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Scene 1:
Location: Brothel
As she eyes sikander, Dulari begs lajo to comply, as she has no idea what atrocity. shall she be put through otherwise. but lajo defies saying that if god prevented her so far, then he would continue doing so, and if jamaal couldnt do anything, then what can this petty fellow do. she says that she isnt scared of anyone, and shall face them all, with bravity, as she knows that she shall make her way out from here, pure and unscathed. he says that this time, she shall only hear the sound of the anklets and nothing else. she is taken away, and the anklets start ringing. he taunts them. As sikander takes lajo away, she curses sarfaraz that she has never wanted to kill anyone, but today she is forced to do so to him. she says that she swears in the name of god, that

she shall cut off the hands that made dulari wear the anklets, and killed off her entire family. She eyes him viciously, while he eyes her tensedly. Dulari is worried. Lajo asks him to start counting days. he says that she has sometime left to become ada jaan from lajo, and asks her to reflect on the past, and scare of the revenge in the future, since the present, she shall present her first mujra. lajo says that she shall erase him, his identity and his name from the world. Sikander takes lajo away. sarfaraz commends to dulari, that he is proud of the way, she defied all tags with dulari and behaved like wafa with her own sister in law. Dulari says that she is nowhere existing, and for a moment, she relived her old memories, but with the anklets, she has a relation, before which, every other relation fades, and hence there is no dulari, but wafa Jaan, who mesmerises customers. he says that her first Mujra should be even better than wafa jaan and that she shall herself dress up lajo, as that shall be her real test to his loyalty. he says that Ada Jaan shall becme a bigger pr*stitute and the bestin lahore, succeeding even Wafa. she is shocked and asks if there would be a competition. He says that the competition would be between bharadwaj daughter and bahu, as he too has business sense.

Meanwhile, sarfaraz sets the tone for the customers, as they start gathering in the brothel, increasing their anticipation, with his poetic lines about her beauty and her demeanour. they all promise that they shall definitely come. sarfaraz says that people from far are coming, and asks them to come with much wealth, so that they make this successful. they all leave. sarfaraz says that he shall make the drama between the bahu and daughter of the family, and that shall happen, which happened to his mother.

Scene 2:
Location: Rented place, Amritsar
Gunwanti gets sunder in a room, and asks him to rest, saying that she wont let him feel any trouble, pain or problems ever again. she turns to go. He asks her what their relation was, as she said that she would look out for him, and since he doesnt remember he wants to know. she says that they had a deep relation, if they name it any which way, they might be saved from the insults. she gets emotional, and says that he was the one who meant everything to her, before this tragedy, and that they were even to marry, wherein he would have filled her life with colours, She says that had he married her, then he would have become lifeless. he is shocked to know that she turned her life colourless to fill colours in his life. she asks him not to look at her like that, and then turns to go, but he holds her back with her hand. he asks her to turn around and look at him. she eyes him tensedly. he says that he doesnt know who he is, but knows this, that everytime, he tries to remember the past, feels nothing but pain and torture and maybe there wasnt anything except for pain, and torture in his past life, and his life has become a plain slate, and he wants to wipe it clean. he says that life has given him a second chance, and begs her to forgive him. She smiles. he lets her hand go. She says that he needs rest, and helpes him to lie down on the bed. She asks him to rest while she comes. as she turns around, she finds lal confronting her with sunder and lajo’s pic, while she feels guilty. she beginsto go, and asks him to let sunder rest. lal tries to enter with the pic. but she asks him not to do so, as he only feels pain. he shrugs her off, saying that he has to remember lajo. she asks if he thinks that she shall for her selfish motives, keep lajo away from him, and says that with time, he shall remember everything, but right now, it would only worsen the situation, hence begs lal to give him sometime. lal asks what about lajo, who is waiting for him.

Scene 3:
Location: Brothel, Peshavar
Meanwhile, in her captivity, Lajo takes off the anklets, in her captive room, and throws them away, with disgust, eyeing them with sheer horror. they fall on wafa’s feet who has just walked in. Lajo is shocked to see dulari, totally changed. Dulari then makes lajo wear the cap, with plumes, and starts adorning her, while she stands tensed and dazed. she makes lajo see herself in the mirror, saying that she would make the perfect and the best pr*stitute in lahore. Sikander comes to keep an eye. wafa says that she shall adorn ada, and asks him to go. She closes the door. Lajo then asks her to look in the eyes, and feel like dulari, as she has become a living dead, and asks why she lost her faith, and asks her to look at she herself, as she still has the hope that she shall meet sunder. lajo tries to make her see dreams of the future. sarfaraz hears this all from outside. dulari finally asks her to shut up, and not give her false hopes, as herfamily would never be able to see the same love and affection, and care in their eyes as they used to, as they would only see wafa jaan in her, and would eye her with hatred, and ask who all forced themselves on her, and shall taunt as to why she didnt die before coming. she says that she wouldnt be able to bear it, and hence compromised with the situation, and asks her to do so. Lajo says that she shall never do so, as she never learnt defeat, and says that what happened with her, was fricking unbelievable, as she remembers how sunder denied to recognise her, but she still hasnt lost hope. Wafa smirks at the way she tells her tale, and then shows the wounds on the body, and hopes that noone else meets the fate that she met, wherein people used her like a commodity. she says that they all forced themselves on her, to fulfill their lust, but she doesnt hate them, but her, who ignited hope on her, when she had tried to kill herself, as had she not stopped her then, then she would have died Dulari, and somehow she forced her to become Wafa Jaan, and says that she shall not give her false hope, as her journey to become ada from lajo, starts today, and her first mujra, shall mark that journey. she tries to take off her jewellery, while lajo slaps her, and asks her not to dare touch her. Lajo says that she shouldnt dare to touch her as she wont be exposed and that she wont perform. Wafa says that lajo is dead, but ada shall perform today, for the many people waiting for her. lajo gets furious and says that she shall take out anyone’s eyes who dares to stare at her. she says that she wont let them make her do anything forcibly. Lajo asks what can they possibly do. Wafa tells her that if she doesnt comply by herself then they have other ways too. lajo asks her to get ahead and do whatever they wish to. finally sarfaraz enters. the screen freezes on lajo’s tensed face.

Precap: Sikander and sarfaraz grab wafa, and then tell lajo, who is dressed as a pr*stitute, that if she doesnt comply to their wishes, then they shall shove the poison down wafa’s throat, while she is scared. he counts one, two…while lajo viciously asks him to give wafa poison if he so dares. they make wafa drink it, much to lajo’s shock and horror. wafa falls on the ground, unconscious, while lajo tries to nudge her awake.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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