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Scene 1:
Location: Gunwanti’s residence, Lahore
kishan’s brother and his family, arrive at gunwanti;s house, and asks her mother if they can be allowed in, she curtly replies that they have nothing more to give now. The brother;s wife callously comments that they have already been stripped of what they had, and that they have just come here to express their sympathy and regret as to what happened. narayan comes and says that if every mistake could be rectified then this wouldnt have been earth, it would have been heaven. he says that when destiny turns earthquakes turn, and thats whats happened at their house. she replies that destinies can be changed. She says that she has always wanted to get gunwanti’s doli to their house, but didnt day anything due to Kishan. She says

that Chaman, her son, he is still ready to marry their daughter. Narayan says that this is impossible, as gunwanti is his daughter not a commodity, to change customers so easily. He says that as it is, his daughter has sworn that she shall be devout to ram only. He says that they arent at fault, but right now they cant bear anymore talks. she says that they didnt come to enrage him, as it all happened due to their brother in law, but er marriage should be with chaman, her son, but they couldnt stand upto kishan at the right time. She apologises on behalf of her family. he leaves with his family. her mother says that she is still immature, and doesnt understand right or wrong, and that this proposal isnt bad too, and if their daughter’s life can be saved then its good. narayan thinks tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Lahore market
chaman and his father work resignedly in the dye shop, when sarafazr takes out a recent red cloth, dyed in the boiling colour, and comments as to how this would look bful on chaman’s wife, and asks him to get a woman who likes bright colours and not white. chaman is distraught at the irony. Just then, from behind the red dupatta, gunwanti passes by in white clothes, and chaman is apalled. Sarfaraz keeps talking and bantering, while spinning the red cloth, and chaman gets angry, and tries to put sarfaraz’s hand in the boiling dye and finally succeeds. sarfaraz screams out in pain. Chaman is put aside by his father asking if he as gone mad. the muslim brothers find this, and are enraged and start beating chaman to pulp. They find that sarfaraz is debiliating. They start hitting chaman, and his father rushes to the hindu people for relief. This caused the scuffle between the two religious communities to ensue, and that it indicated the turmoil of a partition to follow. Unlike other brides, lajo had a highly riot and unrest filled welcome.

Meanwhile, in the way, lajo passes by a temple and gets them to stop. She prays for a beautioful start to her marital journey in lahore, and also to give her strength to be able to do her duties towards sunder and his family nicely. they hear agitated voices coming from a distance. they are shocked to find trouble in lahore. She is worried. they hurriedly get inside the tonga and ask him to hurry up. she starts taking off his jewellery. the riots become much more severe. the britishers arrives and try and stop. but their boss comes and says that this is a minor riot, and let there be a bigger riot, then they shall intervene and stop it. Just then, the tonga arrives and the driver gets scared of the riots. lal and sunder ask him to ride through fast and he complies. sunder and lajo enter lahore, while its totally erupted in the violent flames of hindu muslim riots, with both the communities having taken to the streets. A stone accidentally hurts lajo in the head and he places his hankey over it, to prevent it from bleeding. A sword almost scrapes through the tonga, and they both are scared. Sunder is tensed for lajo’s safety. lal takes over the reins. lajo asks if they are animals or humans, as she never saw this big a fight, and asks if these are the true colours of lahore. sunder assures her nothing shall happen. They arrive at a dead end and wonder what to do. they get out and hide. the muslims find the tonga but completely deserted. they search around and then run in other direction. sunder comes out of one of the cartons, where he had hidden himself and others. They come out stealthily and come down an attic. Sunder finds that the tonga driver is injured, and asks him to rest and leave when the situation has calmed down. he gives him money but he doesnt accept. instead he blesses lajo and asks sunder to take good care of her. lajo tells the driver not to tell anything about all this to her father and just inform that she arrived safely and is very happy. The driver leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Sunder’s residence
In their house, Chaman and his father hide too. his father reprimands him for being so idiotic, and chaman tells him the reason he got enraged, taunting sarfaraz at his religion. Kishan comes and starts to slap him asking if religion makes a person bad or thinking does. he says that he shall understand himself. he says that sarfaraz is hurt, but the wounds are on the whole religion. he says that the hatred that chaman has spread, but he would get it in control somehow, but his lfie’s guarantee is his own now. chaman’s mother speaks up and asks how can he be so indifferent to his own family, when he is a saviour to the entire town. She says that what sunder did caused him more disrespect than this. Sunder’s mother tells her to think befopre speaking as the city is in fire due to chaman and not sunder. kishan begins to go out, while his wife warns him against it. He says that chaman has left no option for him, calling him names. He says that son disrespectd him, and chaman is forcing him to bed, and still if he doesnt do anything, he wont be able to show his face to anyone. he says that the ancestors must be grieving to see the future generation like this. Sunder’s mother is worried as to where her son is and in what situation.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile, Sunder, lajo and lal hide behind a wall, when a Muslim comes with a long sword and places it right across sunder’s throat alarming them all. before he can slit it off, anwar comes and says that he neednt do this, and points out who his father is and how much he has helped them. They leave taking off the swords. anwar comes and says that he shall get them out of here safely. they comply and come after him. he takes them through the tumultous lanes, when lajo notices someonme lying on the road, possibly alive. Sunder finds that its sarfaraz, l;ying there with his burnt hand and feeble breaths. They rush him to medical care.

