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Scene 1:
Location: On the road
As sunder passes by, he finds dulari being taken away, by muslim goons, while she is distraught. Dulari screams at sunder. he asks her not to worry, as her brother is alive. he starts cycling, as they begin running. he throws a rod at the man who held dulari, and he falls, while dulari falls on the ground. he takes all those men by himself, and just when he is about to hold dulari’s hand and pick her up, a muslim slashes him from behind, and he falls on the ground, while they take dulari away, right in front of his eyes. he screams her name and then falls unconscious, with his rakhi torn out.

Scene 2:
Location: Sunder’s residence, Lahore
As sarfaraz leeringly

calls her out, Lajo comes and slaps sarfaraz tight across his face, saying that this is the slap of a Bhabhi, who wants her brother in law to get back on the right track, as he has distracted himself, totally misdirected in the name of religion. She tries to make him understand the severity of what he plans to do, and how hatred cant ever be the solution to hatred, as that shal;l only end up ruining everything. he pretends to be tensed and affected. but suddenly, sarfaraz grabs her by the hair, as she winces and tells her that let the ruin be then, as now she shall be openly auctioned now, by the highest of bidders, and he guarantees that she shall fetch a mighty good price. She asks him to look in the eyes, and remnember the day when they saved the shop together, and he isnt that sarfaraz, as he was a brother, but he a vicious devil. he says that Sarfaraz died that night, and this is the new one.

Meanwhile, Sunder comes in to find his granny, father and mother all dead. He is apalled. Then he hears lajo’s voice from the roof, saying that she curses him that he shall die so bad, that even his mother would be happy at his end. sarfaraz says that he wont die, as its the renewed one, who kills but doesnt get killed. he is about to take her away, when he turns around and finds sunder, eyeing him angrily. Lajo pushes him away and goes to sunder. Sunder reminds that years ago, when dushaahsan tried to insult his sister in law, bheem tore apart the chest of that person, and today he too shall meet the same fate, so that he can avenge his family’s ruins, and that he shall make every last drop of his blood fall out, as he wont spare him today. he continues to hit him, with rods, and legs brutally, while sarfaraz winces in pain. He continues to hit sarfaraz, remembering each one of his atrocities, while lajo watches apalled. he throws him off the roof, and sarfaraz lays dead on the floor, with blood gushing out of his head. lajo watches apalled, at the sight of the dead bodies, and then hugs him, begging to be forgiven that she couldnt save anyone. sunder is apalled himself. She continues crying incoherently.

Later, lajo slaps anwar too, asking what is he here for. He says that he cant clarify anything at all, and says that he was helpless. he says that the family that gave anwar everything got ruined, and that he thought he would be able to save everyone and rectify everything, but things went out of control, and he lost it forever. He wipes his tears and says that now he wouldnt lose his brother and sister in law, and tells that they have to immediately leave for Lahore, and begs sunder to give him the decision to do the final rites of the family. Sunder says that he cant trust him. Anwar begs lajo to make sunder understand to trust him. Lajo says that she does. Sunder is boggled. lajo says that she wants to see if his words are worth anything, and that they dont have any other option as it is. He then gives them clothes, saying that he shall take them out of here. He leaves, while they watch each other tensedly.

Scene 3:
Location: Lahore Station
Anwar shows the railway train, that would take them to amritsar, as ssunder and lajo are dressed as muslims. Lajo thanks him, for this favour. anwar says that its her favour that she considered him a brother, as he had lost everything else, and begs them to stay safe, as they are god’s great noble souls, and apologises for all the wrongs that he has done. Sunder too apologises for his mistakes, as they hug each other. lajo eyes them tensedly. Anwar asks them to return soon, as he would wait for them, and keep the house clean. They are about to go, when anwar says that this dress isnt needed, as they are safe. Sunder and lajo take off their muslim attire, and then give it to anwar. lajo asks him to take care of lahore, her sasural, assuring that they shall return soon. then they rush off in the crowd, while anwar leaves too. They are shocked to find muslim hooligans, headed by sarfaraz, who orders them to kill sunder lal at any cost, and take Lajo back with them. sunder sees them and asks lajo to not let go of his hand at any cost. She clutches at his hand tightly, as they make their way through the turbulent crowd. The muslim come in with their swords, as people leave way for them, scared and petrified. Sunder finds himself and lajo cornered by both sides, and is distraught as to what to do. But the miscreants are finally controlled by armed British Guards, beyond which, the muslim people eye them venomously. they retreat as the british guards order them too. Lajo hugs sunder is relief. the siren for the train goes off, and he asks her to not leave his hand at any cost, or else he shall die. She asks him to stop. he tells her that this country is nomore theirs, as he gets emotional. As they touch the sand of the ground, he reminisces his family, and the members, while lajo is apalled, saying that he is leaving everything behind. lajo kisses him on the forehead, as he says that he couldnt save anyone, except for her, and makes her promise, that she shall never leave his hand. She complies. They get on to boarding the train, but notice that just then, muslim hooligans barge in, and a scuffle ensues, making it difficult for them to keep their hands together. In the struggle that ensues to get through the crowd, lajo and sunder’s hand inevitably separate away, while they are distraught. They are both berserk as they are taken away in different directions. Each screams the name of the other, while trying to search their better half, as muslims catch hold of them separately. They beat up sunder who gets nauseatic and then falls inside the train on the floor, while lajo watches all this horrified. Meanwhile lajo is taken away from there, while she screams apalled and distraught, as she is taken away, and she hears the sound of the train, as it starts moving taking away her sunder across borders. The screen freezes on her apalled face.


Precap: Meher Jaan slaps sarfaraz and asks him where they haave been kept captive, referring to lajo and dulari, asking how could he stoop so low. He says that he wont tell her, as they shall have to pay for the same insult that his mother was made to face due to their family. later, Dulari through the grills of the dungeon, where she has been kept, begs sarfaraz to be left. Sarrfaraz tells her that he shall leave her, but at the doorstep of the brothel, as the bidding of her untouched youth yet remains to be done. She is apalled, as she is taken out of the dungeon with her hair, and walked out, while she is apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. very emotional episode…

  2. Hii rhimjhim …umm just a suggestion in the updates you can use the term pakistanis or sarfaraz’s men instead of muslims….already there is enough hate for muslims all over the world… I dont want an another stir up…guys plz I am just asking I dont want to start a hindu muslim battle over here..thanks

    1. U are right zeb…

  3. islam means peace but now plz why start here again hatred for muslims but really im sorry for sundar and lajwanti plz dont end their love story

  4. I just don’t know why they are giving islam a very bad name,showing what is not

  5. WOW just WOW.. I was totally mind blown in horror and shock in these weeks episodes . today’ s one just hit me really hard in the heart to a very sad and depressive state. very very sad for what happened to this lovely family. they DO NOT deserve it. I will really miss the grandmother and sundar’s parents and the others who died … I couldn’t keep my tears in when Sundar was talking about all the happy memories of the family . I just cried. so sad 🙁 Safaraz is a really nasty b.itch… sundar should have stabbed him multiple times and hang him till he really died . monsters like him DON’T deserves chances in life. SCREW THEM

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