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Lajwanti 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Murad Ali’s residence
The muslims and the hindus unite against Pierce, while he takes his gun out and asks them not to move. But they continue moving ahead to him, and he runs off. they are about to run after him. but kishori stops them saying that its in vain, as they love to escape, and asks the person to go too, and never make the mistake again. he leaves. kishori apologises to murad ali for this behaviour when they had just respected them. murad ali says that its okay, and that its their honour, that they all came to the function. All disperse leaving behind sunder and lajo. Sunder turns to lajo, and eyes her appreciatively. She eyes his wound on the hand, and immediately tears her dupatta and puts a bandage on it, while he eyes her lovingly. She takes his hand

and kisses it, asking that it must be paining. he says that its okay now that he saw her. Sunder commends lajo and thanks her too, for arriving at the right minute with the holy cow, or else he would have been sacrificed today by the swords. She asks him not to say or talk like this, as she would take away his troubles. He smiles and asks where he found her. she hesitates and says that she wants to tell a secret, but he shouldnt tell nyone. She tells him that this isnt Laxmi but Durga. He is shocked. she says that it looks like laxmi but is actually Durga. He is stunned and shocked. she says that had she not done this, lo9ts of blood shall have spilled, and she didnt want that, and she had already taken permission from the lord. He says that he always thought she thinks from her heart, never knew about her presence of mind. She says that she shall do anything for him and their love, and if they stay united, then they shall bless their love story too, and shyly asks if she did right. He lifts her face and complies. She smiles at him. he then gets tensed and asks how he did it alone. She says that she found a cow-herder with a similar looking cow, and decided that she needs to stop this tension at the party and then she paid him for the cow, and got it here. she asks him to search the actual one before anyone finds out. He complies and agrees. He says that he doesnt know about the country but he wont let it get over lahore atleast, and decides to teach barnes a lesson. lajo too eyes him appreciatively. He then cups her face and kisses her on the forehead and leaves from there.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Pierce meets another stranger, draped in a blanket. he asks who is he, and asks him to reveal himself. He finds another stranger attacking him. they both drag him on the road, and then lock him in an isolated cellar. its actually sunder and lajo, who beat him to pulp. Sunder finds the pistol and throws it away. he asks what do they need from him. They ask him where is the holy cow. He says that he is alive and he shall lead them there. they comply. He shows them a black cow, showing that he painted the cow, and that this is indeed the cow. sunder verifies, and then forces him to bathe him white yet again.

Scene 3:
Location: Murad Ali’s residence
lajo eyes the hereditary jewellery getting emotional, thinking she shall neverget a chance to wear them and never be accepted as a part of this family, and that the family pic shall always be incomplete without her in it. She is distraught. outside, sunders brother comes to kishori and gets to writing as per his instructions. Kishori gives the diwali message to his younger son, that this is a very special Diwali, probably the last that they shall spend together. All are tensed to hear this. granny asks him not to think like this, as god would rectify everything, and asks if he didnt see Lajo’s miracle. Lajo hears this and comes out happily. all smile at her, while granny says that she may seem naive, but she is smart and intelligent, that she brought her entire family home safely, and stopped the riots too. Kishori smiles and thinks that they are all very happy and owe their safety to this girl. Sunder gives lajo a flying kiss, and she shyly smiles and rushes inside, and eyes the jewellery. Kishori tells granny and revathy, that he has arrived at a conclusion and made a decision. He begins to talk about his decision, while lajo waits with hope, and granny, revathy and sunder hear on intently. they are thoroughly overjoyed when he proclaims that lajo shall be a part of this family. lajo is over the moon. granny is unable to believe it, and they are all happy, when he says that he has lots of work, that he has to tell the entire town, that his son, sunder lal bharadwaj shall get married to Rooranwallah’s Lajwanti. They are thrilled to hear this. he asks amrish, to arrange for the band. kishori says that his father would have appraised him, had he been alive. Kishan tells him that he needs to take the biggest decision too, that due to this girl, two communities united, then cant two brothers unite too. kishori is overjoyed and overwhelmed. All are happy, and kishori says that what he wants shall happen. All thank the lord. kishori says that they shall all live together yet again. Granny tells him that lajo swore on the safe keys, that she shall bring the family together. Kishori eyes her appreciatively. She tells about the promise to Kishori, and she actually fulfilled it too. Kishori smiles. Sunder feels proud of lajo. Granny asks her to show her face and lajo looks back. granny blesses her galore. he again steals her and asks her to kiss him back too. she shys away and denies. She comes to him, when he calls her. their heads meet and they strike it again, as per lajo’s instructions, to avoid enemity. All smile at her childishness. she feels embarassed, and rushes away, while all are amused. The screen freezes on her face.


Precap: Sunder eyes lajo tensedly, and she asks him to speak up whatever it is, as she shall be able to handle it. She is tensed too. he comes close to her, and hesiates as he says that he is actually going to have a second marriage. she is shocked to hear this. gunwanti comes and stands in between them, eyeing them tensedly. he too looks at gunwanti tensedly, while lajo eyes both of them accusingly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wat is he up to i hope lajjo find out about him

  2. Wait. So all this happiness hype and reunity in the family . Was it all a stupid dream sequence ???? I dont understand the preview. I feel its a dumb dream.

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