Scene 5:
Location: In the temple
Narayan is praying with the daughter, when he finds kishan at the doorstep without the pagdi. he taunts kishan for having recognmised him late, without the pagdi, as he must have found it as a burden. kishan says that pagdi came down, but not the responsibility, and reminds him of his promise for lahore’s unity. narayan says that he can share food with the untouchable but nothing with him. Kishan says that the fire of hatred outside is much stronger than the fire of hatred within his heart for him. he asks him not to put at stake the pormise made to hindu society due to his anger at him, as now him, the hindus need him, as if these riots dont stop, then neither they shall remain, nor lahore. Kishan tells him that chaman’s mistake lit this riot, and to quieten this down, they need to work together. he says that they cant let lahore burn. narayan asks why should he pay the price when kishan does the mistake. He asks kishan to go and leave him in peace. kishan says that blaming him wont solve anything. he says that whats happening outside, is someone’s big conspiracy that they have to abett. narayan starts thinking.

Scene 6:
Location: British Consulate office
the british official says that this is exactly what they wanted, and it happened without their involvement as they see the burning city through the binoculars. he says that this is just the beginning. A durban announces the arrival of some guests. Kishan and narayan are ushered in. They ask how can they just sit and wait and watch, while lahore is being burnt down. he asks them to understand their predicament, as they cant intervene between the matters of two indian communities as they have often been accused of the same. narayan says that this fire may have been on the streets, but they shall be affected too, and that if they dont take care of our people, then they can atleats take care of their people. The britishers are tensed. He orders for the reinforcements of the force in Anarkali Bazaar.

Scene 7:
Location: Sarfaraz’s residence, Lahore
sarafaraz is brought by sunder and others, while his mother is apalled. they anxiously wait for the hakeen to arrive. lajo says that she has a solution, but his mother is worried if it will work. lajo asks her to trust her. she complies. Lajo prepares the herbal medicine and applies it on sarafaraz’s hands, and his mother says that it seems he is relieved. She asks lajo where she learnt it from. lajo gives an entire story about how she did. His mother blesses her, and says that in times when people are cutting each other up, she is trying to bind them together. she says that people like her are needed in lahore. lajo smiles at sunder and says thatshe is happy she could relieve an innocent man’s soul. His mother then eyes sunder and asks if laji is the bahu of the house. she points out the irony, that the person who gave the pain is a Bharadwaj and the reliever is one too. sunder is apalled. anwar tells about what chaman did. All are shocked. Sunder is aghast and apologises. she says that she is relieved that her son is relieved, and kishan has huge favours on them, but seems like sarafaraz doesnt have a place in their shop. Sunder decides to take leave. They all leave.

Scene 8:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Chaman’s mother attends to her son’s injuries, while granny curses him for being such a fool. Just then, Anwar comes in excitedly saying that sunder came along with his wife. All are boggled. chaman and his family are shocked too, as they see sunder and lajo. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Sunder’s mother places the kalash on the doorstep, and then with proper ritual asks lajo to enter and place her first foot inside along with sunder. She is about to do it when kishan stops her. All are tensed to see this. he says that since sunder has found a new family, then he should also find a new house, for his new wife and family, wherein he can build his new world together, but its guaranteed that he wont be allowed in this house. Sunder and lajo are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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