Lajwanti 1st October 2015 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: By the lake
hearing lajo’s cries, indu rushes there while lal follows her. She is outraged to know when lajo tells her what happened, and is angry at sunder and his friendtoo. Sunder says that he was just joking. Lajo emotionally blackmails him that this is his cruel idea of a joke. She catches him off guard and then rushes away. Sunder is fuming, while indu is angry at him and lal too and goes after lajo. lal is angry with sunder, who is frustrated himself.

lajo along with her brother and his gang try to work out how it switches on but are unable to. they decide to bury it deep, where noone is able to see it, lajo is worried where shall they keep it. He suggests the well. they rush and are about to throw it in the water, when sunder stops them. A verbal scuffle

ensues yet again, with a heated exchange of arguements, in which finally lajo finally manages to get 15 rs out of him, on the pretext of not drowning his camera in the well. he scoffs and complies nevertheless. After getting the money, she doesnt give him back the camera saying that she doesnt trust him, and hence she shall give the camera after the marriage. She rushes away from there. sunder fumes. lal chand is amused that lajo got the better of sunder.

Scene 2:
Location: Ashram
Lajo gets the 15 rs she coaxed out of sunder to give it to the women ashram for the organisation of ramleela in the evening. They bless her, for her immense contribution that would keep them running for a long time. she then gets to preparing the kids for the enactment of the Ram leela. Doing that, she witnesses one of the women being a victim of domestic abuse and violence by the husband. They salvage her somehow, while lajo is apalled. she asks the lady why does she put up with the atrociteis of the husband and she says that this is whats in every woman’s destiny, and that even Sita had to give agnipariksha to prove herself to Lord Ram, the epitome of righteousness, while the children enact out the same scene. Lajo is set to thinking.

Scene 3:
Location: Lahore
All enjoy the dussehras and id together, as muslims and Hindus celebrate together. Kishan goes to meet with the Muslim leader who meets him with a pretentious face. What starts as a healthy discussion of Muslim and Hindus peacefully living in lahore that belongs to them both, ends in a heated arguement about lahora being a part of Pakistan, and Hindua having to compromise with that. kishan and the Muslim leader are at loggerheads with each other. Meanwhile Kishan’s family’s daughter longingly eyes the muslim leader’s son, as they celebrate the festivals together, oblivious of the tension among the adults. meanwhile’s kishan’s brother’s wife, is fuming about her plight in lahore, and evilly schemes that once the family property is divided she shall have her way.

Scene 4:
Location: Ram Leela grounds, Rooranwallah
All collect in the grounds for the enactment of the ramayana, along with sunder and lal chand. As the ramleela is going on, the scene for sita’s agnipariksha is being enacted, where the actress is lajo’s brother playing sita’s role refuses to sit for the agnipariksha, as lajo had instructed him to, after he is asked by Ram to do so to prove her character. She says as per lajo’s lessoons, that she is honest and pure, and he can believe her like that, and she doesnt need to prove her integrity to him. lajo watches tensedly from the wings, while the crowd is enraged that she refused. they start pelting stones at her, as situation gets out of control. Sunder is tensed. lajo comes in the way and asks them to stop, and says that from this day forth, Rooranwala’s Sita shall never give Agnipariksha. Sunder is shocked to see this side of her. The screen freezes on lajo’s face.

Precap: Tensions amass between the hindus and muslims in lahore. meanwhile in rooranwallah, While sunder and lal chand watch, indu’s parents come to lajo’s father telling him that they cant let their daughter be influenced by the radical indu, and hence they dont want her to attend or be a part of indu’s wedding. they are shocked, while lajo veghemently tries to protest and prove her innocence to father. but he shuts her up and asks her to go inside rightaway. defeated and disappointed, lajo goes inside fuming. later, in the stillness of the night, she makes her way along through the fields of rooranwallah, with her belongings. meanwhile in her house, her brother alarms her father that lajo is missing and nowehere to be seen. all are tensed, including sunder.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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