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Lajwanti 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Kishori is shocked to hear from sunder that he shall file a report against sarfaraz. sarfaraz’s mother comes in begging sunder not to do so. all are shocked. granny asks how dare she enter their house, so ominously. She says that she never would have come, but they have almost killed sarfaraz and begs them to save his life. Sunder leaves with the inspector. Sarfaraz’s mother begs to kishori to let sarfaraz be out of the police cell, as he knows very well that he is innocent, then why doesnt he stop sunder. revathy and others hear this and are shocked. Kishori stands helpless and speechless. she says that he didnt do anything. he says that due to the incident, lajo could have died, and all the evidences too point at him only. She tells

him that in this pious house, many dark secrets are embedded in the haveli, which would tarnish their reputation completely if they come out in light. he asks her to leave. she says that she shall go, as she wont be able to survive herself for long without her son, but once she goes, she shall ensure that she curses them before she leave the world. she says that the whole of lahore should know what the notable honest people of bharadwaj family have been upto earlier. she says that all of those secrets shall be revealed which were more safe than even his money safe. all are shocked as well as boggled. kishori stands tensed. revathy is shocked. she turns to leave, but before that, sarfaraz’s mother turns around. later, she tells kishori, addressing him by his full name, that he has a time limit of only 24 hours, with steely determination in her eyes. he comes to confront her, and then slams the door on her face angrily. All are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Lajo’s residence, Rooranwallah
Nikka is unhappy with the fact that lajo too left him, and doesnt allow his aunt to do the hair for him. his father comes in and cajolingly tells him to do his hair, as lajo would not like to see him otherwise. he reminds him of the time lajo used to sit with his turban on her head. he remembers how he used to consider lajo his pride and ego. he tells nikka, that being a girl, she had to leave one day, and so she did. Nikka understands, and then lets him wear the turban, with the same chants, that lajo used to chime with him too.

Scene 3:
Location: Police Station
While sunder officially files a report against sarfaraz, the constables get him out, and he calls to him, utterly exhausted and in pain. sunder eyes him with anger, and tells why he came here, after kishori denied the reports. sarfaraz asks how is lajo. he taunts that the only reason he is concerned is, because thats the only way he can put up the pretense of being innocent. sarafraz says that his innocence doesnt need proof, and his lord knows he hasnt done anything. he says that his family has proven that they cant be brothers, and that he is just an employee, and sunder and his family merely employers. he says that his leaader, Murad Ali was right, that they cant be friends. he says that from this day onwards, he shall not be their employee and maintain their accounts. he shall get the payment of every pain and wound, and every tear of his mother. he says that their friendship is embarassed today, now it remains to be seen whether their enemity is of pride or not. He leaves, while sunder is stunned.

Scene 4:
Location: The temple
Gunwanti prays while one of the ladies comes and tells about the latest rumours of the riots, that sunder’s shop was burnt, and his wife sustained severe injuries and how sarafaraz is in custody. Gunwanti is shocked to hear this.

Scene 5
Location: Sunder’s residence
While revathy goes with milk to serve to lajo, granny stops her, and says that she doesnt even wish to serve water to that ominous lady. revathy is apalled and begs her to have mercy on the girl who risked her life to save their shop. they get into a verbal arguement, and are surprised, when they find gunwanti at their doorstep, with a heard of sanyasinis. Gunwanti asks if there are any riot victims here. granny says that seeing her, her pain has increased as if her father’s insults on them wasnt enough, that now she has come. She says that she had the ladies have come for the help of the victims of the riots. she says that narayan’s daughter hasnt come, but as Lord ram’s servant. she says that they have come for taking care of riot victims, and hence if granny doesnt wish to give her water, its okay, as she has brought food and water for lajo, from the temple. She says that they have themselves come for this reason. she says that for this work, she has the permission from lord ram and just needs their blessings. granny asks her to take lajo to the temple instead, so that they can do whatever they want to with lajo, as she wont give them her blessings. they are tensed. Revaathy smiles though.

when gunwanti enters, lajo mutters for water in her sleep, she gives her, and chants. Gunwanti eyes the wedding suit, and then compliments her for having deserved that. gunwanti is however surprised to find narayan baba’s prayer bears beside the bed. she is boggled. lajo just then opens her eyes. Gunwanti asks if she is okay and she must be in pain in severe pains, and then asks about the beads. lajo replies that she saw those beads in the shop, when it was burning, as she remembers the goons putting it there. She asks about sunder, and tries to get up. Gunwanti helps her sit down, and lajo asks who is she. She says that she is gunwanti. lajo is surprised to know this and asks why the white clothes, and if she is in mourning. She tells her the true reason of the white. lajo apologises for having snatched the bridal dress from her, and forced her to drape in white. gunwanti sayss that she didnt hurt her, as she cant explain what she got having given away the bridal dress. Gunwanti then asks if she is sure that she got the beads near the shop. Lajo repeats and asserts herself, and maybe its of that person who burned the shop. Gunwanti is shocked. Gunwanti tells her that sarfaraz has been taken into custody for the burning of the shop. lajo says that sarfaraz is innocent as he infact even saved the shop and her life. Gunwanti begs her not to tell about the beads to anyone, as many hindus have such prayer beads and they wont be able to identify as to who exactly were the rioteers. she says that their own brotherhood shall fall apart and lahore shall be totally ruined. lajo agrees with her, and says that she cant aggravate the fire of riots. She says that sarfaraz is innocent and if he gets punishment then it shall be grave injustice to him. Gunwanti promises that if he is innocent, then she promises that he wont get penalised. Gunwanti thanks her and then leaves, saying that she felt nice having talked to her. She leaves. lajo is tensed and that she has to tell anyhow to sunder that sarfaraz isnt at fault. The screen freezes on lajo’s face.

Lajo’s wounds have made sunder restless and hasty, and therefore whether sunder and sarfaraz’s fight shall now end into a war, and if lajo shall be able to clear this misunderstanding, or she shall fall an innocent prey to the incoming calamity.

Precap: Granny creates a distinct division between the house area, separating the portion where lajo is resting from the rest of the house. she tells sunder that he should tell his lajo not to cross this boundary and come towards this side, and whatever area she has got out of gratitude of kishori, she has to stay there, burn or get healed. Lajo hears this and is apalled, as granny vents out her frustration at lajo. she tells him that the minute lajo came in the city,the riots started and even good people turns rioteers, and now if she steps in her kitchen, she shsll even turn her bahus against her. she tells him that it still isnt too late, and he can get rid of her, and send her back to rooranwallah. granny says that she would spread out a long list of girls for him. Sunder barely controls his anger and is tensed. lajo hears this all from inside and is distraught and apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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