Lajwanti 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Lajo comes up and dances in enjoyment and glee at the recent turn of events, that worked wonderfully on her behalf. She is overjoyed and berserk with excitement. lajo eyes herself in the mirror. Shakunatala’s daughter comes and teases her that she is impressing everyone. lajo says that now she needs to make everyone happy along with sunder, and complete the pic. She is told that she would definitely do so, and asks her just to wait for tomorrow, when she officially becomes a part of the family.

The next morning, granny is ecstatic at the decorations and arrangements going on for the wedding. Lajo comes down with the sister. Sunder comes and eyes her while she shyly looks down, and they eye each other lovingly, while the girl teases

lajo. they are taken to their positions. revathy blesses her that she looks very beautiful. Shakunatala too blesses her, and asks her to find a girl for her chaman too. She comes to granny, who blesses her that she is looking really pretty. she tells lajo that today she proved that she is a Sikhni of Rooranwallah. Amrish and chaman are playing scuffle, as they discuss as to how lajo saved them and hence is alive. the sister spoils the game and an amused banter and merriment follows. Kishori and kishan are playing chess, when kishan is almost close to winning. kishori too says that he has played a wonderful game, but not better than his. He defeats kishan, while he is irritated. Meanwhile, Lal gets sunder to get her name as mehendi too, as girls love this drama. he eyes lajo too getting mehendi done in his name, along with granny. lal gets sunder to aply mehendi. The other ladies join in too. Sunder and lajo talk in eye signals at each other, when he keeps teasing her, and then impressing her. he gives her lewd signals amusingly, while she is shy, and then looking around, she gives him a flying kiss back too. She then asks him to reciprocate, and he is taken aback, but he complies, with closed eyes, and when he opens them, he finds granny in the way, who does the honours for him. lajo and sunder are thoroughly embarassed while the ladies are amused. gunwanti comes and whispers something in his ears, hearing which he gets tensed. She eys lajo tensedly, who gets terribly worried seeing what happened.

Later, as she views her mehendi, sunder comes to her, eyeing her tensedly. She asks whats the matter as she got to know that he wants to talk to her urgent. he says that he wants to say everything truthfully to her. Sunder eyes lajo tensedly, and she asks him to speak up whatever it is, as she shall be able to handle it. She is tensed too. he says that he hoped she would say it. he comes close to her, and hesiates as he says that he is actually going to have a second marriage. she is shocked to hear this, and asks if he is leaving her, and asks again, when he doesnt respond. She then asks for whom, and if its for gunwanti. he looks up at her tensedly. She says that its okay, as he is the literate city man, and hence he wouldnt have borne with her for long, and it was inevitable, and that Gunwanti is correct for her, and asks her to tell gunwanti to give her white saree to her now, as now she shall wear it, and even if she cant have him, she shall have his name. He wrenches her around and hugs her terribly, kissing her numerously. he asks whats the reason to cry, as he is getting married again, but to her only. She is terribly angry at him for his prank. She asks him why this prank and keeps hitting him, while he tries to impress her. A scuffle ensues, and then the mehendi gets rubbed a little. She asks him if he knows this is an omen. He asks if she cares for mehendi but the one who she is donning the mehendi for. he shows her his name in the mehendi, and maybe thats a good sign. she calms down and hugs him back. She asks him to think before doing something like this the next time around. she bites around his chest, and then when he pretends to be in pain, she kisses him there and he asks her to bite on the lips then too, if he gets a kiss after that. they romance and then hug each other.

Lajo comes dressed as a bride, and then again brings the white turban, to kishori and says that her father is left behind in rooranwallah, and she is the closest thing she has to a father, and wants him to do the kanyadaan. She says that she wants him to give her to sunder, and if possible, asks him to wear it please. he eyes her tensedly, while she is worried of his reaction. Much to her surprise, he smiles and beckons her to help him wear it. She continues to help him wear it, while saying the same words, that she used to say to her father. she says that with his blessings, she wants to complete the pic with Sunder and the family. That happens too. She then plants a pot too in the courtyard. Lajo tells Kishori that beside the pic, she also planted the Laajwanti in his house, to complete the family and asks if she did right. he eyes her tensedly, and then notions his head against it, while she is shocked at this reaction. he then eyes the plant, and snatches it from the soil, breaking her dream, that she saw when she was eyeing the hereditary jewels, realising that all of this was a dream. She then hears kishori giving his decision, saying that he considered it, but that doesnt mean that the Bharadwaj house, and its principles shall be a slave to what lajo wishes and that now too, she shall have to leave the house, and that too tomorrow itself. All are shocked. The screen freezes on lajo’s distraught face.


Precap: Kishori asks sunder that tomorrow is Diwali, and to step foot in their new house, no time shall be better than this. They are all apalled while lajo is next to crying.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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