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Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
The sudden and insistent knocking on the door, alarmas the housemates, and granny asks them all to be calm, as it must be the rioteers. But when they hear sunder’s voice from the other end, they are shocked. He says that he has brought his lajo, lifeless in his arms, as they didnt accept her as the bahu and let her enter the house, and today she became a victim to the riots and lost her life. He pleads for them to open the gate that he has brought her back, so that her final procession can atleast take place from her house. He says that her panalquin didnt come to the house, but atleast let her funeral be from this place, and asks her for this last favour. all are shocked and apalled to hear this. revathy is heartbroken. She tries to get ahead,

but granny stops her. Outside, he says that he couldnt give her any respect by life, and begs them to atleast let her die respectfully. revathy begs granny but granny asks her not to even dare to get this ominous lady inside. revathy says that she is their bahu. Granny says that its noone’s bahu and she wont stand any ominous stuff, by getting another dead body in the house. she says that this is his grandfather’s house, and not some morgue, where he cant get in any dead body, for the final rites. He says that doctors have given their word too, and that soon she shall leave for her heavenly abode. She says that she doesnt consider lajo her bahu. She says that if he feels relation to lajo, then he can do the last rites, but they wont indulge in it. She says that this is the reason it all started, and it shall end with her too. She asks him to go away. he says that when he went from this house, humans stayed here, but feels like their humanity has been crushed under kishori’s rod. just then, kishori comes in while sunder angrily faces him. he hollers at granny to open the door. Granny asks revathy to do so. She complies. they are all shocked to find lajo in kishori’s arms, as he brings her in with all others. The doctor too comes with them, while sunder is apalled. The doctor checks lajo, as they lay her on the bed. granny starts questining kishori as to why he brought her in like this. he asks her to stay shut now, as this girl saved their business and their shop, and let their nerves be alive and hence they shall have to do the same too. He says that in this house, people stay alive, and even his father wont allow someone to die. he says that they owe this girl, and till he doesnt repay back, he shall not be able to live in peace, and that too with interest. He asks sunder to remember that this isnt the decision of a weak father, but the justice of an honest businessman. Sunder is tensed. Kishori asks the doctor and then tells everyone that he is a burn specialist and that he shall only focus on lajo’s case now. The doctor says that till the time the injection has its effect, it shall not pain. he gives them lavendar oil, to apply on the burnt areas. He takes their leave saying that he shall return in the morning. sunder sees him off. he asks about lajo’s condition. he says that in her chest, there’s smoke, and she’s burnt badly, but his girl has a strong will to live on and is a tough bird. sunder smiles and the doctor leaves. kishori tells revathy to arrange for her lodging arrangements. granny doesnt like it, and reminds that when sunder married her, he betrayed his own father, and now that she is inside the house, her own son is betraying her. She says that its his wish that he brought her in, but she wont consider her as her bahu, as she shall burn the happiness of the family. All are tensed amd disperse. kishori too leaves for the room. revathy and sunder stay back for lajo. She tells him that now she is sure that nothing can separate them now, and isnt worried for them anymore. she says that even natural or induced calamities cant separate them at all and that they might die, but their love story shall stay immortal, as where his name ends, hers begins, as she is sunder lal’s lajo. he kisses her hand and weeps.

In the room, while lajo rests, and sunder stays beside her, revathy comes with clothes, and then he tells her that she had wishes for a fair bahu, beyond imagination and he got her onw. she says that after seeing lajo, it feels that she had wanted so less, and got so much more indeed. she tells him that the tragedy has left strong and deep wounds on lajo, and if a man had sustained such injuries, it would be a sign of his manliness, but seeing the same wounds and scars on lajo, she shall be deeply affected by their presence and she shall feel very lonely and to recover from this trauma, she needs him the most. she says that the cure for her burns isnt medicines but he himself. he holds her hand and wishes that everyone loved lajo like she does. she says that she has the faith that one day all would like and love her, as she shall win everyone’s hearts. she asks him to rest too, as she is here. he says that he would be restless without her, and shall sleep here only with her, and asks her to go. she complies and leaves. He eyes her deep burn scars on her neck and her hands. She starts muttering in her sleep, that neither the bad should be done, nor seen nor heard, and starts rambling as if talking to her brother, and he shuts her mouth so that she can rest properly. he sways the handfan for her, so that she can peacefully sleep, and then kisses her on the forehead lovingly.

