Lajwanti 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Granny slaps chaman and brands him a liar. Shakunatala jumps to his defense, but she asks her to be quiet, as he has stolen the money actually. all are shocked. Granny asks kishori to speak up. he says that he aklways knew that sunder cant do this, as he eyes sunder lovingly, while he is boggled. He tells revathy that its true that their upbringing cant be wrong. he says that when granny said that her keys smell of soap, he understood it all. The locksmith who had made an alternate key for chaman, spills the entire tale, as how he had come for a spare key. all are shocked to hear this. the locksmith leaves with lal. Kishori then taunts shakuntala and kishan that this is their upbringing. he says that he is embarassed to say that chaman is a part

of the bharadwaj Family. Kishan gets angry and comes ahead and slaps him tight across his face, shocking everyone, while shakuntala and chaman are enraged. kishan says that he should have done it long back,. so that they wouldnt have had to see this today. he reprimands him severely for this grave act. he apologises to granny, who taunts that she doubts whether chaman is the actual son of the family. Chaman says that their behaviour in itself shows that he isnt the son of this family. Chaman says that he has been demanding his share, but the oldies wont let it happen. they are all shocked. shakunatala sides with her son, while all are shocked. she says that the country’s separation is inevitable, then why delay this. chaman says that its their grandfather’s house, and its his trap and pretense too, and he hates this charade and his grandfather too. Kishori, kishan and sunder and enraged and are about to hit him. granny asks them to let be, totally furious himself. She comes upto him, saying that he has grown so much that he can dare to insult grandfather. She says that he deserves the cane only. she is about to hit him, when he holds the cane midway, shocking them all. Chaman is burning with rage and anger. he asks her to stop this now, as he isnt her sunder who would bear everything. Kishori asks kishan to make him understand, or else there shall be severe consequences. granny says that she herself shall set him straight, and raises her hand to slap him. he stops her hand midway. he insults her and says that she wont listen like this and pushes her awya on the floor. kishan and kishori get to attending granny, while Sunder gets to grab chaman by the collar. shakunatala tries to pull them apart. Sunder and chaman enter into a tussle with each other, while the rest of the family members are shocked. He frustratedly asks chaman, what does he want and why is he doing all this. Chaman ends up saying that he wants the separation of this house, and his share in the property and wealth. they are all shocked and apalled. He asks why are they all silenceed now. Granny comments that its indeed a black night for the Bharadwaj family, and its good that her husband didnt live to see this. She turns to her sons, and asks them to stop the fight, and asks them to spread her bed, in the middle of the house, so that she can see the entire hosue together. chamana dn shakunatala are frustrated. granny tries to get up, but isnt able to. Kishori and kishan carry her in their arms and walk off to lay her on the bed. All watch them tensedly, as they go down the stairs. chaman smirks evilly.

As she wishes, kishori lays her in the middle of the house on the bed, wiping granny’s tears, while crying himself. she asks him to play on her favourite song. he sets the gramophone and she listens to it intently with tears in her eys, as she eyes her husband’s picture, while seeing the entire house, as kishori leaves her alone with her memories. Finally, she closes her eyes.

In their room, kishori tells revathy that he has gotten tired of fighting and cant resist it any more now, and asks her to gather everyone tomorrow in the courtyard. He leaves, while revathy is apalled. lajo hears this from the doorway, and revathy is tensed to see her too. lajo leaves, as she remembers the incident that happened on the roof, and Chaman’s rude behaviour. Lajo has chillies in her hands as she does the Nazar Utaro ritual, to ward off all that is evil from the house. Later, while she is burning off the chillies, sunder comes and asks whats she doing. she tells about the ritual as to how they and the lord’s blessings shall make everything alright. he smiels at her innocence. he says that she must have had so many dreams of coming to lahore, but unfortunately what has his lahore given her. he says that she seeks blessings for the man, who denies her entry in the house. he says that he is embarassed at her innocence and simplicity. She hugs him from back, saying that he is hers, and his troubles too, and by complaining, the problems shall go away too. he turns around and asks how. She clarifies and then makes him swear on her head, that he shall never talk about separation or his share ever, as that causes immense pain to the parents. he is shocked at her concern. he says that leaving lahore is smart, as the country is separating, and noone can benefit or smile from that, as it breaks hearts, inflicts wounds and causes pain. Sunder says to lajo that he is least bit interested in thedivision of property or in what and how much, he lands. he says that he just wants that wherever he is, be it lahore or amritsar, he has her by his side. he says that tomorrow shall only bring darker days. she talks about the unpredictability of the days that follow. she says that her heart says that in the coming moment, lots of happiness await for the bharadwaj family, and asks him to hold on for sometime longer and that one day, every statement of hers shall materialise. He smiles at her, her hope and her confidence. She smiles at him too. a romantic eyelock follows. he extends his hand for her to come close, and she reciporcates by hugging him, as he engulfs her in his arms, clasping them around her. he then breaks off her fast which wasnt yet in all this commotion. he tries to feed her, but she kisses the hand first and then takes the bite. he smiles at her adoringly. He kisses her hand too. both smile at each other adoringly. They finish the food.

The next morning, the cabinet commission deliberates and finally concludes on the finalities of the partition of the two countries, including lahore. anwar comes in with the newspaper, while finding lajo puting on red chillies and lemon, on the doorstep, to avoid bad from the house. he then gives the paper to kishori who gets to reading it. he starts reading a report about the separation, in the newspaper. Kishori is shocked and apalled. revathy sees him like this and is tensed. The screen freezes on Lajo’s tensed face.


Precap: Kishori announces them all that from today onwards, there shall be two parts of the house, one where he stays with his family, and the other where kishan stays with his. he says that the property, utensils, grains and even the water shall be divided between them thereof. all are apalled to hear this, except Chaman and shakuntala. A distraught and saddened granny then asks them taunting that he should also narrate as to where would this unfortunate lady shall get to stay. they are apalled to hear such words.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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