Lajwanti 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Lajwanti 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Peshavar
lajo gives them all support, after she thwarts an attempt of a girl to drink poison, byt giving them hope that their brothers and their fathers are waiting. they all comment that she is innocent, as once she loses her respect, noone would understand her, and they would barge her with questions, and hence instead of answering, the death shall have instant answers to all questions. The girl begs to be allowed to die. Others lament, that women are the worst victims of war, and that they have been used as commodity for centuries. Lajo comes and tells them that its their family’s fault too, andhence they also need answers from their respective families, which they can if they are alive. She says that they shall never accept defeat, as sunder took a promise from

her, that she shall never kill herself, and hence she never would. The ladies ask lajo what shall be done, when they are publicly exposed tomorrow, at the mandi. lajo hopefully says that she shall search for Sunder. They tell her that the person who buys her wont be her sunder. They comment tthat this is hell all around for them.

One of the women goes into childbirth, and lajo leads them and successfully helps them deliver her baby, while muffling her sounds, so as not to alarm the other men outside, who would gag and kill her rightaway. When lajo informs that she is a girl, the mothers demand that she be killed rightaway, as she too would otherwise be sold, and remain all her life, as a commodity to be used. But lajo says otherwise, saying that she marks the herald of a new beginning, a fresh start for them, and hence says that she wont let it happen. She says that her laughter shall bring forth the clarion callof their freedon, and gives her the name, Meher.

The next morning, as lajo comes out with the child, she hears men calling out to the dealers asking them to get their women in the carriage and get them ready to be produced at the mandi. Lajo is tensed to hear this. Lajo thinks that now the mandi shall decide who wants what.

Scene 2:
Location: Yakub’s office
Yakub is totally drunk and inebriated in his office, while sunder is handcuffed against the wall, unconscious from his wounds too. A cleaner comes, and finds sunder and recognises him from being from the family, that used to give him Eidi, and decides to help him be free. he stealthily goes and gets yakub’s keys from the pocket, and then splashes water on sunder’s face to wake him up. when sunder realises that he shall help him get away, he thanks him profusely, and then brands him as a Man of the lord. he then uncuffs himself, and runs away, but is stopped by yakub, who asks him how dare he underestimate the power of a Muslim official, and that too Yakub. He keeps asking him to go to save lajo, as his death wont make him achieve anything, but when he doesnt, Sunder lashes out at him too, and a fight ensues, in which finally sunder overpowers him, and asks him to realise the power of true love now, and never challenge it again. he escapes.

After sometime, as yakub tends to his wounds, a person comes and informs sunder of being in the mandi, for 1000 rupees. Yakub decides to follow him.

Scene 3:
Location: Peshavar Mandi
While the mandi is abuzz with the impending sale of women, men start getting impatient. Sunder arrives there and enquires about the same, and is told of the location where the women would be exposed and sold. he eyes a hoard of girls but doesnt find Lajo there. As he looks away, lajo is brought in with the next batch of girls, while she too has her eyes for Baraati, who she doesnt find anywhere, but is hopeful that he shall definitely come to save her. sunder meanwhile, thinks that he shall definitely save lajo, and wont let anything appen to her, after which they shall be together forever. he misses lajo by a second, as he is distracted by yakub, who arrives at the mandi, and decides to duck and save himself, so that he can save lajo, or else, he shall be killed by Jamaal.

As lajo and the batch, are produced on the stage, the sound of a wailing child alarms everyone, while they are busy passing lewd comments at the girls. The dealer however manages the situation, saying that such an offer has never been up before, to have two at the price of one, to nenjoy the mother for now, and wait for the daughter to grow up. They all smirk. lajo and the women are aghast at the callous comments. lajo, unable to keep herself quiet speaks up, asking if they dont have daughters in their house, or do they expose them also like these women. the dealer gets enraged and says that first he shall start the bidding of this girl only. the men are stunned. As he asks them to start quoting the price, leering pointing out the features of her young and volutuous body, lajo is embarassed and mortified. they are hesitant to begin the bidding, but finally, they start quoting the prices, starting at 50rs, and then going upwards.

meanwhile, sunder keeps ducking and evading Yakub somehow, as he misses sunder by inches to nab him. sunder wonders how would he save ljo like this, if all of his time, is spent in evading yakub. Yakub meanwhile swears that he shall kill him alive if he gets a hold of the person. Sunder is frustrated.

Meanwhile, the bidding goes up as high as 750, by a person. The dealer announces three times, but right before the final announcement, someone places the offer of a !000 and all are left speechless. they make a way amongst themselves for the gentleman. as lajo looks up to see who is it, she is shocked. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As lajo is set up for selling, the who is shown to make his way througth the crowds, approaching where lajo is being sold, turns out to be Jamaal. Lajo is aghast and terrorised.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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