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Lajwanti 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
shakunatala again points out kishori’s unnecessary preferance of sarfaraz. All are tensed. Shakuntala insists for the division of property and wealth. she says that they shall take their share and leave quietly. granny reprimands her for trying to divide the house, with her greedy hands everytime she gets a chance, and asks her to stay away from the safe, as it shall stay in her room. Granny curses the day she brought her in. She then also turns to her husband for easily getting instigated by shakuntala. she demands for the keys from kishori, and much to shakunatala and everyone’s horror, he hands them over too. Lajo and sunder come out of their room too. granny tells them that the property that they all have their eyes on, has been

laid by her, with their blood and tears, along with their grandfather, and that from this house, her last procession shall happen, when her palanquin came in. She says that those who are scared are free to leave, but she wont let a muslim scare her into division. this alerts anwar, who is cleaning up and he breaks a pot accidentally. granny reprimands him too. The younger brother tells kishori that they are leaving on the next train to amritsar, but his wife says that they shall not leave till they get their worth. he asks granny for the keys, so that they can have proper division so that they might leave. granny says that she too has sworn on her husband’s name, and she shall not give the keys so that they can divide the house. he asks her to let go of this adamancy, as he is just demanding whats rightfully theirs for their children, as their children cant dive of starvation. She says that he is insistent on leaving the house, and they never suggested it. Lajo speaks up surprising everyone. Lajo asks the younger brother, if they shall be able to live in happiness, away from his own mother and brother, and if all the money and property in the world can compensate for their love. They are all tensed. The younger brother looks at kishori. shakuntala asks her to stay shut, as she isnt a part of the family, hence shouldnt speak too. she tells her husband to snatch the keys, or else they shall have to beg for their children, as his own family cant see their happiness. He gets instigated, and asks her to give the keys, and when she doesnt comply, he gets ahead and tries to force the keys out from her hand. All are shocked and tensed. Finally she collapses on the ground, with white fluid coming out of her face, as she falls right in lajo’s arms, who dives in to save her from falling. all are apalled. Shakuntala eyes her tensedly.

When granny lies on the bed, the doctor comes and tells them that everything is right and maybe she suffered a recent trauma. all hear tensedly. he says that she needs to rest as the pulse is normal, and needs to be kept stressfree. Kishori asks a fellow, Kamlesh to leave the doctor and then get the meds too. he complies. All are tensed and worried for Granny. he asks them all to leave him alone with his mother. they all comply. revthay asks him to rets as she is here. he says that today he feels like sitting with his mother. He says that parents give life to children, and they merely give wrinkles, and he still remembers the way she brought them up, and today he feels defeated by his own relations. revathy is apalled. Sunder comes in and says that he knows the time isnt right, but there’s an imp work. He asks sunder if he too has come for his right in the house like the others. he says that they all have wounded his pride, and now what remains is his body to be cut into pieces. Sunder is tensed and says that he only came to talk about Sarfaraz. kishori and others are surprised. sensing the situation, sunder quietly walks out. from the doorstep, lajo sees this and is tensed.

