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Lajwanti 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Cabinet mission, Shimla and Sunder’s residence
Sir Stafford Cribbs comments that the division of Punjab is inevitable. he says that its no longer a question of if but a question of when, and ujntil the boundaries of the partition are decided, they, as a commission need to propose a line dividing punjab. they all agree. in the meetings led by him, it was clearly evident that Hindustan was almost decided to be done, but to present a partition proposal to Lord Viceroy, a non-official partition line was being deliberated upon, as the division was a certainty now. Sir and his cabinet mission team begin to deliberate over the division of Punjab and lahore, leasding to the formation of imminent India and Pakistan. he proposes a boundary line dividing punjab on the map whereas

the parts that are hindu population dominated shall go to India, and those of the muslim dominated shall form a part of Pakistan. The division started. he states that lahore shall be divided in two states. the mission deliberates over it. the englishment were pondering over the changed face of indian land, which would look like what after the partition. meanwhile, drawing a similar analogy, kishori faces everyone tensedly, as they all gather for the division of property. All eye tensedly, at each other, while chaman and shakunatala wait eagerly. He says that hearts have already been divided, and there is a separation, and not the mere formality remains, that he is finishing today, he says that the house, the property and the business shall be divided equally. Kishori announces them all that from today onwards, there shall be two parts of the house, one where he stays with his family, and the other where kishan stays with his. he says that the property, utensils, grains and even the water shall be divided between them thereof. all are apalled to hear this, except Chaman and shakuntala. A distraught and saddened granny then asks them taunting that he should also narrate as to where would this unfortunate lady shall get to stay. they are apalled to hear such words. lajo thinks that the separation of this house is dividing, but one day she shall get it all united. Lajo kept watching stunned, as her whole world was falling apart, drawing a similar analogy to the city of lahore. the separation proceeds while all watch on apalled. the lawyer starts to read out the legal document, stating two justified parts of the entire wealth and property. Lajo eyes grandfather’s picture apalled.

On one side, the question remained where would the rivers of the punjab flow, by the cabinet Commission, on the other hand, was the question as to who shall get which and what part of the kitchen. Sir Stafford also deliberately that the whole of Punjab is rich in good grains, and that wheat and rice are grown in abundance in amritsar. he propositions the division of both, just like the grains at lajo’s house, while lajo is unable to see it through. Lajo also eyes how many muslim traders had taken over the shops of the hinuds who had fled to Amritsar, changing the face of the Anarkali Bazaar, along with the shop that lajo had saved playing with her life, being divided into two different shops. As kishori and kishan enter in their respective shops, they are both equally tensed. revenue sharing of monetary and liquid assets in East and West Punjab shall be shared in the ratio of 65% and 35%, and meanwhile, Lajo’s family’s ancestral jewellery was also sold out in the common place. Shakunatala leers at the jewellery and tries her shadfy tactics to try and grab as much as possible. her daughter asks her not to be so insulting that she is ashamed. revathy asks her not to speak like this, and then takes off her own, and makes it on the girl’s bangles. shakuntala starts pointing out at all the minor stuff, while revathy gives it away generously. lajo was quaintly distressed seeing this separation. later, as she she hears the koyal singing, she wonders if it would only sing ayaan and not prayers. She wonders if this river shall only quench the thirst of those who keep roza and not those who fast, and whether the moon shall only inform the eid, and not the karvachauth. she is distressed. she eyes the partition being made in the house, with chalk, and wonders if this soil is now stranger to her, and the people living here unknown. It was unfathomable to her as she was merely a village girl, who had fallen in love with a city guy, and moevd to his city with him, the city that was stranger to her, which was bound to be separated just like the Bharadwaj house.

Later, granny comes out of her room, and is apalled, as she isnt able to see clearly. lajo comes beside her, but she isnt able to see. lajo cleans her glasses, and says that she cant see nicely, but the people of the hosue have lost their visison as they cant see, the pain they are causing tp the house. Granny wears them back, and finds a wall separating the two parts. Kishori and kishan’s families confront each other from the opposite ends, separating the walls. granny and lajo are stunned. granny speaks up saying that they have already divided everything but her division, she herself can manage. Shakuntala whispers and comments that she shall get rid of her only after death, and hopes that she doesnt come first to her. revathy is apalled to hear this. The lawyer asks them both to sign on the papers of division of property. they comply, while kishan does on shakuntala’s insistence, hestitating on his own a little. sunder and lajo look on distraught. the lawyer says that he shall give them a copy tomorrow and leaves. they are all teary eyed, except for shakunatala and chaman. Kishori advises kishan and then tells him, not to take to his heart, he says that this wall havent separated him, but his helplessness has, as when wives step in between brothers, the family does get separated. shakuntala eyes him venomously. kishori emotionally blesses him and his family to prosper and be happy always. Through the wall, kishori blesses kishan, as he touches his feet. kishan asks chaman also to do the same. sunder and lajo eye him too. shakuntala smirks. but he stands defiantly. Kishori asks him to let be, as its not needed since everyone has got their property, and hopes that all shall be happy with this division. shakunatala and chaman fume, while all others cry with a heavy heart. he then eyes his family, and goes in. granny eyes chaman angrily and goes in too. revathy, kishan and shakuntala leave too. Sunder and chaman leave. the other siblings too have a hearty parting, seeing which lajo gets overwhelmed with tears, as she feels the partition. the screen freezes on her sad face.


Precap: Sunder vents out his frustration of partition at lajo, and says that they women have gotten into a habit of trapping the man into a web of their questions, and screw with the minds of the men. he gets to packing his stuff. Lajo gets tensed and then asks him not to avoid the question, and what if tomorrow something happens bad, that makes him to think and decide from the mind rather than the heart, then would he let the partition come between them too. He is stunned and speechless, as he eyes her tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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