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Scene 1:
Location: Lal’s residence, Lahore
while kishan sits tensed, his wife comes with a glass of water, but he asks her to leave him alone. She complies and is about to walk out, when she finds sunder at the door, worried and serious too. she moves out. sunder addresses him and he repeats that he wishes to have solitude. his mother watches as sunder goes to him, and says that he is deeply sad at what happened. he is asked to grieve and not be sad, as his respect and prestige in lahore, that he saw and helped to flourish, is ruined, when he ruined his respect in front of the entire society and for what, that girl. sunder stops him saying that he is his victim, and he shall listen to everything if he addresses to him, but not to lajo. Kishan sarcastically says that he is proud of him,

that he can bear disrespect of his father but not lajo. Sunder asks him not to say anything to her, as she is noble and pious and she loves her. He is told that there’s no place for his love in his house, as his bahu shall always be only Gunwanti. Sunder says that knowing the truth, he knows that the marriage wasnt guided by emotions, but by a planned strategy and that this wasnt a relation, but a political compromise. he says that he might be the pillar for hinduism, but narayan baba lays the foundation, and by this marriage, his basis would have strengthened. Kishan gets angry and raises his stick to hit sunder.

The next morning, anwar comes and gets his pagdi and the paan, that he needs before he steps out of the room. his wife hurriedly begins to go in, when kishan gets ready and comes out. all are surprised. his wife reminds him to wear the pagdi. he says that not all deserve to wear the pagdi, and that her son’s act has stripped him of that right, and earlier the pagdi was a mark of respect and prestige, but not it would just taunt and mock him. he tells that he has decided that from this day forth, he shall never wear his pagdi ever again, and hence it isnt needed. all are shocked and stunned. he takes his mother’s blessings, and gets to go out, asking them not to send for food, as he is going to the Sadar, and not to the shop. granny asks him to stay home, till this matter doesnt die down, as he wont be able to hear the ridicules. he says that the ears are adamant too, as they hear the rebellious voice of his own son, then why not taunts of strangers. he walks out. granny laments that sunder ruined their names that they got for centuries, in a single weak moment, and for a mere girl, and curses that she shall never be happy. all are tensed and worried.

As he walks on the road, kishan starts hearing taunts and sneaky comments and ridicules, and is apalled. he puts on a brave face and keeps walking.

Scene 2:
Location: Lajo’s residence, Rooranwallah
Lajo is dressed as a bride, but is lost and distraught, when her aunt comes and says that she is looking very beautiful. Outside, all wait anxiously for the baraat to arrive. it finally does amidst much oplomb and grandeur. all congratulate lajo’s father. As lajo’s father comes with the family, and relatives to attend the groom and his relatives, they are shocked to see the baraat approaching from both the ends of the road. lajo’s brother is boggled, wondering why are there two prospective suitors, and who shall lajo marry. Lajo’s father finds sikka’s men with one baraat and think that maybe sikka is trying to disrupt the marriage and decides to teach him a lesson. sunder takes off the sehra and all are shocked. Sunder gets down and tries to talk to lajo’s father. lajo’s father asks him to stop right there. all are tensed and worried as to what shall happen. lajo’s father reprimands him for being so callous, when he proclaims to be so mature, and trying to trap their daughter, and asks him to leave, before he turns aggressive and do something that he might regret later. sunder says that his anger is justified and he knows this way isnt right, but in life’s course, he didnt have the time for right and wrong, and that he wouldnt want to taint lajo’s name, but associate his name with lajo’s. he tries to point out what he has learnt from lajo, and that they share a relation, but doesmnt know whats the name. He says that he is happy that fro the first time, he heard to his heart, instead of the brain, due to lajo. he says that he knows his permission is paramount, and he wouldnt do anything until he gives in. he promises to keep lajo in the best of state, and that he wishes to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. the crowd gets angry and asks him to leave. sunder asks lajo’s father to ask her atleast what she wants. the villagers get to thrashing sunder’s baraat, while he keeps pleading. lajo’s father is worried. Kunwar singh meanwhile is escorted insde by the rest of the villagers. he too takes off the sehra and sunder and Kunwar face each other. Sunder is worried.

In the room, lajo is asked to smile as she is going to get married. just then they find her father coming in, who eyes her tensedly, and she too is teary eyed. later, she is brought to the marriage venue, where she stands silent and eyes downward, facing the groom. lajo hears sunder’s recognizable voice calling out her name, and she looks up nervous and excited at the same time. the groom takes off the sehra and finds that its sunder. she is all smiles as she looks at him. they both smile at each other. Lajo’s father smiles too. lal smiles at lajo too in compliance. He teases her that she should put the jaimala fast, as her city babu is becoming the hero of the village, and asks her to finish it, before he changes his mind. Kunwar smiles from a distance, happy fo the both of them. lajo’s father takes them inside for the Anant karaj. The rituals begin. lal tells sunder that he got her with much difficulty, and asks him never to leave her. he says never and eyes her and she too smiles at her. They both get up to seek the blessings of the lord, as they perform the rituals of ther marriage. lajo’s father starts getting emotional. As lajo gets ready for her vidaai, to leave with sunder, all get emotional and sad. lajo’s father hands him the lajwanti plant, as her mother gave her this name, after the plant, as she knew that their daughter is as soft as the plant and then tells that he hands over his daughter to sunder, and asks him to take good care of her, as he has raised her with much care and affection. he says that he knows nothing of him and his family, but knows that sometimes a person cant be trusted in a lifetime, and sometimes a meeting is enough to gain faith, that he has gained. he finds purity in sunder’s soul, and says that he speaks as a father and not as the Bhisham Singh of the village. A teary eyed and emotional lajo hugs her father and cries bitterly. he too cries. Her aunt asks her not to speak much, and gives her advice to handle her in-laws. she hugs her and they all start crying. lajo says that had her mother been here, then she would have hugged her, and blessed her. lajo promises that she shall keep everyone’s respect intact. She then asks about her brother, who is far away playing in the fields, trying to hide her pain and grief. sunder comes and smiles, while he asks him to give the gilli, as he is already taking his sister. Sunder asks if he shall take revenge like this, as he is taking his sister away. he keeps arguing. just then, lajo’s voice telling him the lullaby that their mother used to sing comes in his ears and he turns around to find lajo by the well, calling him with extended arms. they both hug each other, while lajo says that he is like a son to her, and that distances wont fade the love she has for him. she saysthat she is helpless and has to go, but asks him not to cry, and asks him to laugh for her sake. They hug. Then the vidaai ceremony begins and then lajo and sunder take the tonga, to go to lahore, leaving Rooranwallah. Sunder takes their leave, while lajo is sad. her father blesses her and then they ride off. she wishes a final goodbye before leaving. Sunder asks her to stop crying or else they shall say that he went to marry but got back a baby girl. lajo asks who, and that her brother hasnt grown much. she keeps crying and blabbering, while sunder asks her to be patient about what awaits at his home. she is scared what if his family doesnt accept her. He says that he shall not leave her side, and shall get the family together. she asks about gunwanti, and he tells that she has become a sanyasini and sacrificed a lot for him. he says that she is a Devi. she asks whats she then. he teases her and when she fumes, he says that lahore shall soon come and she should smile. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: sunder and lajo enter lahore, while its totally erupted in the violent flames of hindu muslim riots, with both the communities having taken to the streets. A stone accidentally hurts lajo in the head and he places his hankey over it, to prevent it from bleeding. A sword almost scrapes through the tonga, and they both are scared. Sunder is tensed for lajo’s safety.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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