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Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
While sunder is getting ready for shop, he finds lajo coming to him, with a sad and sullen face. he asks what happened. with a heavy heart, she points out that in their village, a separation between two brothers wouldnt have happened, as the entire villagers would have gathered, and advised them agains it, whereas in this big city, containing lakhs of people, noone as much as bothered to come and try and stop this separation, and asks what kind of guys stay here. He is surprised to hear this, but she adds that she isnt bothered about the rest, but didnt like his silence over the matter. She says that she is particularly disappointed in him, and she didnt expect this from him at all. She turns away, but he wrenches her hand and pulls her back, saying

that its a house and not a trap, and they cant keep people forcibly inside, when they arent happy, then they shouldnt have to. He says that they have a legal right of separation if they wanted and as it is, chaman had completely ruined their relations, and when they have to do business separately, then they would get to know the reality that they were strong because they were together, as they had gotten in the habit of eating without having to labour, which causes just rebeliion and not hunger. he gets back to work tensedly. he says that he too feels the pain of separation, but when relations go sour, its better that they leave before that, s that atleast mutual respect stays. Lajo asks how can he talk about respect, when she thinks about love. She asks him to think from the heart and not the mind, as that just makes balance sheet which cant measure relations. he says that in love, there cant be force, but in relations there arent any choices, and that they cant force relations to like them, as when in relations different opinions are there, there isnt much to be done, and that doesnt mean they have to stay together. she asks how can he be so cold blooded when it comes to relations. he says that he too can ask the same question as to how she can be so warm and soft when it comes to relations. She asks what if tomorrow, he starts feeling that he doesnt like her, then they should get separated too, just like the rest of the family, and create a sepaaration between them. he is shocked to hear this and says that he is talking about family, not her. Sunder vents out his frustration of partition at lajo, and says that they women have gotten into a habit of trapping the man into a web of their questions, and screw with the minds of the men. he gets to packing his stuff. Lajo gets tensed and then asks him not to avoid the question, and asks him to respond looking her in the eye, and asks what if tomorrow something happens bad, that makes him to think and decide from the mind rather than the heart, then would he let the partition come between them too. He is stunned and speechless, as he eyes her tensedly and then comes close to her, while she eyes him tensedly, as he pins her against the pillar. he asks what does she feel. She says that the way house, and the country are separating, would they be separated too. He eyes her tensedly, coming in close and then cupping her head, he tells her that there wont be any separation between them, as he can cross any barrier for her sake, as when its sunder’s lajo at stake, he never listens to the mind, but only to the heart, he assures her that everything shall be alright, and if she sits tensedly, nothing shall be okay. he asks her to cheer up. She is still sullen and looks away. he comes close to her, and then amusingly teases her trying to cheer her up and getting her to smile. Finally, she complies and gives in. They hear kishori calling for them, and before he can lean in closer for a kiss, kishori screams. She asks him to go, as he might get actually angry this time around. she asks him to go, as she has never stopped him. he says thats the problem, as she has never stopped him. he again tries to kiss, while this time kishori hollers. He is irritated. she nudges him to go. He goes. Lajo eyes their family pic in the room, tensedly and sad too. She says that this family is incomplete as she isnt here. Then she hears her name being called, and she eyes the pic, and then comes down. She hears shakuntala impatiently calling for her, while lajo comes down with the pic. revathy and granny come tensedly too. shakuntala tells her that she doesnt need this planted sapling of lajwanti, in their portion. taking it away from the plant, she throws it to their end. they are all apalled, as she is grief stricken, as she remembers the plant being potted with revathy, who is apalled herself, as she too remembers it. she tells shakuntala that she separated lajo from the ground, but one day, this ground and this pic, shall be completed by lajwanti, meaning her, only. shakunatala eyes her angrily and walks in. All others are tensed.

The next morning, lajo finishes the morning prayers and gets to working. Anwar gets milk for revathy, while she is busy preparing breakfast, along with shakuntala in her separate kitchen. She asks him to get kishori’s paan. he agrees. Shakunata asks him to come and then get ghee rightaway. Anwar says that it was there last night only, and says that he shall go rightaway. revathy stops him, and asks him to get paan first, as kishori is getting late for office. Shakuntala makes him rush that side too. A tussle ensues, as she reprimands him to get ghee first. Anwar tells her that if he doesnt get the paan first, then kishori shall be very mad. he leaves. shakuntala fumes. lajo asks anwar to let her help him. he begs her not to do it. she asks him not to do it, and asks him to tell that lajo took it insistently. Kishori comes out of his room, dressed to go, and eyes kishan and chaman eating. revathy hollers for anwar and she rushes. Sunder comes out dressed, to see lajo giving the paan to kishori. all are tensed in anticipation of his reaction. he looks at revathy and she signals him to comply. he does it, and without saying a word, he gets to move. lajo stops him yet again, while all wait tensedly. She says that she had seen in the pic that he doesnt wear a turban and asks why. she says that when he wears the turban, he shall be respected all over the city. Sunder is shocked as kishori remembers the insult he had to face, due to sunder denying marriage. All are tensed as to what she incited now. Sunder nudges her not to. but lajo doesnt listen and then excuses herself for a minute, Revathy asks sunder to get hold of lajo, but he stands helplessly. Lajo comes back with a turban. lajo tells him that she has herself prepared this turban for him. all are shocked and worried for his reaction. Kishori remembers what had happened. he takes it and throws it away, furious with rage. Lajo is shocked. he asks them to call the doctor and get her checked as if her wounds have healed, then they should fix a time for her to leave. Shakuntala smiles, while revathy and sunder are apalled. Sunder begs him to forgive her, as she is naive. he says that he is at fault, as sunder himself is the one marrying her, but noone agrees to this marriage, and its already decided, that she shall leave, when she is fit. Sunder tries to speak, but he cuts him short as he says that there shall not be any further discussion on this matter and leaves hastily. Sunder tensedly eyes lajo, who is distraught. he asks lajo what good was there in bringing up old wounds, when he is trying to salvage her position in the house. she says that she was just trying to impress him. he is frustrated saying that the turban isnt respect, but his respect beckons the turban, and tells her that one day, her naivety shall kill him. She teases him too. he asks her not to be tensed, and as far as leaving the house is concerned, she neednt bother, as he has everything handled. Sunder tells lajo that its okay and they can stay anywhere and build a home, as long as she is with him. he asks her to start packing her stuff, as when her bandages are done with, they shall leave the house. revathy is apalled to hear this. Shakuntala and chaman smile, while granny, anwar and kishan are tensed too. Sunder leaves for the shop, before casting a last glance at her. lajo is distraught. revathy comes to her, and says that sunder is as adamant as kishori, but in that tussle, she is at loss of losing a son, and a daughter like bahu. lajo begs her to stop him somehow, as she doesnt want to go anywhere. she says that she has lost her mother once and wont be able to do that again. the screen freezes on her distraught face.


Precap: Murad Ali comes to kishori and tells him that for his son, Ishtiyaq’s birthday, he has kept a function and has come to invite him, expecting his participation. he intentionally also informs that Narayan Baba has consented to be a part of the function. Kishori, sunder and otherse watch tensedly. Meanwhile, Narayan Baba says that he found it befitting that if they Hindu have to stay in lahore, then they have to keep getting their participating presence felt as an evidence. Gunwanti and his men listen intently. They feed the pious cow. The british officer, Barnes notiecs this and asks one of his servants whats going on. he talks about the pious importance of the cow. Barnes gets an idea and he asks pierce to get him the Holy Cow, and then instructs Pierce that he knows what to do.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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