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Scene 1:
Location: Lal’s residence, Lahore
lajo breaks down by indu’s side, incoherently saying what happened to her. indu asks her to explain clearly, when lajo incoherently speaks in bits and pieces. lajo tells her about the letter, and how she came here to meet him, to find about his marriage. she gets upoto leave, saying that she is an idiot and all are right to reprimand her. indu asks where is she going. She says that she has to go where she came frm, as she might not get her father’s apology, but she has to save her father’s respect atleast. Indu is tensed. before leaving, lajo asks whats the name of his wife. indu replies its Gunwanti. Meanwhile gunwanti is busy getting a bath readying herself.

Scene 2:
Location: Lajo’s residence, Rooranwallah

father explains everything to her aunt. they are all distraught and shocked. A distraught and apalled lajo’s father tells his sister to inform the people in lahore that now this marriage wont happen. she is distraught and shocked too. he says that lajo left them very far. Just then, lajo comes in saying where would she go having left him. they are boggled. she says that she had become rash, and that she apologises for forgiveness, and that she has understood whats her life and her destiny now. he apologises instead to her, that he couldnt understand the heart of his own daughter. He asks why she didnt tell him. She says that its good she didnt, as it would have been futile. she says that he is getting married to a girl called Gunwanti, and she is marrying Kunwar singh and thats the truth. her father is tensed too.

Scene 3:
Location: Sunder’s residence, Lahore
Sunder’s sehra is in place and all get ready for the baraat to move out of the house. amidst much excitement and celebrations, the procession begins. Kishan comes and applauds him saying that he kept his prestige intact and that he is truely his son. Sunder gets on the Ghodi. lal finds a tensed indu signalling to come to him. indu tells him that lajo had comer, and that she got the letter and she loves sunder very much. lal is shocked, and then asks them to stop. he then tells sunder that lajo has come, and asks him to stop the marriage, as they both love each other, and that he should get mareried to lajo, and not gunwanti. Kishan asks him whats the matter. lal comes out from his dream where he displayed immense bravado and fumbles and says that there’s nothing very severe. kishan reprimands him and they move ahead. Sunder is boggled as he eyes lal’s tensed and distraught face. indu begs lal to do something. lal is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Narayan Baba’s residence, Lahore
Kishan arrives at Narayan’s place. Greetings are exchanged. kishan and narayan baba greet each other. inside the pandal, indu and lal talk that they cant let sunder marry gunwanti as he loves lajo and the vice versa too. lal asks indu to do something. She is tensed. Kishan stops lal from sitting beside sunder. the younger daughter in law sees this and senses some trouble, and that definitely kishan is hiding something, Sunder’s mother senses his tension and asks him to try and be happy, and with all his heart take the pious circles of fire, and be with each other always, as this shall strengthen their relation. Sunder again remembers one of lajo’s anecdotes and starts smiling.

In her room, Gunwanti is all set and ready as a bride, when her mother comes in saying that she looks very pretty and bful. Indu comes and says that she is indeed getting something that she always wanted. she says that she had promsied this to lajo too, but maybe she doesnt deserve it in her destiny. a girl comes and calls gunwanti’s mother and she rushes to meet the priest, leaving indu and gunwanti alone in the room, while both tensedly eye each other.

As Sunder is ready to get married, dressed as a groom, and silently bearing everyone’s taunts and teases, all are outraged and shocked as they find his would be wife, narayan Baba’s daughter, dressed as a sanyasini, in white clothes, while holding her wedding dress in her hands. Sunder is shocked too. Gunwanti’s parents themselves are shocked. Sunder too is boggled and shocked, as gunwanti eyes him. her parents ask why is she dressed in white as a widow. she says that she isnt a widow but a sanyasini, and that the white appeases her, and she feels much relief, as per Bhagwad Gita, as whats done was good, and whats happening is good too, and also shall be good what happens. She says that she is forever sacrificing materialistic life, and devoting herself to the services of the lord, and that its her decision and she isnt taking it under anyone’s influence or pressure. she hands the wedding dress to her father and then picks up the picture of her lord, saying that she devotes her entire life to Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. all are shocked, while her parents are apalled. Sunder comes and says that this was as per her consent, then why this decision now. She says that it would have been wrong had she been married to him, as she knows she consented but not him. she says that they were and they shall always be friends, but to sit beside him, that right only belongs to Lajo. all are shocked to hear this name. he says that she is getting married elsewhere as per her consent. she tells him about lajo coming to lahore after he read the letter. sunder is tensed and scared as he faces kishan. he says that he is consenting for this marriage. kishan says that its right as he has given his word. She says that she too has given word that she would devote all her life to ramji. she says that sunder took the decision to marry her, by the mind, and not by the heart, and that a woman can see through a man’s eyes, which cant lie. She says that in his eyes, only lajo is seen. she says that she heard her heart and he has to do the same now, and go to his lajo. sunder is tensed, and out of respect for kishan, he says that he has promised that he would marry her. She asks him to hold his hand on his heart and then say who resides in his heart, in front of everyone. he remembers every conversation with lajo so far, and then speaks up lajo, even himself unaware that he did so. all are shocked. kishan angrily asks what nonsense is this, and asks narayan to explain this to his daughter. narayan asks what should he explain, as her life is ruined if she becomes a sanyasini, and even if she marries him, she would merely be his servant as his love is lajo. he says that even after marrying sunder, she would be married, but would live the life of a sanyasini. She denies this, trying to calm her father. Naraayan Baaba reminds him of his word. he says that he is respected by everyone, but his own son doesnt respect him and his promise. he, in his distraught frame of mind, tells kishan that its proven today, that his word doesnt mean a thing, and that he doesnt deserve respect of the society. Kishan is furious and angrily eyes sunder. narayan says that sunder has forever tainted the pagdi of his own father. He says that he had thought their friendship shall continue for centuries but now it would only be his insult if their names are uttered together, if ever. sunder asks him not o be tesned, as he is okay. he says that he has heard enough, and asks them not to test his patience. she asks him to calm down as sunder isnt at fault. he says that his daughter might say anything, but they need to go out of here, and not expect an ounce of sympathy from them, and get lost before he loses his cool. Kishan and others are shocked. they all leave one by one, leaving her and sunder alone. she asks him to go, as someone is waiting for him. he resignedly leaves. she eyes him going away, tearfully. The chants of her father hum in her ears, as he douses the fire of the hawan. she herself is distraught.

The britishers hear this news and say that with the cancellation of this wedding, lahore shall also break now. he has a loud laugh.

Scene 5:
Location: Sunder’s residence, Lahore
On the road, kishan remembers his insult by narayan baba due to sunder, and is distraught and apalled, as he enters the house. With trembling hands, he takes off his pagdi, as he is completely distraught and in despair, and it leaves the audience pondering whether this shall be the cause of separatiomn and whether the innocent love of Sunder and lajo survive this enemity. The screen freezes on sunder and lajo both dressed for marriage, but engaged to marry other people, and both lost and tensed.

Precap: As lajo’s father comes with the family, and relatives to attend the groom and his relatives, they are shocked to see the baraat approaching from both the ends of the road. lajo’s brother is boggled, wondering why are there two prospective suitors, and who shall lajo marry. they both take off the sehra and sunder and Kunwar face each other. Sunder gets down and tries to talk to lajo’s father. lajo’s father asks him to stop right there. all are tensed and worried as to what shall happen.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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