Lajwanti 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Murad Ali’s residence
As all sit down to eat, Murad Ali comments that today they shall eat together to be able to set good ideals for their children. barnes and pierce see this from their binoculars. Kishori and his family start eating, when Shankar comes along with his men to Murad Ali’s residence and asks the Hindus to not even touch the food, while they are all shocked. They look upto him quizzically. Narayan baba asked whats the matter. murad ali asks the same. shankar accuses him of having mixed meat in their vegetarian food. They are stunned and immediately spit it out. Murad Ali gets angry and asks whats he saying. shankar explains it all, that they kidnapped their Holy cow, and it just isnt any meat, but its their Goddess Laxmi’s meat that they

just ate. All Hindus particularly Kishori is aghast. Narayan baba is horrified to hear this. Murad Ali is shocked too. Sarfaraz and Murad get angry. Barnes sees the drama and is happy. Before Murad Ali can explain, Kishori slams him for trying to taint their religion, in the disguise of friendship, and served them meat, as he thought of him as a good person, but he was wrong. he picks up his plate, with trembling hands, and tells him that he didnt expect this from him. He throws the plate away. Pierce and Barnes are amused. Chaman says that they were idiots to have trusted them. Shankar says that if they back now, then whats the point of being Indian, and lays out swords in front of them, shocking the men from both communities. Chaman eyes them and particularly Sarfaraz angrily. They pick up their swords, but Kishori and Narayan baba do not. both the communities are at warring heads, while kishori and bab watch angrily. Murad asks them to stop, as they are being accused with pointless allegations, and asks what proof they have that they did this. Narayan asks why and who needs proof, as its highly evident, and that they have not only tainted their bodies, but their souls too. A stranger shrouded in blanket, watching from behind the pillar catches kishori’s eyes who rushes to see who it is, in the commotion. He goes after him.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
While running, lajo finds the holy sheet draping the Holy cow, and its garland on the way as a trail. She comes upto the temple following the trail. Gunwanti asks where did she find them. she narrates, and gunwanti is shocked saying that it belonged to Holy Cow, and says that now there shall be huge unrest in the crowd, and that Hindus and muslims shall get to killing each other, and this fire shall burn everything into ruins. She asks lajo to go home, while she says that she wont let this happen, as she would do anything, but stop this fire, before it burns them.

Scene 3:
Location: Murad Ali’s residence
Meanwhile, shankar continues to enrage the people, asking them to mark their swords with muslim blood. sarfaraz heads the Muslim community, and says that they might be without weapon, but they shall definitely fight. Chaman is about to hit a blow, when a hand stops his sword, and all are shocked to see that its Sunder who stopped it, with his hands bleeding. All hindus are boggled, while chaman is enraged, who asks them to move aside. Sunder asks for evidence, and if its happened, they shall get to the bottom of it, but right now they dont have evidence, and this isnt justified, that they shed blood, just because its Mulims. Chaman takes down the sword. Sunder tells them that blood is pure, and they tag it with religion. he asks the hindus to look at the muslims’ faces, as they too are Indians. chaman says that he doesnt listen to this. Shankar and chaman continue, but sunder stops them all single handedly, saying that if this is their decision, then they shall have to shed his blod too, which they wont mind, since they are all blind. he asks them to follow what their ideals are, but he shall follow what his religion teaches, and thats to, not convict the innocent, till proven guilty otherwise. Meanwhile, the muslims too get their weapons handy and are prepared to fight. Sunder tries to single handedly stop, the enraging communities, which becomes difficult now that there’s weapons on both sides. He gets sandwiched between them. the commotion is stopped by a band playing, announcing the arrival of the Holy Cow, headed by lajo, seeing whom all are thoroughly shocked, while sunder is stunned. Lajo tells them that Laxmi Maata has come to bless Ishtiaq on his birthday and congratulates him. The hindus are shocked to find them alive and are happy as they rush towards the holy animal, while the Muslims stand tensed. Narayan Baba says that a big evil has been averted today. The muslims watch them tensed and angry too. Just then, Pierce comes in, eyeing them both, and then standing beside Murad Ali, commenting, that Barnes has sent him to beware that his life was at the mercy of the Holy Cow, and they would all have been dead due to the cow. Murad says that now they feel unsafe to be with each other’s company. Pierce commends his decision. Murad ali says that before they plan their next move, the muslims need to ensure their safety. Just then, kishori drags and gets the same man, who he saw musteriously lurking around in the blanket and throws him on the floor, in front of them. Kishori explains it all, and says that once again the Britishers tried to divide them, and asks everyone to gather around to know the truth. The person speaks up, and says that he did it all on, Pierce’s commands, and kidnapped the cow and gave it to them. They all eye Pierce angrily. Sunder asks pierce to go and tell barnes, that his game is up now, and he wanted to get them warring, and if they get together, the britishers fall weak, as its proven that this is due to Barnes now, and they shall beware now. Kishori tells them that this was another one of their attempts to divide them based on their religious sentimentality. He tells Pierce to remember that they shall never let it happen. Murad says that they shall publish this ridiculous act in the newspaper. Narayan baba says that he with in this too with the rest, strong and empowered, and extends his hand. He says that they are all together for this noble work, as Narayan baba, kishori and murad ali shake hands. Sunder and Lajo smile. Pierce leaves. Sunder eyes lajo smilingly. The screen freezes on Lajo’s face


Precap: Sunder commends lajo and thanks her too, for arriving at the right minute, or else he would have been sacrificed today by the swords. she hesitates and says that she wants to tell a secret. She tells him that this isnt Laxmi but Durga. He is shocked. she says that it looks like laxmi but is actually Durga. He is stunned and shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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