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Scene 1:
Location: Refugee Camp, Amritsar
Sunder eyes the dupatta, and then reminisces his moments with her, right upto their separation, amidst announcements that he is getting done for lajo. The yellow dupatta flies, and is taken away, and lands finally on a woman, being taken on a stretcher covering her face. sunder is shocked to see this. he is happy thinking that he found lajo. He comes and stops the stretcher. the people taking it ask if he knows this person, so that he might reognise her, as noone has claimed her yet. he is abrim with excitement as he says that this is his lajo. he takes off the dupatta and lifts the dupatta off the face, and is shocked and left speechless, as its someone else, and gets berserk saying that he isnt related to her. He flinches as a hand rests on his

shoulder, and he turns around to find that its lal, equally wounded. Sunder narrates his plight, while lal assures him that he shall be found. he then asks lal about indu, and his family. Lal denies and then breaks into crying, saying that the enemies of humanity took out their revenge on his family, and he lost indu too. He tells sudner that he doesnt even have what sunder is atleast left with. They hug each other and cry it out. They hear an announcement calling sunder to the base camp. he rushes there with the hope that lajo was found. But the officer gives him another piece of news. He says that they have found that some muslim and indian women are being transferred across borders in equal numbers, and maybe in that crowd, there might be lajwanti too. sunder and lal run from there.

Scene 2:
Location: Heera Mandi, Lahore
Meanwhile, sarfaraz has dulari dressed as a pr*stitute, and she asks him where is lajo, and whats he going to do with her. he asks her to think about herself as she is going to be a famous pr*stitute, Wafa Jaan, and that once that happens, that would be his revenge for his mother, and then alights the seal, and then places it forcibly against the fair skin, saying that now she is stamped for this country. dulari is outraged, and says that she is his sister, and asks him to have some shame, as sunder would have never done this. he asks her not to tie bonds now unnecessarily, as he isnt anyone’s brother. He calls in the first customer. she curses him that he wont ever get a place in hell, and when he is about to be born again, no mother would want to accept him. He asks the person to take her away. she begs him to spare lajo, so that he might be spared by the lord. He says that lajo shall have to pay a bigger price for what his family did, than she is paying. He takes her away.

In the closed room, the bidder advances towards her leeringly, while she begs him to leave her, as she is disgusted. she begs him not to ruin her, while he asks her to take her clothes off. She continues to plead and beg, saying that he is her father’s age. He then gets down forcibly on her, while she is apalled, as he tears off her sleeves.

Scene 3:
Location: Near Lahore/ Amritsar border
The captive girls along with lajo, are taken out, and onto a carriage, as she gets in there non resignedly. the carriage stops, and the driver gets down, saying that he would be right back. lajo takes this chance to release her bondage and then rushes out with other girls. Muslim men run after her and the other girls. They rush towards the border line, seeing it as their last chance. the muslims goons rush after them too.

Meanwhile, the transaction of women is about to begin, across muslim and hindu women, with officials supervising on both sides. Sunder and lal arrive there distraught and hurriedly, searching for lajo, across the borders. he is disappointed when he doesnt find his lajo there. he gets into a scuffle with the official, as he tries to get too close. lal composes him and asks him to have patience, while they continue to search for lajo. The borders open, and the transferring of women one by one begins, amidst high supervision and security, as sunder keeps a keen eye on every woman crossing from the lahore border. he gest berserk, sayingh that lajo needs him and he cant turn away now, as he needs to be with lajo, across the border. As lajo makes a final escape for herself, her footsteps intuitively ring in sunder’s feet, who smiles and brightens up at the prospect of meeting her again. he turns around but doesnt find her. they are disappointed and begin to turn around, as he hears lajo’s voice, calling out to him, and he turns around to find lajo running towards him, from the other side of the border. as he tries top break past the barrier, the officials stop him, while he asks them to let go, as his lajo has come. he is tensed to see the goons following her, while he begs everyone to save her, but noone responds. He asks her to hurry up, excited at meeting her again, but the goon following her shoots her, when despite prior warnings, she doesnt stop. she gets hit, much to his horror and grief, and collapses on the ground, right before his eyes, and he stands stunned, and then screams out his name. he extends out his hand across the border. The screen freezes on his apalled face.

Precap: Sunder is apalled and begs everyone to save her, while they are all tensed, as she lies motionless. the pakistan official turns around and finds lajo lying in the ground, while sunder is helplessly apalled and grieved, emotionally commenting to lajo to get up, as her baraati ji is here now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. She can’t die I think she get up n run towards the border

  2. I dont understand one thing why this sunder is thinking only about Lajjo why not his sister she is also women and she is also in the same position as lajjo then why only lajjo lajjo yes I agree this is luv story and she is his lover but dulari is his sister it seems he is very selfish anyway waiting for rohit khuranas re entry into the show fab actor

    1. I so agree with you ! yes for real. Sundar needs to calm down a bit and stop the screaming . he is making himself look like a selfish crazy fool. yes I understand that he lost his family and all that… his sister Dulari is his only family member remained alive.. he is supposed to help her and look for her and to also put his parents soul at peace

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