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Scene 1:
Location: Lahore/ Amritsar border
Sikka tries to distract Yakub, while he is adamant that he has seen him somewhere. he comments that this is the first dead body thats looking straight at him. he douses his eyes. then sikka continue on, after yakub prays that this man gets whatever is his destination. they take him off from there, along the downslide. As sikka and his friends begin to dig a hole, and place sunder inside it, pretending to be burying him, yakub comes and stops them. they are frustrated wondering what he wants now. they clarify that they were just trying to bury him here itself, and asks him not to take this right from them. he excuses them off, saying that he can take care of it from hereon, and they arent required, and he shall bury this place. they are tensed, as

he takes out his revolver and aims at sikka, to fire so that they scuttle off, which they do, but wonder what to do, to prevent sunder from being buried alive. sunder however remains dead, unflinched in his grave, as yakub starts putting dirt on him, to bury him up. Meanwhile, a dog comes around them, while sikka says that this is an idea, and then get to caressing the dog. they continue to distract yakub by asking them to take this dog, as he belongs to them, giving them all sorts of stupid reasons. Yakub comes and asks whats the nonsense. Sikka continues to distract him from sunder, asking him to decide which religion he belongs to. Yakub tries to kill the dog, but they beg him not to do so. he sends them off, and they rush away hurriedly. Yakub comes back to find the dead body gone, and understands that its a betrayal. he turns to find sikka and his friends gone too, and understands what happened. Yakub swears to take revenge. he hollers for the betrayal of indians and says that they shall show no sympathy either now. he swears to find the man and kill him at sight.

Meanwhile, Sunder runs for some kilometers and finds a cycle, which has been placed there by one of sikka’s friends, who he had made a deal with. He gets atop the cycle. he swears that lajo’s baraati is coming for her, and now no one can stop him.

Scene 2:
Location: Refugee Camp, Amritsar
Sikka and his friends, while bantering about the plain food, find lal sitting tensed, and ask whats the matter. he says that sunder has gone across the borders to find lajo, and god knows how he is. They assure him that all shall be okay. they hear an announcement asking for Sunder Lal Bharadwaj to report immediately to the office clerk. they are tensed as they understand that something is wrong. They are shocked, and wonder what to do now. lal says that they shall have to go, and handle the situation there. They arrive and when the Indian Official asks them about sunder, they start fumbling, he understands that sunder is the one who has escaped, and reprimands them that one person could have hjeopardized the compromise of the countries that are already at war with each other. He asks why sunder did so. lal tells him about lajo. He hopes that sunder has already crossed, and hence now the lord keep him safe. they beg him not to talk like this while he says that he shall have to report yakub, and they strike sunder’s name off from their list. lal is apalled.

Scene 3:
Location: Lahore
Sarfaraz tells lajo that his mother was never accepted here, as she started journey in Heera Mandi, but couldnt make it back here, but he ensures that she shall make her journey from this house, to Heera Mandi. Lajo asks who can say that he has the Bharadwaj blood, and says that sunder shall definitely come, and once he does, he shall kill him brutally. Just then, they hear vessels shattering and rush to find dulari having doused herself in fire. They are both shocked. he asks her whats she doing, and not become mad. Dulari says that she isnt dulari anymore, as they suffocated her, and now she is wafa Jaan, who she doesnt like at all, and today she shall kill it. She says that her parents gave birth to dulari, but sarafraz was responsible for the birth of wafa jaan. Lajo keeps assuring her not to lose hope, as sunder shall come and save them both. Dulari asks how shall she look at him in the eyes, as wafa Jaan, and hence its best that she dies. She then alights a matchstick, after firing petrol on herself, and is about to burn hersaelf, when lajo wrenches her hand away from his and rushes to dulari to douse the fire. Lajo slaps her tight, while sarfaraz is stunned. They both hug each other, while he watches them tensedly, as they cry outrageously.

Scene 4:
Location: Lahore/ Amritsar border
The next morning, while sunder washes off his face in the water, yakub arrives behind him on horeseback. he is shocked to find his presence, and immediately dons the muslim cap. he addresses him in muslim manner, while yakub does, and then says that he seems familiar, and asks if they have met before. Sunder is tensed. yakub asks who he is, and whats he doing here. he says that he is a Pakistani, and came to mend a cycle, and then is about to go off, when yakub stops and asks him if he saw anyone escaping from this side. He says that he hasnt seen him, but he wont be able to go for long, escaping Yakub’s eyes. He then leaves with great ferocity. yakub then remembers the dead body, and understands that this is the same fellow who ran from the borders, and orders him to stop. But he doesnt and hides in the heavy bushes of the jungle. Yakub searches around but in vain, frustrated at having lost him.

As she is being smuggled across the borders to peshavar, with a new man, lajo is threatened by the new dealer not to try and be smart, as he wont spare her, if she tries to as much as run away, showing her the knife. she gets scared, but undaunted. He asks her not to forget anything he said. Lajo says that he wont forget anything, as she is sure that sunder shall come across the borders, and asks him to hope that he doesnt meet wsunder, as he shall die by sunder’s hands then. She says that she was sunder’s and shall always be. he guffaws and says that noone can stop her from beingsold at the Peshawar Mandi, not even sunder. Just then, sunder comes across in front of the marriage not knowing lajo is in there. Sunder begs for a lift, as he laments at his condition. the dealer asks him not to allow so, as they had a deal. but the rickshaw fellow finds the money sunder offers lucratic and his condition sympathetic. The rickshaw fellow says that he shall pray and hope that whatever he is going for, he gets it. He gives sunder a ride, while both he and lajo are oblivious of the other’s presence in the same carriage. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Lajo rushes in her muslim attire, and finds hindu rioteers blocking her way, branding her as a Muslim woman, and vowing to kill her. She protests that she isnt a Muslim but a Sikhni. But they rush to her nevertheless with raised swords. Sunder comes and stands in between them, as lajo falls on the ground unconscious, while he takes off his shroud, and it falls on lajo covering her. he tells them that noone shall do anything to her, as she is his wife. they are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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