and then faces him, as she is jerked in front due to the dupatta, and finds that its the same man with the same eyes from the nightmare, as he casts his eyes on her beauty, leeringly looking at her. Hearing dulari’s voice, she leaves hurriedly. Lajo is distraught, and tells her that he is the devil. She turns around to find his piercing eyes. They rush off, while he too walks off. she sees his piercing eye gaze and rushes from there with her, and escapes behind a pillar. Dulari asks lajo why is she trembling, and lajo says that she never thought her worst nightmare shall materialise like this, and she has never been this scared before. Dulari reminds her of her bold nature, and asks her to calm down. then they stealthily begin to move out. She then takes lajo to the bangle store, where lajo is too tensed to check. She notices a group of girls shouting slogans about Hindu- Muslim brotherhood. She is shocked as she finds his gaze yet again through the crowd, and is shit scared as she turns away, while dulari is unaware of her distress. suddenly a gun shot is fired, and there ansues a scramble, in which all run hither. dulari and lajo are shocked, and rush away from there. Dulari asks lajo not to let go of her hand, while the mob tears them apart, while they scream for each other. Dulari and lajo rush to each other, while they are strewn apart by the stampede, lajo scared more of her nightmare than the stampede. They continue to search for each other. Lajo again finds the steely gaze following her, and runs for her life, terrified and petrified, while he casually approaches towards her. the screen freezes on her shocked face.


Precap: While sunder lovingly eyes lajo’s pic, dulari comes in distraught and worried, panting for breath and speaking barely. Sunder asks what happened, and where is she. Dulari tells what happened in the anarkali market and how she lost her. He is shocked and apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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