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Lajwanti 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Indu’s Residence
Lajo pretends to be extremely hurt and raises a hue and cry as to how sunder doesnt know hot to dance and caused her injury too. the women calm her down. she says that the mistake is his own, while they all ask her to stay quiet. The lady asks lajo to stop the drama. then everyone is taken for food. Sunder’s friend tries to talk to indu, being alone, but his mother comes in just then. he makes an excuse of being thirsty. she is amused. She calls one of the women and asks her t take indu inside. he is disappointed. she then asks him to be patient as he has to see his wife all his life after that. While having lunch, they find that lajo is serving food. Sunder is asked by his friend to ignore her. but as she serves, he makes a sarcastic taunt

and she fumes too. Just then, he eyes her brother who had tied the knots and hit him with the gilli too. sunder finds her brother and rushes after him, while lajo is surprised. he collides into a person with flowers in the basket, and then warding off all the flowers, he chases him through roofs and stairs, determined to nab him finally. finally, he finds a hiding place in one of the deserted buildings. sunder finds that he has locked his door inside. he reprimands him through the locked doors. lajo comes and sees this from a distance. sunder breaks in the door, and finds a woman with her backside. he is embarassed and immediately closes the door back. lajo comes and takes the situation to her advantage, saying that city guys like him, have such evil and impure intentions, and such dirty habits. She starts saying that she knew he was wrong all along. she starts branding him as shameless, while he is flustered and keeps protesting that he meant no harm. he gets to go. he goes and then comes to her asking her not to tell about it to anyone. As he turns around, her brother, who actually pretended to be the woman, with his open hairt, rushes out, and sunder catches him, while lajo asks him to run away. he understands that he is lajo’s brother. she again asks him to return the gilli and then the money he owes her. she threatens that she shall tell everyone about how shameless he is. he asks what does she know about city guys. she says that lal chand too is greedy with his family, as they are demanding for a huge dowry. he says that she looks junglee but she doesnt need to brand it. he says that she shall get on her knees and apologise. she says that he can dream on. she leaves from there. while back in the house, he finds lal chand, asking her to help him meet indu. he says that he wishes to meet indu, but she says that he needs to wait till after marriage. but he insists that old rituals are redundant today. They both see their parents fighting over dowry and get tensed. getting her chance, she says that this is one old ritual that he doesnt mind at all. he stands speeechless as he fumbles for an answer. she sarcastically taunts her that the girl as it is doesnt make any differenbce to him, as long as she gets hefty dowry. he gets skeptic and says that he doesnt believe in dowry. she portrays Indu as utterly ugly. he says that he hasnt been able to speak up against his parent’s wish for dowry. she resignedly begins to leave from there. he says that its his weakness, and maybe indu also might have weaknesses, and he thought that she shall always be the queen of his heart. she says that tomorrow if he can come to the lake by the gurudwara, he might meet indu. She smiles. she turns to go. he then asks if he actually gets fits. she says that its on his luck.

Scene 2:
Location: Gurudwara
Laajwanti does the ardaas beautifully, while indu prays. As Lal Chand waits by the gurudwara’s lake, indu comes and hesitatingly wishes him a happy dussehra. he is happy and wishes her the same. he suggests to offer prayers together in the temple. she is shy and hesitant, and complies. they both head to the temple. sunder watches this from a distance, and clocks pics with his polaroid camera. lajo comes and inquisitively asks whats this. she asks what does it do. he asks her to go off. she continues barraging him with questions, and asks him to return the gilli and money or else she shall not budge. he gets an evil idea. he clicks some of her pics, and she asks whats happening.

Scene 3:
Location: Lahore
While Kishan’s gathering sits for the prabhat pheri, one of the activists comes, and tells them all that some muslim goons have attacked a hindu rally, and the colony being looted, children being killed, women being raped. they get enraged too and swear to have their revenge. Kishan and the leader of the prabhat pheri are tensed as they see such heated reaction. Kishan finally asks them to be quiet, and says that rumours always create ruins, and its done by the britishers, to provoke enemity between them and muslims, and they are brothers. He says that till the time, he stands on lahore, they shall not fight. the leader of the pheri too says that only love stops war, and asks them not to give air to the rumours. kishan says that only ravan shall be burnt, nothing else. He gives the token of money to the leader for the dussehra celebrations, and he proudly claims that kisdhan and his five generations before have always ehlped in the peace and order of the city, lahore. one of the youth says that meaning no offense, but weapons might just keep them safe with a feeling of self defense. kishan asks him to remember the date of his birth and he says that since he wasnt born, he has been reigning lahore. he says that he knos his Muslim counterpart shall also want the same thing.

In a muslim rally, the same leader addresses people, who kishan has confidence in, that they too need peace but not at the cost of losing lahore, and that if they have to fight to retain lahore in pakistan then so shall be it. sarfaraz who got defeated by sunder is tensed to hear it. the leader continues his discourse. he says that bangladesh is evidence enough that muslims and hindus shall not get along together now. he says that god willing, they shall not just be free from the britishers as well as hindus too and wake to a new pakistan. they start arranging for weapons. sarfaraz expresses his concern if this is absolutely necessary. He asks sarfaraz not to talk like Kishan lal. the leader says that those who want to stay in lahore, have to adopt pakistan as their country, be it any religion they hail from, as thats not an issue.

Scene 4:
Location: By the lake
As laajwanti and sunder have another encounter by the well, she reprimands him for the two rupees, while he says that he has see through pics of her in the camera. She is boggled and shocked. he points out that a man and woman’s body look vastly different when its see through. she reprimands him, but he tauntingly adds that since she has branded him as shameless and arrogant, so now he would showcase these pictures of her in the entire village. she is disgusted and emnarassed, as he threatens her and leaves. she is terribly worried. Lajo is distraught and begs on her kness, asking him not to do what he threatened, as if he does so, she and her father would be humiliated, as she shall do whatever it takes to make him not to do that and then would commit suicide by actually jumping in the well, where he got her out from. she literally begs him not to do it, as she cant bear her father’s insults. Sunder eyes her tensedly. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: As the ramleela is going on, the scene for sita’s agnipariksha is being enacted, where the actress playing sita’s role refuses to sit for the agnipariksha. lajo watches tensedly from the wings, while the crowd is enraged that she refused. they start pelting stones at her, as situation gets out of control. Sunder is tensed. lajo comes in the way and asks them to stop, and says that from this day forth, Rooranwala’s Sita shall never give Agnipariksha. Sunder is shocked to see this side of her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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