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Lajwanti 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Anarkali Market
While sunder, kishori and kishan sit tensedly in their own shops. chaman taunts them all, by telling kishan that that he feels he shall earn a lot today, which earlier he couldnt without permission. sunder asks him to focus on his work. kishori stops him from talking more. He complies. Murad Ali comes to kishori and taunts him of his separation with the brothers, as its good too. Kishori tells him that he came to the wrong shop, and maybe his destination is in sarfaraz’s shop. Murad ali denies and says that he came to the right shop and tells him that for his son, Ishtiyaq’s birthday, he has kept a function and has come to invite him, expecting his participation. They are surprised. He says that they dont know if they shall be together in the

future, but the remaining last few days, they should spend in peace and cordial relations. he intentionally also informs that Narayan Baba has consented to be a part of the function. Kishori, sunder and others watch tensedly. Kishori says that he shall come with the entire family, and accept his extended hand of friendship. Murad ali thanks and then evilly smiles, at having achieved his mission.

Scene 2:
Location: Narayan Baba’s residence
Narayan baba along with his people, and gunwanti, performs the pious puja of the Holy Cow. She says that she finds it weird, as he never accepts outside invitation, but accepts Murad Ali’s. he says that he bears the burden of the Hindu Society. Meanwhile, Narayan Baba says that he found it befitting that if they Hindu have to stay in lahore, then they have to keep getting their participating presence felt as an evidence. Gunwanti and his men listen intently. They feed the pious cow. He tells them all that now this holy cow, an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi shall bring them prosperity.

Scene 3:
Location: Barnes’ office
The british officer, Barnes notices the rituals with the cow from his binoculars and asks one of his Indian servants whats going on. he talks about the pious importance of the cow. he sends him out. Pierce comes in and begins to talk about murad Ali’s party. Also he says that Hindus have been invited too, and kishori and narayan baba shall come too. he says that this means Hindus and Muslims are coming together, which could bring peace and he wont let it happen. he eyes the cow and says that its been calm too much in lahore. he says that he shall coin the hiastory of lahore. Barnes gets an idea and he asks pierce to get him the Holy Cow, and then instructs Pierce that he knows what to do, just so that he can incite religious sentiments yet again, to put the rival communities into a fight once again.

Scene 4:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Granny enters to find lajo packing her stuff. lajo asks her whats the matter. Granny says that she had sworn on her safe keys. lajo feels embarassed. granny comes in to reprimand and taunt her, as to how she had spoken big words, but couldnt keep up anything. Lajo still swears and says that she keeps her words, and hasnt accepted defeat. granny tells her that noone can do anything about the separation of the country but she can stop the separation of the house, as she is her last hope, that keeping her alive, and begs her to do something, to join back her family and house. she begs lajo with folded hands. lajo calms her down and asks her not to worry as all would be right, as she hugs her. They hear songs being sung. granny says that maybe Goddess laxmi came. lajo teases if she is an old friend. granny asks her to go outside and check herself. lajo comes outside to see the crowd singing songs, praise of the Holy Cow. granny explains why this is being done, to bring prosperity. lajo asks why so many people. the priest then explains that the people have gathered around for the Holy Cow’s urine, that people collect and then touch it on their body, so that they can refreshen their souls, and cure diseases. lajo talks to the cow to bless her house too. The cow nods her head saying no. a tensed and worried lajo continues to talk with the cow, and begs her to come inside the house. The caretaker of the animal asks her to praise and impress her. granny nudges lajo to give some token and she complies. Then lajo is very happy to see her nodding in compliance now. she enters inside with the cow, towards her side of the house. she shows the cow the wall, and asks her to be able to break this wall, and begs her to do so. the cow then puts her head against the wall, while lajo and granny look on with hearty anticipation. just then, shakuntala passes by and sees this, and asks whats happening. lajo explains that she has come to purify the house. Lajo says that she is standing on their side, when shakunatala asks her to shove the cow away. Shakuntala tells the priest to take it away. the priest tells them that the holy cow has been severely insulted and great ruins shall befall in this house now. he leaves angrily with the cow. lajo is apalled, while granny fumes. Lajo rushes out with dried grass, to be able to calm down the cow.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
As the priest rests for sometime with the cow, some guy comes and hits on the head with a rod, and then take his cow. he is severely wounded.
Lajo rushes on the streets, and then finally comes to find the priest in a wounded state, who urges lajo to save his goat, who is kidnapped away from him. she is aghast to hear this, but she assures him that nothing shall happen to the cow, and that she shall send someone to help him too. she leaves.

Scene 6:
Location: Murad Ali’s residence
Kishori, comes with kishan and chaman, and wish the boy a happy birthday, while Murad thanks him profusely for his presence, and asks that Sunder hasnt come yet. Kishori says that he shall come soon. Murad wants a pic of them all, calling Sarfaraz too. he eyes them with hatred, while kishori is tensed. but on Murad’s compliance, he agrees to join them. The pic is clicked. He asks them all to sit. then narayan baba comes with one of his disciples. Murad ali thanks him too, and then clicks a pic too. he seats them all too, while Narayan baba gets seated right beside kishori, while both of them look ahead with consternation and sternness in their eyes.

Scene 7:
Location: Temple
An unidentified person comes in the temple and places a packet on the stairs of the temple. An incoming Gunwanti finds someone running away but before she can catch upto him, he runs away. Meanwhile, gunwanti notices a packet kept on the slab and is tensed. as shankar comes there, from the same side that the stranger had gone, he asks gunwanti whats the matter. she explains everything that she just saw, and maybe he only kept the packet and wonders whats in there. He gets tensed too. he opens it to find raw meat inside, in a pool of blood, and is aghast that his religion has been tainted. With trembling hands, he throws the packet away. They are horrified. Just then, someone comes and tells them about the Holy Cow’s disappearance. Gunwanti is shocked, while Shankar is full of dread as he presumes that it might be her meat itself. Gunwanti is too stunned to react. The screen freezes on her face.


Precap:Shankar comes along with his men to murad Ali’s residence and asks the Hindus to not even touch the food, while they are all shocked. murad ali asks the matter. shankar accuses him of having mixed meat in their vegetarian food. They immediately spit it out. shankar explains it all, that they kidnapped their Holy cow, and it just isnt any meat, but its theit Goddess Laxmi’s meat that they just ate. All Hindus particularly Kishori is aghast. Narayan baba is horrified to hear this. Murad Ali is shocked too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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