Lajwanti 30th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Lajwanti 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode highlights
Laajo gets a dream of riots and someone killing Sunder but she hugs sunder and tells him that she will do karva haute Virat for him and not let anyone harm him. Sunder says that he knows that
Lajo touches beeji’s feet and beeji’s snubs her saying that she is a curse and tries to hit her with a stick. Sunder saves her and beeji’s tells her that his wife should remember the boundary line. Laajo asks him what boundary but he tells her to go in
Laajo asks him again what kind of boundary and winders about the boundary which may come in the country and how many near and dear ones will be lost if that Happens. But he tell her to go in in a scolding tone
Chaman!s father tells Sunder that he wants to check accounts with him
Laajo’s friend Indu comes to meet her and tell her that her mother in law does not allow her to venture out and tells her to get more dowry. Laajo tells her to calm down and says she knows how to tackle such people
Chaman’s dad finds 1000 Rs missing on the account and makes a scene on it. Kishori reminds him of what all Chaman has done and that the shop burnt because of him. He says he took the 1000 Rs to help Surfaraz
Shakuntala asks him what is that Muslim to him and tells him to do his good work from his share

Update Credit to: NandiniRaizadaa

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