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Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence, Lahore
Sunder and his family are all boggled and tensed to see lal walking in distraught state. They ask him whats the matter, while he is out of breath. Meanwhile Meher jaan comes and warningly tells them that she has seen terror of revenge in his eyes. She says that the revenge has turned him into a devil and begs them to leave lahore soon. All are shocked. Granny gets angry saying that sarfaraz cant scare her out of her house, as he is a dark soul, that can only harm, and she never thought he could turn on them like this. Meher is aghast as granny even goes on to suggest, that her keshav turned against her, to fall in love with a pr*stitute, who warms many beds, and

that she isnt even sure if sarfaraz actually is her grandson. Meher asks her to shut up, and not involve her son in this, as they both know what she is saying is the truth. she says that she should advise them to leave tonight, as she would be able to hold her son off till then, but not beyond, as he is bursting for revenge with rage. Granny refuses to believe this, as this cant be her bad blood. Meher turns to kishori and says that she cant do more than this, and it was his responsibility to aware them and she did so, so that she doesnt bear the blame. she says that she leaves the decision on them, but if they stay here, then some or the other muslim shall come here and hopes that they be safe. she leaves from the back door and walks out. Sunder is tensed and then closes the door after her. Granny asks kishori whats he thinking. he says that time wants them to move from lahore. granny is shocked that he is saying this. Kishori asks sunder to go to the station and book tickets, even if its on extra money, and that too for tonight. All are shocked. revathy prays that this day shall never be seen by anyone else. She is grieved. sunder asks if there is any other work. Kishori asks him to withdraw all the money from their account, and also lock the door safely, for their shop, so that they can come back in turbulent times, and manage it back again. He also asks lal to pack his stuff. he agrees and leaves. lajo eyes sunder tensedly, who then leaves. She rushes after him. As he leaves, she asks him to be safe. he says that he would be back in a minute and smiles. After he leaves, she still stands tensed and scared for his safety. she closes the door and then turns around. revathy asks lajo and dulari to wear black so that they dont catch attention, and also to pack their stuff. Dulari asks about her wedding dress. revathy is apalled. They all disperse. granny is grieved. Kioshori assures and promises her that they shall return back to lahore. she says that he is bluffing to console her, as they shall never be able to return. she says that she came as a bride here, and reminisces the times. She says that she cant leave this. he assures her with tears in his eyes, that they shall come back definitely, and begs her to believe him, and asks her to stop crying now. he calls amrish and then he instructs him to dig the money deep in here, so that they can have it back, as they have to come back, and they neednt take an unnecessary risk in taking the money with them. Amrish is boggled but complies nevertheless. Kishori promises granny that when they return back here, he shall ensure that she finds it, just like it was. She smiles through tears, as he plays on the gramophone for her. Suddenly the gramophone breaks off.

As amrish, gets to digging the hole, dulari is dressed in the bridal dress, and stands with lajo. revathy is shocked. granny asks why this choice of clothes. dulari says that she might not get the chance to wear it again, as she might be dead tomorrow and hence she shall wear it today. Granny asks her not to talk like this. lajo too asks her to have faith on the lord, as she shall get married in this dress, as till sudner is with them, no one shall be harmed. Revathy blesses her.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Ghulam ali while getting his shave, finds sunder going out on a bicycle and gets a crooked idea, of what to do. Meanwhile, sunder goes to the shop, and takes out all the money, and packs it into a bag hurriedly. he then locks the shop and goes out. As sunder passes back beside ghulam ali getting shaved, he orders his muslim friends, and asks them to ransack his shop, and go after him, as they wont allow any hindu now to sit in peace in lahore.

Scene 3:
Location: Sunder’s residence
While amrish is implanting jewellery inside the dug hole, dulari comes and reminices their old games, when they were children, and asks him to play hide and seek. he says that he has imp work. But lajo cheers her saying that she shall play. she gets on to searchingwhile dulari does the hiding. Amrish is amused to see them. lajo finally catches dulari seeking granny’s help, while revathy gets emotional seeing this. kishori too sees them and is apalled, at their childish candidness, in the severity of times. then its dulari’s turn to seek lajo. As dulari plays hide and seek with lajo, dressed as a bride, cheerfully, she finally catches someone, and thinks its lajo. but when she takes her blinds off, she finds that its Sarfaraz, who eyes her leeringly, along with a hoard of other muslim brothers. She is apalled, shocked and horrified. The screen freezes on her face.


Precap: Dulariis aghast and turns around, trying to scream lajo, and escape away. but Sarfaraz catches dulari by her plait. as lajo hears dulari’s screams in pain, she is tensed and turns around, but before she can, she finds a dagger placed across her throat. She is tensed ansd scared. she turns around slightly and is shocked to see dulari in sarfaraz’s captivity.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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