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Lajwanti 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Kishori sticks by his decision of throwing lajo and sudner out of the house tomorrow, and tells sunder that he hopes that he has already found a place wherein he can stay with lajo, and fulfill his responsibilities. Kishori asks sunder that tomorrow is Diwali, and to step foot in their new house, no time shall be better than this. They are all apalled while lajo is next to crying. Kishori leaves.

Later in the night, she lights up the roof with diyas, but lajo’s soul is plunged into darkness, at the prospect of leaving this house tomorrow. sunder comes and asks why is she alighting the roof, as their lives have been plunged into darkness. She says that maybe its his Last diwali in the house, and her first, and remembering this, they

shall be able to spend all the Diwali for years to come. She excitedly asks him to light some too, while he is boggled at her spirit and zest. he takes an earthen diya and then throws it away in disgust, unable to contain his frustration. she asks what he did and why, and places the plate of diyas on the floor, and hugs him, saying that when he gets angry, she gets scared and asks him to get rid of it. he is frustrated. She says that every darkness can be eliminated by light, as thats the only thing that can solve everything, and asks him to join hands, in lighting the roof, and then the hearts of the family members. she tells him that its their last diwali, and asks him to light up the roof, the house and the city too. he hugs her and says that he calls her an idiot, as she loves people who hate her terribly, and her love strengthens him, but her innocence weakens him too. He is frustrated, while she is shocked to see tears in his eyes, saying that he reminded her of her brother. she asks him to stay there and excuses herself. She comes back with the dolls that she brought with herself from Rooranwallah. She says that these dolls shall stay here, and when they wont be here, the dolls shall protect their family from troubles. They hug each other, while he is mesmerised by her naivety. They together then lights up the entire roof, and then eye each other lovingly.

the next morning, granny and revathy watch tensedly, as kishori stands stern, while sunder and lajo comes down with their bags packed. Lajo comes to revathy, both teary eyed, and then she gives the dolls to revathy, and the purpose of doing so. Granny is shocked to see her emotions. revathy takes them from her, and smiles at her simplicity. Lajo bends to touch her feet, but revathy says that girls dont touch feet and she is the girl she always dreamt of having. lajo asks her to stop, or else she shall cry now, and asks revathy not to weaken her. She hugs revathy and they both cry. shakunatala and her family watch on from her end. She then gives her ancestral jewellery to granny, and then touches her feet, who blesses her. lajo apologises that she is going, but she couldnt fulfill her promise made to granny. granny tells her that she is the most expensive jewel of the house, that cant be measured by anything else. Lajo asks her to speak in her tone. Granny complies, jokingly reprimanding her. they both have a tearful hug too. lajo tells her not to worry, as she being a Sikhni, would return back. granny says that she shall await her return. She then comes to kishori, who turns his eyes away. she bends and touches his feet, while all look tensedly, but he doesnt give his blessings. lajo gets up and says that she spoke much, when she had proclaimed that he would bless her. She says that life is long, and one day, she has the hope her fact would happen, and that she shall complete the family and its pic. she asks him to agree on one small thing, and extend his hand. he doesnt, but seeing her insistence, and revathy signals, he complies. lajo places a prayer bead in his hand, saying that she has sunder to take care of her, but asks him to keep it, so that no troubles bother him, when sunder is away, as she unintentionally took his son away. he eyes sternly while all are apalled. she is about to go, and come to shakunatala’s side to take their blessings, she stops lajo asking her not to come this side. But lajo without being taken aback, steps in and touches kishan’s feet, and he blesses her. then she turns to shakuntala, telling her that she is seeing her for the last time, and bends to touch her feet. She then tells that the separation was of the ground, and not her heart. she says that she is Sunder’s aunt and her anger too shall seem like blessing to her. she then comes to the daughter who hug each other. Lajo asks her to take care of herself, and then walks off, after greeting chaman. She eyes the tree that has the handprints of all the married women, longing for when she would do it too. She then eyes the entire house along with grandpa’s house, saying that when she came in the house, all cried, and when she is leaving it today, noone should cry as she wants them all to smile. Kishori too gets emotional and hides it. she wipes her tears too, as they bid her and sunder goodbye, while revathy and granny are apalled. he asks lajo to come along. With a heavy heart and teary eyes, sunder and lajo get their stuff and move out of the house, closing the door after them. Shakunatala is relieved while kishori clutches at the bead, and revathy and granny are apalled. Outside, he asks her to buckle up as their exile begins now. The screen freezes on both their faces.


Precap: A peer baba drapes in blanket comes by the stairs of the temple, begging for food. lajo decides to give him some prashad and then rushes in and gets some food out. She is about to step down the stairs, but then stops abruptly. She remembers gunwanti telling her not to step outside the boundary, that sunder drew and asked her not to cross at any limit. she stops, and asks the baba to cime and collect it as she wont step outside. He has a sharp stomach ache, and lajo gets tensed and rushes out of the boundary, without as much as thinking, and tells him that he has a possible sprain in the waist and needs to be treated rightaway. As she steps out, the goon imposing as a peer baba, takes off the blanket and guffaws loudly, and scaring her, he holds her hand and drags her along with him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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