In their room, Shakuntala tries to get advantage of the situation, saying that kishori being vulnerable, shall give anything that they demand right now. she tells him what all he needs to get in his name. he however thinks quietly and stays silent. she asks him to speak up if he understood what he has to do. he says that he knows he has to do, what he should have done a long time back. She excitedly asks what. he slaps her tight across the face, asking how can she even think of this, when his mother is so sick. He says that his mother is right that she only means wrong for the house. he says that only due to her, he was fighting with his own mother. he walks out and his son enters. they both eye each other tensedly. Then he walks out and his son turns to his mother and asks whats the matter. he asks her not to be worried, as if his father doesnt speak, then he shall and get everything that is rightful for them. just then sunder walks in. Sunder says that he might think of this as a house of bricks, but they dont, as its a home, to develop which their grandfather and father spent everything they had, not so that their offsprinngs coulkd break it down. He asks him to take his share himself, but not talk like this to embarass and insult Kishori. her son comes and says that he had already gone and left everything then why did he return, and asks who is he to give him anything, as he has always snatched from him, hinting directly at gunwanti, who he loved and wanted to marry, but who rather went the religious way. Sunder is shocked and boggled to know of his likeness for her, but asks him to treat her with respect first, and then talk about love. Her son asks what respect did he shower on her, by jilting her at the altar. he says that he understands sunder’s game and then crass talks about his wife, the illiterate lajo. sunder is unable to bear it, and grabs him by the collar, saying that his mistakes have always been forgiven and that their biggest mistake. She tries to intervene between them. he says that he is responsible for the fire, Lajos’ condition, sarafarz’s ire, and now he wont be forgiven for these mistakes at all. He says that if for any act of his, his parents are insulted, he shall teach him a lesson. She starts screaming. just then, kishori’s fellow comes in and takes sunder away from there, while she keeps screaming in frustration that they wont take this insult lying down. she tells the son, that they shall have every revenge for every insult, and the start shall be from Sunder. She swears that she shall see that Sunder is exiled from this house forever.

In the night, lajo prays to the lord, while sunder is asleep. she then looks at sunder, who is asleep on the floor. she apologises in advance that she is planning to do something dangerous, but its in the good will of the house. she enters the room, stealthily, where the safe is kept, and with hushed steps, she walks upto granny’s bed, and then eyes the keys, and tries to open the safe. But just as she puts the keys in, the lights go on and the lights go on. She turns around to find her hand in granny’s. She is shocked and scared too, while garnny gives a knowing evil smile. lajo is shocked to see granny. She reprimands lajo, saying that she was just guarding the keys, as she knew about the theif in her. Lajo says that she caught her drama as she knows that she didnt have any attack. granny is shamefaced, while lajo reprimands her for acting in front of kids. Granny continues her drama, but She catches everytime. Lajo even tells her that she knows she did it just to distract the attention from the keys. She tries on the drama again, while lajo is amused. she catches through her red lie, and granny is shocked to see her intelligence. lajo says that she knows it all, and then shows the keys that actually slipped while her second fake heart attack. Granny asks her to give the keys, but she doesnt. lajo says that she wont sit quietly and would go and tell everyone, about her lies. granny is shocked. Lajo begins to go. granny asks her not to do this, as shakunata shall divide everything, and she would fake everything including death even. lajo asks her to give her one chance atleast as she shall not let it divide, and asks her to have faith in her. granny asks if she really has the calibre. lajo says that she doesnt know her, as she managed to capture arrogant sunder even. granny agrees on that. lajo then jokingly comments that she too must have been inteliigent in her age. Granny smiles and then asks for the keys, while lajo asks her not to betray her own people, and asks her to let her in as the family, while all are wanting out. She says that first she shall expose her drama in front of everyone, then she shall give the keys. she tells granny that she has a choice though. lajo tells her that either she clears the boundary separating her, and she shall help her with her cause, or she stands the risk to be exposed. She shows granny the bunch of keys to tempt her. The screen freezes on her face.

Whether granny shall comply and concede to lajo’s wishes getting trust on her, and together they shall be able to save the family from being divided, with lajo’s efforts and promises, or else lajo is in some deep waters yet again.

Precap: Kishori tells lajo that as per granny’s wishes, the boundary and the restrictions on lajo stand nullified and can roam around freely, and even use the kitchen but only till she doesnt get well. All are happy yet tensed to hear this. Granny smiles while lajo is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Lovely episode. I loved the last scenes with Lajo and the grandmother. Lajo is very smart . LOL xD love this show so much.

  2. When this show first started . I had said that it was boring.. Now it actually turned out to be a great one. I apologize. I love this show so much.. it entertains me and makes me happy and laugh alot. The grandmother is very funny ! Lol xD

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