Lajwanti 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Lajwanti 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Fields in Roohanwala, Punjab
While sunder is angry and reprimands her for trying to commit suicide, she wards off his allegations and says that she went down just to receive her money, that she had accidentally dropped in the well, and was saving for her desired marriage dupatta. She asks him instead for the Rs.2 that he caused her a loss of. sunder gets angry and walks off with his friend, fuming at the idiotic girl. she turns around meanwhile to find some lecherous guys leering at her, and commenting as to how they love hwer, and wait for just a single glance from her. she reprimands them in typical punjabi accent and then hastens off. They ogle at her.

meanwhile, sunder again gets into a scuffle with some young guys, who acciudentally drive a slingshot right

into his head. he gets down but is outsmarted by the witty answer of the children. he takes the gilly from the main child, and drives off in the tonga, while the children fume. he starts blaming the place and how weird and ill-mannered people stay here.

Scene 2:
Location: Laajwanti’s residence
laajwanti, amidst sneezes changes and then rushes down when her father calls her. she helps him set the turban. she tells about the morning incident, badmouthing the city guy. he wonders if it was someone from Indu’s in laws’ house. she gets tensed saying that she never thought it like that. Her brother comes fuming about his gilli. She wonders if its the same man. They both plan up to teach that guy a lesson. she is super agitated and furious to take a revenge. Their father asks them to calm down, as he, bhisham Singh, is much respected in the locality and they shouldnt show such aggression the siblings then together reminiesce the memories of their mother, who departed long back. she gets emotional singing it. They both miss her terribly.

Scene 4:
Location: Indu’s residence
As sunder and his friend arrives, all are surprised and boggled to see him drenched in water, and tease him regarding the same. they are sent to freshen up.

Merriment and festivities are on in full swings, while the bride, Indu plays by the dolls in her room. she is emotional. Her parents come in and find her playing with the dolls, that lajo had made for her. She is emotional. they ask her to keep the dolls aside, but she clutches onto them, saying that she shall take them with her, as they are too invaluable. they ask her to get ready. she says that she wont get ready without lajo. they wonder where is she.

Meanwhile, outside, lajo collides into tjhe same lecherous guys yet again and reprimands them and walks off hastily. one of the women comes and asks her why is she in such a hurry all the time. she asks her to mature up, as all eyes arent good. lajwanti calms her down and then adds that she misses her mother. they both get emotional as they remember lajo’s mother, and says that she had promised her mother, when she was ailing in her final times. She cajoles her and then asks her to go and get indu ready. lajo starts running, but is asked to go slowly, and with feminity. she deliberately goes super slow, to irk her, and she asks her to rush from there. lajo enters and a crooked idea crops in her mind. Indu is upset as to where was she, when she needed her to dress her up. She asks the purpose of dressing her up, as its in vain. Indu is distraught when she describes her would be groom as handicapped, bald and ugly. When indu is distraught, lajo has a good laugh. Indu understands that she was messing with her, and they enter into a playful scuffle.

Outside, as sunder and his friend are brought inside. Indu is brought out by lajo, and sunder is surprised and taken aback to see her. he decides to leave before trouble ensues, but his friend forcibly asks him to sit down. they eye lajo, as his friend says that its his sister in law and it would be fun to tease her. both sunder and lajo sneeze at the sametime and look at each other and scorn. As indu sits, dancing begins. Indu asks lajo to help her see the groom, as the dupatta is coming in her way. she is about to do it, when she sees sunder again messing with her brother, and dumes. She sees that from under the table, her brother has tied both the ends of his shoe laces together. The brother and sister smile at each other. Lajo intentionally gets sunder to get him to danbce, betting him to dance. He involves her too angrily. Amidst festivities and merriment of the wedding, dance and entertainment ensues, where sunder heads the guys’ team while the girl, Laajwanti is the lader of the girls’ team. While dancing, sunder is oblivious that someone has tied his shows lacves together. unknowingly he trips and falls right on laajwanti, as they both collapse on the floor, he atop her. They eye each other awkwardly. she asks him to get off her, angrily. the screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: As laajwanti and sunder have another encounter by the well, she reprimands him for the two rupees, while he says that he has pics of them in the camera. She asks so what. he points out that a man and woman’s body looks vastly different when wet. she reprimands him, but he tauntingly adds that since she has branded him as shameless and arrogant, so now he would showcase these pictures of her in the entire village. meanwhile in lahore, While Kishan’s gathering sits for the prabhat pheri, one of the activists comes, and tells them all that some muslim goons have attacked a hindu rally. they get enraged too and swear to have their revenge. Kishan and the leader of the prabhat pheri are tensed as they see such heated reaction.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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