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Lajwanti 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ram Leela Grounds
The crowd goes angry at lajo’s bold statements. Her aunt is outraged as to what is she saying. sunder is about to clap, but lal chand stops him understanding the crowd snesitivity. lajo asks them to answer to her questions, but they in fact respond back angrily asking her not to change the course of history. owing to the pressure, the brother has to jump in the fire, tpo enact out sita’s agnipariksha, while lajo watches disappointed. the same lady who was beaten up earlier in the day, comes to lajo saying that in this male dominated world, they dont have a say. Lajo is depressed.

Scene 2:
Location: Lajo’s residence
lajo’s aunt reprimands lajo tremendously and also adds that its due to her father’s pampering

that she has become so bold and un restricted. lajo says that she didnt say anything so wrong, and if she was wrong, then why didnt anyone respond back. She speaks the traditional conservative ideas, and asks her not to be so radical. her father too is disappointed and asks her why did she have to do this. she asks her father why the truth bothers people so much. her father gets upn and walks off. she says that she found the reply, and then asks her aunt that she needs to go to see the cultural night at indu’s place. her aunt asks her to stay away from them, as her in laws dont like her at all. lajo is tensed. lajo says that she has been waiting for a long time for this. Her aunt asks her to keep her mouth shut there, as if she tries to be smart then she shall keep her in the house, till the marriage.

Scene 3:
Location: Indu’s residence
As the cultural night begins, lajo comes and sees them happily. indu’s parents are tensed as they see her. Sunder too comes and sees her, and has a smile on his face. indu’s father too joins in. lal chand however comes to lajo and appreciates what she did. indu says that his mother doesnt think like that, and asks him to stay away or she shall punish him. he tries to talk her into making him meet indu but as she walks off in a rage, she almost collides into sunder. She begins to go, but he stops her. she says that she doesnt wish to speak to anyone, as her aunty has instructed. her dupatta gets stuck and she thinks that he has held her. she asks him to let be, but when she turns around she finds that its stuck to the iron nail and not by him. he then gives the gilli to her, and she takes it. she looks at him boggled. they both then overhear indu’s parents talking to lajo’s father as to how difficult it is for him to marry lajo off, the way in which she has been behaving lately. Her father meanwhile is too proud and says that he has given her the right upbringing. the mother in law says that they cant let indu migle with such a girl. he says that they are sisters, and they shouldnt separate indu from lajo in her last single days. Her mother in law says that she crossed the limits and starts to reprimand lajo. her father folds his hand in front of them and asks them to stop. While sunder and lajo watch, indu’s parents come to lajo’s father telling him that they cant let their daughter be influenced by the radical indu, and hence they dont want her to attend or be a part of indu’s wedding. they are shocked, while lajo veghemently tries to protest and prove her innocence to father. but he shuts her up and asks her to go inside rightaway. defeated and disappointed, lajo goes inside fuming. Sunder is tensed. Her father assures them that lajo shall not participate in her marriage at all. They leave. her father resignedly walks off too.

As sunder is walking tensedly, lal chand asks him to come along to meet lajo, as he wishes to meet indu. he tells him that it isnt possible for her too, as she cant meet indu now. lal chand says that he had told that lajo spoke out of line, and tries to make a joke of it. sunder says that her question wasnt wrong, but they didnt have an answer. lal chand says that whatever it is, he seems to be completely smitten by her. sunder is surprised. he tells sunder that he is in love with lajo now. Sunder is about to hit him, when he says to sunder that his eyes cant lie, and soon he would be thinking only about lajo and nothing else. he walks off. sunder stands tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Lajo’s residence
In the night, when lajo’s father returns home, he hollers for lajo, but she is nowhere to be seen. He thinks that she must be off crying somewhere. he calls her brother and asks him to go and call lajo. he searches for lajo in the room but doesnt find her. her brother alarms her father that lajo is missing and nowehere to be seen. all are tensed, including sunder. Her aunt tells that lajo again did something brash to humiliate them in front of the village.

Meanwhile in rooranwallah, later, in the stillness of the night, lajo makes her way along through the fields.

Scene 4:
Location: Fields, Rooranwallah
Lajo’s father comes out with a torch searching for her, while he finds sunder sitting lonely by the lake. Sunder asks whats the matter. lajo’s father tells what happened. sunder is tensed. he tells that he doesnt know where she went. sunder offers his help, and says that he shall search and find her, and get her to him, and asks him to go home. he complies. Sunder begins his search for lajo, and then finds a trail of blood, and starts following ends in a gurudwara. As he enters the gurudwara, he finds lajo praying there. he too prays and then sits beside her watching her pray. he mesmerisedly looks at her, a newfound respect for her, in his eyes. Lajo wakes up the next day to find sunder sitting beside still awake. she is surprised. They both pray and come out. she asks him why does he keep colliding into her, and asks her to stay away from her, as she is supposedly a bad influence. he asks her not to let the truth go, just because it wasnt accepted well, and then tells her to rush along, as her father is tensed, thinking that she ran away. lajo says that she came for her father only, as she prayed to the lord, that she should be able to be demure and quiet as the society accepts her to be. She then starts giving a whole deal of logic. he starts getting frustrated. they start walking off, while he is frustrated with her incessant chatter. He draws earplugs in his ears, while she continues to blabber. As her foot slips, she falls and as fate would have it, she falls right in his arms, who dives in to catch her. the screen freezes on both their faces, as an awkward eyelock follows.

Precap: The local goon who has been leeringly after lajo, corners sunder asking him how dare he get close and casual, with his would be wife, referring to lajo. sunder doesn react or respond. But he keeps on leeringly pointing out the contours of her body, making lewd comments. Unable to control his anger any longer, sunder takes the glass bottle and turns around, smashing it on his head. the goond clutches at his head, while the crowd is shocked. lal chand is tensed and boggled to see such aggression.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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