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Lajwanti 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence, Lahore
Decorations and arrangements are on in full swing, when shakuntala cribs that anwar is nowhere to be seen. lajo comes and tells them that anwar wont come, and then clarifies how she saw anwar with the hooligans lastnight. they are shocked. granny fumes at his betrayal, while lajo is amused, as she says that she didnt do anything wrong to him. Lajo asks her to calm down, as anwar must have done this under pressure, as he isnt like this. she decides to help them. As she prepares rangoli with dulari, granny teases lajo that where she is sitting, thats exactly the place where her sunder took his first steps. lajo asks why is she telling her so. granny says that she soon expects a little sunder soon from them. lajo shys

away, but then with a twinkle of glint in her eyes, she asks granny what she has to do to be able to get sunder’s son with herself. All are amused, while granny reprimands her jokingly. lajo rushes off.

In her room, she starts imagining with a pillow how would she find herself in maternity time. She starts practising and pretending, when sunder comes from behind and teases lajo about it. she shyly tells about granny’s request, and how granny just wants one, and she infact wants three. he says that they have no time to waste then, and starts getting teasingly physical with her. their romance is interrupted by dulari coming in, who notices her missing earring,. and lajo shys when she questions that. he teases that they are preparing for a little sunder, as per granny’s wishes. lajo shyfully rushes out, while dulari too follows. heis amused too. but then he eyes the earing that he took off, and gets serious thinking that he cant allow the partition to affect their love story at all, ashe wont be able to live without her.

Scene 2:
Location: Anarkali Bazaar
Sarafaraz pleads his loyalty to sunder lal and his family, while his muslim friends continue to instigate him to turn towards his religion and not towards his employers, as lahore is to be a part of pakistant and they wont let any hindus stay here, and that every temple shall be broken and a mosque shall be built in its place, and asks him to pledge his loyalty to the religion one last time. Anwar too supports them, even though he is tensed and scared.

Scene 3:
Location: Narayan Baba’s residence
Narayan baba finds a hoard of muslims, in his temple. The muslim leader says that they have come to warn him that a mosque shall be constructed in this place and they should start packing up. He tensedly eyes sarfaraz and asks how could he be involved, as he wasnt like this. sarfaraz says that these people are right. he asks how can he say so, and then tells ghulam ali, that he cant trust sarfaraz, since he isnt as Muslim after all. this shocks everyone. He then adds that it seems that he doesnt listen to his mother’s lullabies strongly. They are all boggled.

Scene 4:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Kishori and his family greet the groom’s family, and then kishori announces that Lahore’s famours artist, Meher Jaan, who is sarafarz’s mother shall present her performance. She starts her song, while lajo and sunder exchange signals in the eyes. Sarfaraz comes and eyes them enjoyng his mother singing, and remembers what Narayan Baba said, that his mother was a mistress of the bharadwaj family, and that kishori’s elder brother, keshav lal is his real father, and he is in fact an illegitimate son. He is apalled to see her singing, as he remembers Narayan’s stinging words, that being a Hindu’s illegitimate son, he is favouring the muslims. he thinks that this family has put up his mother on auction and swears that he shaall do the same for kishori’s daughter in laws and daughters. He says that what his elder brother did wrong, the females of his family shall pay for it. He says that the fire of partition shall emerge here, and declares to himself, that he shall convert this place too into a brothel. After she is done, kishori comes and gives her money in her lap. As he turns around, he finds Sarfaraz standing. meher is shocked to see her son there too. Sarfaraz steps in, smearing the rangoli, and then comes by his mother’s side, and takes the money from her, and throws it in the air, saying that she neednt grab thrown money. All are confused and boggled. Kishori eyes him tensedly. he says that she neednt come in places, where the people put up their own family’s daughter in laws at auction. He asks kishori if he told everything, but forgot to mention that she is his sister in law, his elder’s brother’s wife and this house’s elder bahu. all are shocked to hear this, while granny and kishori are flustered. Meher asks her to shut up and leave from here, but he says that today he shall not keep quiet and noone can stophim, as he shall disrespect them today, in front of all. revathy and granny are apalled. He says that he may boast himself of being very mannered and respectful, but the fact is noone is as shameless as them. He says that Kishori is his paternal uncle, and accuses him of knowing from before, and still making his brother’s son, sarafarz, as a helper in the shop, hile he kept talking of his loyalty to them as masters. he says that they were struggling for money, but he didnt bother nor had the mercy, and instead of respecting her, he put her in a brothel. He tells them that today they have the chance to come clean and abrest about this well kept secret. The screen freezes on kishori’s tensed face.


Precap: Sarfaraz tells Ghulam Ali to get all the human traffickers and auctioners, for the auction of the females of this house, as he eyes lajo and dulari venomously, who are scared. He says that today in Badamai Bagh, the females of the Bharadwaj family, shall be auctioned and sold. sunder is barely stopped by chaman and amrish, as they all watch helplessly and with furious rage. He says that the retreat of hindus from Lahore, shall start with the Bharadwaj family, as he is sided with anwar and ghulam ali.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. My sweet sweet Lajwanti and Sunder. I love their superb acting.. they would make a perfect real couple. They are so made for each other !!! ?LOVE this show so much… I hope they get roped in for a romantic film type movie in the future. It would be perfect !!!

  2. I wish this showed at a better time in Zee Caribbean. It is tooo early. Geez

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