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Lajwanti 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s shop
Lajo is tensed that sunder hasnt arrived back yet. She spots a baby, walking on the desolated roads, crying incoherenly. she is torn between the instruction by sunder not to cross out, while she desperately cares for the baby. finally unable to help her, Lajo finally steps out, and takes the baby in the arms. A woman comes claiming to be the mother. she says that she isnt a lady but a goddess and blesses her. she thanks lajo and then leaves with the child. She finds a nearby kotha, thats bubbling with music and lights. she wonders how is there such celebration when there’s asuch turmoil in the city. She is about to turn back, when a male stops her, while she is surprised. he leeringly asks if she is an angel, as he hasnt ever met any, but she feels

like one. She turns to him and says that he has misunderstood. he says that he hasnt seen but she seems like one. She tells him that there’s a curfew and asks him to rush home. he tells that this place is always delightful. she asks what kind of a place is this. he tells her that this is Heera mandi. He says that here it pleases the heart. She asks whats sold here. He says that all sorts of performing arts are there, to enthrall the audience and something tell him that she too is interested in singing and dancing. She excitedly says that she shall show her right now, and starts dancing in front of the man, and he too starts spraying money on her, while she is oblivious of what the implications of what she is doing are. the person enjoys totally. Then she finds notes splashed around her and she understands whats she landed herself into. he leeringly compliments her. she gets angry at him and starts hitting him with a stick, and he rushes away. she starts bad mouthing them, saying that they see the evil in everything. she gets back in the shop, reprimanding herself for being so naive and apologising to the lord.

Scene 2:
Location: Kishori’s residence
revathy is restless and unable to sleep, as he asks her whats the matter. She fells something ominous approaching. He says that its ominous enough that the city is in flames. she says that the bahu has been insulted and after that the curfew happened, and there’s something bad going to happen. Revathy feels that there’s some omen awaiting them. just then, the british comes outside, and identifies himself, or the microphone, and then orders kishori to march out of the house. Kishori is tensed. The guards start beating the door. Finally, kishori steps out, boggled and confused. The british says that he is under arrest for smuggling illegal weapons in the name of worship. All, including kishori are shocked. His brother copems ahead to help, but shakuntala stops him. just then, someone comes and tells kishori that his shop has caught fire and asks him to do something. Kishori warns that this might be strong handcuffs, and tells him that right now he has his shop to attend to, and he can arrest him later on. but barns stops him saying that he shall have to come with him to the police station. All are tensed. Kishori defies them all, saying that he can continue the drama elsewhere, as he has more important business to attend to right now. But he stops kishori and when he doesnt comply, he orders his men to capture him. they circle him from all around. he says that kishori is under arrest as per 95, 96 and 98 Act of Article 15 of the indian penal code for hurting religious sentiments and indulging in sediitious activities against the british government. He orders his men to get the rifles, and they comply and keep at kishori’s feet. he along with his family is shocked. granny starts beating Barnes with a stick, saying that the bharadwaj family has been an epitome of peace and prestige. She says that she isnt scared of their laws, and starts slapping him, cursing him with bad names and foul language. the british warns that they shall have to overpower them all. kishori asks her to go in, while he tells the men to go and cater to the shop. But Barnes says that his family considers him a joke. he orders house arrest for all members of the family for being abett to the peace of the city and that noone shall be allowed to leave the house. Kishori asks granny to go in. revathy asks her to compose herself and go in. granny comments that she always desired to beat a britisher, and today she fulfilled that too. They go in, while kishori is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Sunder’s shop
Outside, the muslims hooligans are confronted by the britishers. he asks the muslims if they dont know about the curfew and the shhot at sight orders. They say that they know. The british tells them that they have 20 minutes to burn the shop. the muslims bless him. he tells that they wont live if they open their mouth in front of anyone. they leave. The british starts counting, as the clock strikes to 15 and then 10 minutes left.
Meanwhile, inside the shop, lajo starts smeeling diesel, as the muslims spray it around. she tries to go out, but they close the door from outside, and spray petrol and diesel. She screams for the door to be opened. they then burn the shop afire and rush away. She is horrified to see the entire shop engulfed in flames. finally when there’s just five minutes left, the british says that now its time for Kishori Lal to go. lajo prays to the lord for some way out to salvage the shop. outside muslims think that they can loot the shop too. They decide to go for it. Lajo starts getting suffocated and breathless, while the hooligans come in and tie her in ropes, and get to looting the shop. Others come in and find her unconscious. they try to open the safe, when lajo wakes up and then finds the shop being looted and is shocked. She rushes to them with a rod, saying that this is the hard earned money of sunder and his family, and if they are masculine enough, asks them to remove their masks. They overpower her, after she puts up a biotter struggle. They then again tie her in ropes to a chair. she screams and struggles, but in vain, as they manage to tie her, while the fire gets worse. they get back to looting stuff, but find that its too risky. they rush out. They drop Narayan’s prayer beads. before leaving, one of the goons turns around and faces her, taunting her in mockery, throwing her chair on the ground. He then leaves. lajo starts suffocating. The screen freezes on her struggling face.

Precap: Sunder finds lajo unconscious and takes her in his arms and asks her to wake up, tensed and worried for her. he scresm out as he is apapled, to find lajo completely non-responsive. He turns to kishori saying that she isnt breathing. In his anger, he turns to sarfaraz saying that he trusted him, and he is the one who betrayed him and burnt his shop and causeds this to his wife. sarfaraz is boggled. his mother tries to convince kishori that sarfaraz has worked all his life for them only. Sunder raises up a rod in venomous revenge. Kishori signals against it with a nod of his head.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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