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Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence, Lahore
As sunder and lajo stand at the doorstep, she recognsies everyone one by one, as sunder had described them to her. revathy comes to them and comments on sunder’s wonderful choice. Lajo then talks to her smilingly. Sunder and lal watch. then revathy tells dulari to get the welcome arti ready. She goes in herself too asking them to wait. As she comes out of the kitchen, with the thali, granny asks her not to create any more turmoil in the house, as there’s enough outside, and not do anything that would crate unnecessary issues. Shakuntala and her husband watch tensed. revathy asks granny not to stop her, as she has the right over the house, but she herself has the right to invite her bahu inside. she does the arti. Sunder’s

mother places the kalash on the doorstep, and then with proper ritual asks lajo to enter and place her first foot inside along with sunder. She is about to do it when kishan stops her. All are tensed to see this. he then goes in without saying anything. Lajo teases sunder that kishan has calmed down so fast, in contrast to what sunder was expecting, and he definitely must have liked her. Kishan comes back with money and does the munh dikhayi, and then gives it to anwar. he then asks revathy that she had always said that she would celebrate when her bahu comes and asks her to go on and do so. Then the grihapravesh happens, and granny comes and shows her where the prints of the bahus are, and then lajo too does her prints on them. then a photosession starts with the new bahu. lajo tells sunder amusingly that her presnece changed everything, and she shall handle the situation, now that she is here. But their dreams are shattered when kishan comes and throws the suitcase at them, and pics that he took of lajo in rooranwalla. Revathy tells him that his son brought the bahu to his home. He says that sunder is under the impression that this house is still his. he says that since sunder has found a new family, then he should also find a new house, for his new wife and family, wherein he can build his new world together, but its guaranteed that he wont be allowed in this house. Sunder and lajo are shocked. All are tensed. sudner says that its right, that he was under the impression thhat his innocent wife’s face shall melt his ego. Sunder says that now he can beat him with a stick and punish him for thats all he knows. Kishan says that those days are gone, when it used to be a sign of his power, now he carries it so that he doesnt crumble under the sarcastic taunts of the people. he says that he broke his pride the same day that he disrespected his pagdi, that was his ego, and his pride, his existence. Lajo asks him not to say so, as he worships him, and cant hurt him ever. She says his anger is justified, but on her, not on him, and that she should leave, as staying away from them, he shall never be happy, and they too wont be able to live in peace without him. She begs and says that she shall leave. Sunder says that her efforts are in vain. She says that her bua says that new relations cant be made compromising old ones. Sunder tells her that he doesnt have a heart as he knows how to earn profit only. he then apologises to him for having disrespected him, but tells him of his promise to lajo’s father. thne he breaks off branch of the plant that her father had given him, and then keeps it inside the house, saying that now its on them, to help it flourish. they are all shocked. shakuntala is amused at the turn of events. they get to leave. revathy is shocked and pleads them not to go. They turn back, while lal and anwar carry their stuff outside. they turn away again and begin walking, while revathy keeps screaming asking them to stop. kishan shuts the door on their faces. all are distraught and tensed. kishan asks them all to get back to their work. In the room, revathy says that this decision is wrong, and that god knows when they have eaten last and how they shall survive now. kishan stays silent and is tensed. She goes to the kitchen and pcks some food for them. kishan stops her, while she says that he doesnt have a heart but she does. She is about to walk out, when he stops her. she says that for the first time, she crosses his limits, and if he cant forgive a wife, then he should forgive a mother atleast. She walks out, while kishan stands enraged.

Outside, lajo feels bad and guilty, that he had to leave his family for her. He says that she left her family for him, and he did the same, hence the favours are balanced. lajo smiles. Revathy coems searching for lajo. she walks upto lajo and sunder and then hugs them, while crying bitterly. Sunder and lal watch tensedly. She says that having met her, she knows that sunder amde the right choice, and adds that being a wife is much harder than being a mother in law. lajo says that its enough she has her blessings. She hugs lajo and asks sunder to take good care of her, and instructs him the same. he complies. just then, lajo is tensed to see kishan stand right behind her. lajo goes upto kishan, crossing the door and entering inside. she folds her hands and apologises to him, for having crossed the doorstep, and says that she knows he is upset and angry at her, but says that she came to take his blessings, as their road is far and difficult ahead. she says that she wont go till she receives his blessings formally. She touches his feet, and says that one day he shall like her. revathy asks him to get rid of the anger once and look at her innocent face. kishan eyes her and then extends his hand to bless her, much to their glee, but at the last minute, he retreats and walks out. She says that she is thankful enough that she got to touch his feet. lajo tells kishan that one day she shall herself help him wear the pagdi back again with respect, and shall be the reason that he holds his head high. Granny comments that she had thought that she would be meek, but this one has a long tongue and loads to speak. lajo says that she is a sikhni of rooranwallah, and doesnt know the city mannerisms but knows that she knows how to win hearts. she then touches granny’s feet too and greets her and walks out, while sunder and revathi watch her admiringly. revathi asks sunder to never disappoint her. lajo then goes to sunder and they take their leave, while revathy eyes them tearfully and closes the door on them.

Outside, lajo convinces sunder that despite all her ills and faults, he accepted her, and soon his family will too. Sunder asks her if this is the welcome she expected, on their wedding night. Lal whispers and tells him that his wedding night is going to be the same as his, on the roof of his house, under the stars, just that he has to instruct the stars to close their eyes. lajo blushes. sunder nudges him.

Scene 2:
Location: Lal’s residence, lahore
Its getting late in the night. indu gets tensed. lal’s mother reprimands her that her husband is mad after sunder and thweir friendship. just then, lal walks in with sunder and lajo. indu is super happy to see her, and she goes and hugs her. His mother fumes, and asks why he brought there here. la says that they shall stay here for the night. She asks why not there. he tries to fumble and explain. She says that she understood everything. lajo then greets her and says that its good to see her. she retorts if she says so since, kishan didnt allow them in. Sunder tries to talk, but she says that they did right. lal’s mother tells him that they both cant stay in this house. The screen freezes on lajo’s tensed face.

Precap: Sunder and lajo walk on the road, with their stuff, while talking as to where they shall spend the night, and where would they live. They are confronted with government officials who have the rifle pointed at them. they are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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