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Lajwanti 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence, Lahore
Dulari is aghast and turns around, trying to scream lajo, and escape away. but Sarfaraz catches dulari by her plait. as lajo hears dulari’s screams in pain, she is tensed and turns around, but before she can, she finds a dagger placed across her throat. She is tensed and scared. she turns around slightly and is shocked to see dulari in sarfaraz’s captivity.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile, on the road, sunder finds him being followed by hoards of Muslim rioteers, as he tries to bicycle as hard as he can. one of them swings a rod at his head, and he winces in pain, as his bicycle disbalances and he falls on the floor, muttering

lajo’s name.

Scene 3:
Location: Sunder’s residence, Lahore
Amrish and kishori come out and are shocked to see this, and they are kept captive too by men. revathy and granny are apalled. lajo is kept in hiding, by anwar, while she is shocked. Kishori asks whats this nonsense. Sarafaraz brings dulari to him, and asks why was he running away like an escapist and taunts him of his bravery. Kishori eyes him angrily. he asks them to be quiet and shut up. he continues to torture dulari in front of him. Granny continues to start bad slangs with sarfaraz, and reprimands him to let go of dulari. Sarfaraz turns to her and taunts her too saying that this is for the young blood, and she isnt needed here. He thtows dulari amidst the muslim people gathered there, while all are aghast, as she is disgusted. he then takes off granny’s glasses, while all are apalled, and crushes them under his feet. he then gags granny, while kishori begs that he has his enemity with him, then he should leave the women. Sarfaraz asks how can he, as they too did the same with women, as they didnt flinch twice before insulting their mother, humilating her numerous times, and says that he shall auction the females of this family, in Heera Mandi. Sarfaraz then leeringly asks where is Lajo, and lewdly comments that they shall make do with dulari then. Kishori reminds him that dulari is his sister. with tears in his eyes, kishori begs him to let dulari be. Sarfaraz asks how convenient he makes relations as granny doesnt even believe that he is the son of this family, then how is dulari his sister. he lunges at granny by the throat, but she continues to be adamant at her pride. sarfaraz says that he shall give her a torturous death, when she sees her whole family ruined and watching as people enjoy the beauty and youth of the ladies of the house. Kishori tells enraged that if he so wishes, then he should let his men leave him free, then they shall fight together. sarfaraz says that he is merely a muslim today, and not his son, who only wants revenge. He asks people to tear off dulari’s sleeves so that the world can see her young and sumptous beauty. all are aghast and apalled. He asks them opne on the market. She cries distraught as she is taken out, and her dupatta thrown in the air, while wails of the bharadwaj family groan in the air. lajo is apalled to see this, as she is held by anwar. Dulari is mortified. kishori asks sarfaraz to let be, in the name of his religion. sarfaraz says that he feels apathy, and that his mother never got the chance to be svaed by someone, but he shall give him one chance but for that he shall have to read a quran verse, kalma, taking off his turban, and becoming a proper muslim, donning their caps. they are all shocked and apalled. granny begs him not to. Kishori says that he is ready to be a muslim. sarfaraz makes him repeat while he silently complies. Sarfaraz takes away his turban and throws it on the floor, curshing it under his feet. The whole family is apalled to see this. he is made to don the cap, and then sarfaraz reiterates the verse to him, while he complies, in a stance to save the respect of his daughter, Dulari. All watch and wait as they are apalled and grieved. granny is unable to bear this, and leaves her connection to life. revathy notices that she is dead and is apalled. Kishori is stunned to react. Amrish and dulari are aghast. he begs sarfaraz to let go of dulari. Sarfaraz says that now the celebration has just begun. Sarfaraz says that there is still much that he needs to witness, as now there shall be the ceremonious ritual of the taking off her nose ring, that marks the beginning of a girl’s journey to becoming a woman, and that too in front of her, as its the tradition in heera Mandi. Kishori is aghast. As sarfarazs forcibly takes off the nosering, kishori unable to bear it any longer, breaks off the traps. revathy is apalled and closes her eyes, unable to bear it anymore. As he lunges at sarfaraz, a muslim stabs kishori with a knife in his stomach. revathy is shocked, while kishori says that he isnt a god’s man, and the lord shall never forgive him for this. lajo eyes this aghast and apalled. amrish and dulari are shocked. Kishori apologises to his daughter that he couldnt save her, and then collapses on the ground, dead. revathy comes beside Kishori, as if dead herself, and in a trance, wipes off the vermillion bindi on her head and eyes the sword, and slashes herself too. Amrish is shocked, as he is pinned against the wall, while dulari is taken to the skin market. then sarfaraz gets to leeringly searching for lajo, asking her where is she, as now is the time to celebrate with her.
As anwar keeps lajo is captivity, sarfaraz comes up on the roof, leeringly taunting her, asking her to come out of her hidden place, as he is here to take her to the mandi. She bites anwar’s hand and is about to go out, when he catches her feet and she collapses on the ground. Then anwar slaps her tight, the sound of which reaches sarfaraz’s ears, that makes him turn around, and go up, trying to find lajo, muttering her name continuously, asking her to come out and see whats happened to her family. He finds her ornaments strewn around on the floor, and asks how long would she hdie, as he knows every nook and corner of this place. The screen freezes on his face.


Precap: Lajo comes and slaps sarfaraz tight across his face, saying that this is the slap of a Bhabhi, who wants her brother in law to get back on the right track, as he has distracted himself, totally misdirected in the name of religion. She tries to make him understand the severity of what he plans to do, and how hatred cant ever be the solution to hatred, as that shal;l only end up ruining everything. he pretends to be tensed and affected. but suddenly, sarfaraz grabs her by the hair, as she winces and tells her that let the ruin be then, as now she shall be openly auctioned now, by the highest of bidders, and he guarantees that she shall fetch a mighty good price.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Really sad episode. I hate it. I am very sad that the grandmother and sundar’s parents died. I will miss them alot. Especially the grandmother. She always made me smile and laugh. I will miss them all. Such sweet and loving people. Atleast they are in heaven happier and pain free.. Safaraz is such a nasty evil ungrateful man who deserves hell. I hate him… it is sad and such a shame to see such lovely happy family being destroyed.. I am feeling very sad and depressed ??? Please do not destroy Lajo and Sundar . Atleast leap it and show happier times

  2. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    My opinion now is it bashing muslims period now??????
    I dnt kw y recent shows promote haterd???
    N so much violence ? Hey am so irked by all tis f***shit ..

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