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Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence, Lahore
As sarfaraz continues his shocking revelations, Sunder asks him to calm down. sarafarz shuts him saying that he too is their brother, and he is dulari’s brother, and lajo, his Bhabhi. They are all embarassed and flustered. Sarfaraz asks him to speak up the truth. saunder asks him if this is the truth. granny asks how can they believe him, and then narrates that Sarfaraz and his mother are rotten insects, and cant be kept as pets. Sarfaraz is unable to take this insult, as granny says that his mother trapped her son in her beauty and asks him to get lost. He denies saying that today a decision shall be made. lajo nudges sunder to take care. he comes to sarfaraz and asks him to decide with a cool mind. sarfaraz

asks how can he preach when he doesnt practise it himself, and asks if he was the illegitimate son, then he would have seen, how could sunder have remained calm. he says that he wants his rightful place and he shall take it, along with his mother’s, and that too with interest. They are shocked. Sarfaraz announces that they consider his mother a mistress and now they shall see what he does with the females of the house. All are enraged and shocked. he eyes dulari and lajo leeringly. Sunder is enraged and asks him to look away, as he is talking politely, and asks him to beware, but he stands tensedly. He grabs sarafraz’s collar, and amrish and chaman come and tear them apart.

he says that he is going today, but shall return, to make the balance sheet and then takes his mother from there. He eyes sunder angrily and then leaves, eyeing dulari and lajo leeringly yet again. Sunder is about to lunge at him, but amrish and chaman hold him back. he then eyes granny and angrily leaves. All are shocked and stunned too. the family apologises to dulari’s in laws’, to let bygones be so, and they are embarassed for this disrespectful scene that they had to see. Shakuntala leers them with a hefty dowry, andthey agree for the marriage. She tells them that they shall come tomorrow for the wedding. they all leave. granny then tells kishori, that she shall not make sarfaraz a member of this family, and asks him to get rid of them with some money. lajo asks if relations can be measured by money. granny asks her to shut up. But lajo says that they should rigthfully give sarfaraz his share in their property, and make peace as the fire of partition shall burn everything up. Granny tells sunder to take lajo inside, as she and kishori shall decide. all disperse. He agrees with lajo, as they have wronged sarfaraz, but she says that she cant have a pr*stitute adoring their house.

Later, at night, lajo hears a cat mewling, and thinks that its an omen, and tells sunder about it, who asks her not to think so naive. She asks if he saw sarfaraz’s eyes, that were burning with revenge. He says that his anger is justified as he has been wronged, but he cant believe that sarfaraz is his brother. She asks him to convince kishori, to let sarfaraz in their family. he complies and promises the same. She says that she has another doubt, and then narrates that there have been innumerable love stories, but all have ended in pain and grief, and what shall happen to theirs, in this partition. She is shushed by him, even before she can complete, and then teases her that she wont get 3 little sunders, if she continues to doubt like this. she gets amused and starts talking about their kids. he says that their love story shall culminate into a beautiful ending, as its a promise thathemakes to her today. He gets romantic with her, and then kisses her on the forehead and lies down next to her, as they eye each other lovingly. he leans into kiss her, and they dose off.

Scene 2:
Location: In the temple
Sarafaraz and ghulam ali come with other muslims, and tells narayan baba that there shall be a mosque constructed here, instead of a temple, as he has decided that he is a staunch muslim. they take down the bells, and the idols of thetemple, while baba watches apalled and distraught, and then they place the Holy Quran Shariff, and start praying, while anwar too is along with them, though a little tensed and worried.

NOTE: The fire of partition had started spreading, and there were riots and destruction everywhere, as the two most prominent religions were at all war with each other.


Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Sarfaraz tells Ghulam Ali to get maximum people possible and all the human traffickers and auctioners, for the auction of the females of this house, as he eyes lajo and dulari venomously, who are scared. He says that today in Badamai Bagh, the females of the Bharadwaj family, shall be auctioned and sold. He says that the retreat of hindus from Lahore, shall start with the Bharadwaj family, as he is sided with anwar and ghulam ali.

Scene 4:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Sunder and his family celebrate their last rakhi together with dulari, as she would soon be married. Both the brothers say that they shall forever cherish this rakhi as an invaluable treasure. While celebrating, they are teasing eachother, when sunder finds lajon with teary eyes. when he asks her, she says that this is the first rakhi, that she is away from her brother. He says that after some days, he shall send her off to Rorranwallah, so that she can meet her family. she says that she wont go anywhere, without him, as the surrounding is tensed. Kishori comes and tells them to come across, to both the brothers, as its important for them to come too, since they have certain errands to run. Just then, lal pants halfway across the street and closes the door shut after them. he is panting for breath and severely worried. All are boggled and shocked to see him like this. he hurriedly asks them to keep the doors shut, and put on the radio, that talks about the increasing intolerance of muslims against hindus, and how the rioteers have taken to the streets of lahore, burning down hindu shops and houses, and hence the government has taken remedial steps, and increased the buses and trains from lahore to amritsar, for safe retreat of passengers. Kishori and his family, are shocked to hear this and simultaneously an insistent bang on the door. The screen freezes on lajo’s tensed face.


Precap: Sarafaraz takes on revenge with his muslims brothers, against Bharadwaj family. Meanwhile Meher jaan comes and warningly tells them that she has seen terror of revenge in his eyes. She says that the revenge has turned him into a devil and begs them to leave lahore soon. All are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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