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Lajwanti 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gurudwara
Lajo tells sunder, as he has kishori and murad on the bed, that there is no one here to help them. he says that they should have taken them to the govt hospital, and maybe they made a mistake. She finds the pendant that she had given kishori when she left in the corner pocket of the coat, and finds that it took the bullet, so that it wasnt fatal to kishori. She tells him that they havent made a mistake, as the lord saved their lives. He shows the pendant, and explains. While lajo prays, sunder eyes the fellow holding a sword against her, and is scared. He signals lajo and she flinches. The sikh asks who are they and says that whatever they have amongst them, he shall not allow it to soil their pious place. Sunder clarifies and tells them why they came here seeking

for help. lajo identifies him as the caretaker and then says that she is the daughter of a Gurudwara’s caretaker in Rooranwallah. the sardar identifies her, and then tells her, that they cant let any trouble enter along with them. She says that its a human being first, and then the religion comes in. She tells them of their miraculous save. The sikh is surprised to see this. lajo asks him if only his religion people are the ones he has to take care of, and if its not his responsibility, for him to take care and help people who are in need, as a true sikh is one who believs humanity is above everything else. Sunder tells him that he is way mature and experienced as the biggest pious work is saving someone’s life and that they shall not go, till they are all safe.

Scene 2:
Location: Kishori’s Residence
Barnes orders his men to clear the place. Granny hits him with the rod, and says that they only know how to break things, and that since kishori isnt here, he has come to attack his family, and spits on him. Barnes says that this family needs a lesson, in good manner, British Style. the men come and tie everyone together. Anwar begs to be let go. barnes asks for a whip, and then asks Kishori’s son if his mother didnt teach him that asking too many questions shall put them in trouble. he lashes his whip at him mercilessly, and then blows one on granny too. All are apalled. barnes says that these Indians need to be shown how to plead allegiance to the crown. granny begs him to leave his children, as she too lies on the floor. he asks her to clean the shoe or else, and then eyes her grandson threateningly. Lying down, granny wipes the shoe, complying to the request, begging to let her children go. Even in this commotion, shakuntala asks him to leave them, as they arent related to Kishori at all now. Barnes goes to her, and then slaps her tight across the face. they are all shocked. barnes says that something tells him hitting wont shut her, but he knows what to do, and then eyes the knife kept. they are all scared as to what he plans to do. he picks up the knife, while they are all shocked. Chaman is unable to get up due to the blow. they beg to leave her. he places the knife against her throat, and then to the hair, saying that he knows what shall shut her, and cuts off her plait, and then leeringly turns towards the girl. Amrish and chaman are continuously whipped. chaman isnt able to get up. shakunatala screams at him, but barnes doesnt listen. He passes the knife at her throat and then to the kurta, as he slips the neck of the dupatta, while she is apalled. Granny is shocked. Barnes taunts that they are struggling to protect the honour of this woman, and says that they shall see how many they can protect. he asks the girl to be taken away, much to their shock and horror. barnes guffaws, while all are apalled and outraged and apalled. They lock her inside the room and throw her on the bed, while she tries to continues to thwart and run away. meanwhile, they tie the other ladies in ropes, and take them out, leaving the men behind. barnes leaves too. Amrish gets enraged, and then as anwar gets awake, he unties chaman. He rushes to take a pistol out. He then rushes to save Dulari.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
barnes gets the news on the loudspeaker, that Kishori is an escaped criminal, and that those who comply to him, shall face british ire, and shall inform them of any whereabouts. The ladies are humiliated, as they are tied in ropes, and made to parade and dragged on the roads, by barnes and his men, who eye everyone victoriously. they are paraded and then tortured.

Meanwhile, a hooded stranger follows the blody trails, and decide that they must be nearby. He finally lands outside the Gurudwara. Later, shankar comes and tell pierce and barnes, by whispering regarding the latest info. They smile amusedly.

Scene 4:
Location: Gurudwara
Taking the name of god, sunder and lajo with brave guts, manage to get the bullets out, and then begin to dress the wounds, oblivious of the fact that Barnes and his men have surrounded the building. Barnes proclaims that he knows kishori is hiding in there, and he shall not be able to escape now. barnes says that he shall count to 3 and then either he comes out, or they go in. Sunder is about to go out, when lajo stop him, saying that the officers are enraged, and it isnt safe for him to go out. he says that he has his father’s blessings and that he has always alienated himself, but with kishori’s bleeding body today, he shall have to take his revenge, and that either he stays or that Britisher does. Lajo is tensed and shocked to hear this. Sunder asks lajo not to stop him, and let him go today. she eyes him tensed and worried. He swears on her, that today he shall finish the case of barnes. She dresses him as a Sikh, with a turban. Finally, an agitated lajo tells him to go and show the britisher what Punjabi blood actually is, as he is fully dressed as a Sikh. The screen freezes on their faceS.


Precap: A struggle and fight ensues between the british men and the sikhs of the gurudwara, within whom sunder mingles and fights too. Barnes watches from a distance. he is about to whip at someone, when sunder disarms him from a distance, with a swift stroke of his sword, and then makes his way through the crowd to be able to fight with Barnes, one by one. In the commotion, Barnes takes out his pistol, and warns him to back off, or else he shoots. Finally barnes fires, and sunder is taken aback. lajo hears the gun shot wound, and is shocked, a dread filling her up.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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