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Lajwanti 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gurudwara
The gurudwara door finally opens, and walk out all the people of the holy place with their swords pointed at barnes and his team, along with sunder. he raises the battle cry and barnes too orders for a shooting prolifically, and take them down. He asks his men to attack them or he hangs everyone of them. They march ahead non resignedly. A struggle and fight ensues between the british men and the sikhs of the gurudwara, within whom sunder mingles and fights too. Barnes watches from a distance. he is about to fire at someone, when sunder disarms him from a distance, with a swift stroke of his sword, and then makes his way through the crowd to be able to fight with Barnes, one by one, while he stands shocked on his horse. Sunder eyes barnes angrily, and tells him

that in the place of the lord, his law wont work, and they begin to fight. In the commotion, Barnes takes out his pistol, and warns him to back off, or else he shoots. sunder asks him not to try and scare him, as the people of the lord arent scared by this. meanwhile, lajo’s hands shake as she tries to take out the bullet from kishori’s chest, and then begins to pray, for the strength and bravado to do so, and begs for a steady hand instead of the trembling ones she has right now, to be able to save him. With much guts, she tries yet again and then gets to doing it. He keeps warning sunder not top move, but he doesnt budge and continues ahead. Finally barnes fires, and sunder is taken aback. lajo stands shocked as the knife is still in her hand, before being able to plunge it in kishori’s chest and hears the gun shot wound, and is shocked, a dread filling her up. She prays to the lrod to keep him safe. But the second bullet fires, and it turns out that sarfaraz has come with his people, and informs sunder not to touch him, as he is their criminal, who shot Murad and bore enemity to the entire religion now. Meanwhile, Amrish comes and tells what barnes did, by proving to be the devil, in the house, and narrates it all with every atrocity, to every member of the family. Both are enraged that they shall kill him. Sunder is apalled and shocked, and asks barnes how could he insult his family like this, and asks him to get his motive fulfilled to fire away, and hands him the psitol, shocking him, while amrish and sarafarz wonder whats happening and ask sunder to calm down and to his senses. sunder says that he shall see today what baravado the britishers have against them. Barnes eyes him, while all are in anticipation of the inevitable happening. but to their surprise and horror, barnes bends on his knees and outs the pistol on the floor, and looks up at them, begging for mercy, and just while they are confused and boggled, and he fooled them, he picks up the pistol and fires twice, that grazes past sunder’s muscular shoulder. Sunder tells everyone that today noone shall come between barnes and him. They are all shocked.

Meanwhile, inside lajo finally gets the bullet out, and kishori comes back to his senses, in a semi-dazed state. she thanks the lord for having saved kishori, while he doses back to sleep again. She tells kishori that he shall soon be okay, as she puts gauze on his wound. A distraught Anwar comes and tells lajo that sunder shall kill barnes, as he is enraged. Lajo is shocked, and asks anwar to stay with him, while she herself rushes out. Kishori is unable to get up, even though he tries, and then collapses back yet again.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Barnes escapes from there, with sunder after him, without a care of his wounds and finally catches up to him. A scuffle ensues, while sunder is enraged at barnes. he drowns his head in the pool, counting every atrocity of his, saying that today he shall take revenge for everything that he put his family members through. Then he gags him with a rope, and ties it round his neck, dragging him against the floor, as he stretches his rope. then he hangs barnes by the middle of the road, for everyone to see as a spectacle. sarfaraz gives him a british flag and asks him to burn it down. all watch as sunder complies. He tells everyone that they shall not let lahore fall. He says that lahore is the city of the country and they all are its veins and arteries. He says that they need to punish Barnes, and urges them all to pelt him with stones. They agrresively comply, and pick stones up. But lajo comes rushing with the Indian flag, and asks them to stop. She eyes the scene, and tells sunder that barnes got what he deserved, and this hatred is undeserved now, and takes the stone from his hand. Others comply themselves too. She screams VANDE MATARAM, and all shout in unison behind her. She asks him not to worry as kishori shall soon be okay and she took out the bullet. he eyes her with care and overwhelming gratitude and emotions, and caresses her face and then walks off with her, amidst huge cheers, claps and applause as they both eye each other lovingly, while the Indian Flag is held high in lajo’s hand.

Scene 3:
Location: Sunder’s Residence
lajo comes back and while all watch, she breeaks down the wall separating them as two different families, and looks at everyone with happiness. She wipes off the tears that swell in her eyes, and with happiness dwelling, she rushes in and gets a stool and his white turban yet again. Kishori eyes her tensedly, but then breaks into a smile. lajo gets up on the stoll, while kishori and kishan’s families are both happy. Lajo finally achieves the task of getting the turban back on Kishori’s head. He complies happily and proudly, through Lajo. she then comes down and touches his feet, and he looks at revathy and in her compliance, he blesses her and keeping his hand on her head and asks her to live on. she is overwhelmed and comes and stands beside Sunder. He thanks lajo for giving his father back his lost prestige and honour, and respect in the city, and proudly glaots that when he walks out today, people shall rightfully comment, that the LION OF PUNJAB shall be back in town. But kishori overwhelmingly denies this. He says that the whole city shall say that Sunderlal and lajo’s father has come. they are all overwhelmed with emotions at this change of heart and are beaming with joy. Granny plays her favourite song on the gramophone, while all watch on, as she eyes them nostalgically. She comes out in the verandah. One small brick remains behind and granny sludges it aside with her feet, while kishori and kishan are amused, as she extends her hands out to them. they rush to her, as she stands right in the middle, and take her blessings from both ends of the wall. She hugs and kisses them, while they are happy as they take her blessings. she scolds them amusingly too, and then they hug each other also. Both the families hug each other, and they are all united by lajo’s incessanrt efforts, as all are emotional and beaming with joy. The screen freezes on the happy family.

Precap: Narayan Baba tells them that his words might say anything, and they might mean something, but from the bottom of his heart, he shall always curse them. He says that their love story shall never be consummated and solemnise. they are all shocked. Gunwanti stands tensedly.Sunder tells him agitatedly that it definitely shall. narayan baba says that destiny has already played its bet, and they both shall see who wins it, the curse of an apalled father or the aggression of a lover. meanwhile in a parallel dream sequence, lajo awaits the arrival of his knight in shining armour, on a white horse, dressed as a bride, and is excited when she sees him approaching with a sehra covering his face. He gets down and conmfronts her, while she lifts the sehra off his face with nervousness and added excitement. But as she sees the face, she is shocked and apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Finally Lajo’s in laws accepted her and they are back together as one again. When Lajo had a dream about her in laws becoming one big happy family . It finally came through and no more imagination .

  2. Please change the timing of this show .. here in Trinidad it shows at 11 : 30 PM at night.. a bit too late. My family and i love this show so much .

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