Scene 2:
Location: Narayan Baba’s residence
Gunwanti is dressing up Narayan, when she notices that the mala on the hand is gone, and asks him. he is boggled too. she says that he might have dropped it somewhere. he gets tensed and replies that maybe this too is an indication that now its his time, to let go of the saintly side and embrace his demonic demeaour. Shje is shocked to hear this. He says that he shall reply back to kishori’s hatred with hatred itself. she says that such ominous things dont suit him, as he is the one, who touches hatred and turns it cool. She reminds him that he is Narayan baba, the servant of gods and not the demons. He turns angrily and says that the thunderstorm is calling, and whenever there is an imbalance between the good and the evil, the gods themselves turn aggressive and he says that he is a servant to that lord, and says that lahore has become kurukshetra, and he thought kishori was with him, but he cornered him into a place where he hurt him the most, as he soiled, his prestige, his reputation, his devotion, his lord and even his daughter. he says that now he is a mere warrior, fighting for his justice and his morality. he says that he can save his faith and his religion but noone else. He goes in. she wonders if there’s actually a thunderstorm coming in lahore, metaphorically.

Scene 3:
Location: Muslim leader’s residence
The muslim leader asks the rioteers whether sarfaraz saw them burning the shop, when they tell him that sarafaraz has been taken into custody due to the shop burning. they deny. he is relieved. The muslims say that sarfaraz knew about their motives, and what if he narrates them before the police. He says that then they shall have to sacrifice him, as honesty is an incurable disease and sarfaraz is gripped by honesy now. he says that he was a Muslim hence they took on the swords to avange the wrong that was done to him but that shameless, ingrateful man in kneww deep in his honesty and devotion towards kishori lal. he says that in a way its good, as sarfaraz should know what the result is of betraying their own religion.

Scene 4:
Location: Police Station
the police continue their atrocities and toture on sarfaraz so that he accept the allegations charged against him. his mother ardently prays outside, the screams of her son, wailing in pain, thundering in her ears. sarfaraz tells them that there were two other people, that the police should be searching for. preston doesnt believe and continues the beating. His mother is apalled and continues to beg and plead for mercy from the lord.

Scene 5
Location: Sunder’s residence
while sunder is asleep with his hand in lajo’s, he hears knocks on the door. He comes out to find who is it, and sees that its the inspector. The inspector says to sunder that sarfaraz has refused to accept his crime and that kishori shall have to come and get a report filed against sarfaraz as per preston’s orders. Sunder is surprised. Kishori comes and says that he doesnt want to file a report. He asks the guard to tell preston to release sarfaraz. Sunder is shocked to hear this. All are surprised. sunder comes to him and asks how can he not file the report, when he blew their shop and lajo is fighting for her life too. he says that its between sarfaraz and him, and he wont have anyone interfere in their personal matters. Sunder says that he and his wife are also involved in it now, and if he doesnt file, then he himself shall go and file the report. the father-son duo are at a crossroads. the screen freezes on Sunder’s shocked face.

The eyes that tread on the path of love, dont bother about the milestones in the path. Its for pondering whether sunder’s path for the heart shall take him away from his own father, and what interesting turn lajo and sunder’s eternal love story takes next.

Precap: Sarfaraz’s mother begs to kishori to let sarfaraz be out of the police cell, as he knows very well that he is innocent, then why doesnt he stop them. revathy and others hear this and are shocked. Kishori stands helpless and speechless. later, she tells kishori, addressing him by his full name, that he has a time limit of only 24 hours, with steely determination in her eyes. Meanwhile, gunwanti comes to see lajo, and finds narayan baba’s prayer bears beside the bed. she is boggled. lajo replies that she saw those beads in the shop, when it was burning. Gunwanti tells her that sarfaraz has been taken into custody for the burning of the shop. lajo says that she has to tell anyhow to sunder that sarfaraz isnt at fault.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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