Lajwanti 24th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Lajwanti 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Lahore/ Amritsar border
Sunder is apalled and begs everyone to save her, while they are all tensed, as she lies motionless. the pakistan official turns around and finds lajo lying in the ground, while sunder is helplessly apalled and grieved, emotionally commenting to lajo to get up, as her baraati ji is here now. Lajo gets up somehow, and then sunder spreads out his hands, across the barbed wire, and asks her to come to him. they are both overwhelmed with emotions, as she rushes to him, their love strengthening her. She starts rushing with the goons after him. The goons give the Pakistani official some other story, claiming that she is an escapist, while the pakistani official hears the story from both ends. they are all apalled, as sunder and lajo come to narrate their

story to both the ends of the Pakistani and Indian officials. Sunder begs the Indian official to pursue talks, but he says that they cant jeopardise the process of transferring of women across borders, for one person. The officials say that they cant compromise on the stability of this transaaction. The goons take lajo, when the pakistani official signals him. lajo rushes to sunder and across the barbed wires, they meet and tell each other, that this time they wont let go. finally, their hands are separated yet again. Sunder begs the official to spare lajo, as she is an Indian. the goons wrench her hands, and sunder is apalled. Yakub Mirza threatens that he can call the compromise off in an instant if he so wishes, if he finds it threatened by such berserk Indians. The indian official says that they cant afford this at all. Yakub tells them that he shouldnt be seen near the borders, or else he would shoot him. both are taken away to opposite ends, as they are both distraught and apalled. Lajo somehow gets out of his grasp and rushes again, but is caught and treated badly, as she is wrenched by her hand, while sunder too is forcibly taken aback by indian soldiers.

Scene 2:
Location: Refugee Camp, Amritsar
Late in the night, as sunder lies asleep, he finally wakes up, with sikka and his friends beside him, remembering lajo screaming for help. He is enraged as to how sarfaraz took the help of the partition to ruin his family, and now target lajo too, and that he wont let anything happen to her. sikka asks what shall he do. sunder says that he shall go beyond the bordres to where lajo is, as nothing can separate them. sikka asks them to be realistic as they have turned devilish and god forbid anything happens to him, what would happen to lajo. but he is adamant, and then they all decide to help him. They ask what help he needs. he says that the best way to cross borders is by being a dead man. they are shocked. he says that once he finds lajo, he wont spare sarfaraz too and that now he just wants to be able to cross borders.

Scene 3:
Location: Lahore
Sarfaraz asks lajo what was she thinking, that she would run away, as he shall get sunder killed. he says that her family never considered him as one of their own, and she can help, by being sold off, so that he becomes rich and famous. He tells her that the news of her arrival has already spread in lahore. She asks about dulari, and sarfaraz tells about her being Wafa Jaan, and how today is her first performance for the customers. she is aghast. She curses him that he wont be spared by the lord, as he must be apalled, at the man he created, who wants to take his opwn sister and bhabhi in brothel. She asks him to keep watching that she shall meet sunde,r pure and untainted, and he shall die a torturous death. He is taken away to heera mandi, as she is paraded for everyone to see, amidts the roads that she once walked with sunder. She walks stunned and dazed, until her feet falls on the mantle, that contains the BHARADWAJ NIWAS nameplate, as its converted into a muslim household now. Lajo begs him to see her sasural one last time. he smirks evilly and allows. She steps in, remembering her first steps inside and the journey thereof, as she reminisces apalled and distraught. She collapses beside a pillar. he comes and yanks her out of her sleep, byt tugging at her ropes. she is apalled. he asks her to come along, as her tomorrow awaits, and asks her to move ahead of her marital advice, and then advises that she can become the queen of heera mandi as only extreme lust is required in the heart. She is agape at his callousness and comments that granny was right, that he cant be a Bharadwaj, and that her tomorrow is with sunder, and he shall keep seeing their love story, as he shall return and when he does, sarfaraz should look out for himself, as he shall seek revenge. sarfaraz too promises that if sunder returns, he shall kill sunder with own hands, and wont let him deserve even the ground after death, and takes her away.

Scene 4:
Location: Lahore/ Amritsar border
As sikka and his friends, cross the border, saying that he got killed by hindu Goonas, and wanted to be buried in lahore, so that he gets heaven, with sunder pretending to be a dead body, under the cloth, after an initial check, Yakub catches sunder off glance, and then complies. but as they progress ahead, Yakub stops them, and asks them to show the face. they are all shocked and unveil the dead body, and reveal sunder’s face tarnished completely, to make believe that he got burnt off in fire, as he lies still pretending to be dead. yakub sees him keenly and then thinks that he seems to have seen this man somewhere. sikka and his friends are scared that their game might be up. The screen freezes on Sunder’s dead face.


Precap: as sikka and his friends begin to dig a hole, and place sunder inside it, pretending to be burying him, yakub comes and stops them. they are frustrated wondering what he wants now. they clarify that they were just trying to bury him here itself. he excuses them off, saying that he can take care of it from hereon, and they arent required. they are tensed, as he takes out his revolver and aims at sunder, to fire to doubly ensure his death. sunder however remains dead, unflinched in his grave.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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