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Lajwanti 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence, Lahore
Sunder’s haldi is going on, when his mother notices that he is lost, and is upset for him, while he remembers lajo at indu’s haldi ceremony. lal comes and teases if he plans to go to Rooranwallah, and then gets tensed when he finds sunder getting tensed, and saying that indeed a Baraat from lahore is going to rooranwallah for indu, as her marriage has been fixed. indu hears this and is shocked, that lajo is getting marred, and noone from her village decided to inform her.

Scene 2:
Location: Lajo’s residence, Rooranwallah
meanwhile, while marriage festivities are on in full swing, lajo’s relatives discuss if they have informed indu, as without her the festivities and celebrations shall be incomplete

and she is needed. they tell that they have informed but the post has been dispatched today and the day it reaches lahore, indu shall come rushing for the marriage. the banjaras comer and ask them if they need to getv something to indu, as they are going to lahore tonight. they tell the banjaras, that they should just give indu the message of lajo’s marriage, if it hasnt reached already. lajo sits sullenly.

By the evening, Lajo’s brother receives a letter thats come from the postmaster for lajo. meanwhile lajo’s aunt comes and places the food in lajo’s room, saying that everything is here and now till the marriage she cant go out, nor talk to anyone and has to sit here only beside the glowing earthen pot. She finds lajo tensed and gloomy, and thinks that she herself mannered herself when marriage came near. she shows lajo the jewellery that her mother wore at her marriage, and says that they arent just ornaments but her mother’s blessings and memories, who had specifically told her to make her wear all the ornaments so that she doesnt miss her mother. tears stream down her cheeks, as she remembers the parandi, that sunder had given her. her aunt asks why is she crying. lajo says that only her mother can understand. she wipes her tears and asks lajo to smile, as she is getting married and should be happy. her aunt blesses her and then leaves. lajo is extremely emotional and heartbroken, as she eyes the parandi. Outside her brother asks her to let him in, as he is hungry. She asks him to go. He asks how can he go, as there’s a letter for her, and she is surprised as she sees the letter. She immediately opens the door. he comes in hogging the food. she impatiently asks him to read out the letter. he says that in 7 days, aquaintainces happen but not relations, and hence hesitated to give his answer but as a business, when he understood the entire thing, he found that its impossible to measure the relation that they share. She again goes into an imaginary dream sequences. Lajo gets a letter from sunder, that her brother reads out to her, that he intends to make her his wife, and the minute he reacehs lahore, he shall talk about his marriage with his father. She is overwhelmingly relieved and emotional as she hears this. she thinks that he answered through the letter, and that out of whim, she said yes to her marriage and wonders what to do now. That evening, she starts collecting money, and then says to her brother that she shall give him all the sweets but in return he has to do something. he complies.

Scene 3:
Location: Rooranwallah streets
Meanwhile the banjaras too decide to attend sunder’s marriage as a priority as they shall get better money there. they start off their journey in a tonga. they find a female following their tonga, hollering at them to stop. they find that someone is coming from their side, and they insistently make the tonga wallah stop. The lady with the ghunghat gets into the tonga. The lady asks her to identify who is she and why the hurry. the ghunghat sways away due to the wind and they see that its lajo.

Scene 4:
Location: Lahore
In the dark hours of the night, the britishers engrave something with scalpels on the dead body, and a lahori sees this. they threaten and blackmail him that he shall lose his life, if he as much as mentions what he saw. he says that he wont. the britishers say that they need to berak this unity and as it is, the body has been unclaimed in the mortuary for a couple of days, hence its the perfect weapon to create riots, tomorrow when its Eid

The next day, all celebrate Eid. Kishan lal gives Eidi to his muslim employee, and his brother and his child, see this and are angry that he is spending money on a muslim. Sarfaraz asks why didnt Sunder come, and that maybe he is busy with his wedding. Then he takes his leave. kishan smiles. Sarfaraz gets taunted by his religious fellow people of joining the hindu gang, and he walks off in a huff. After unloading the stuff, the british workers find that one packet is extra. they ask the labourer and open and check. he complies. they find that its a dead body with hindustan and pakistan engraved on him torso, split in half. The muslims and the Hindus start fighting amongst themselves, claiming the body of their religion, and then point accusing fingers at each other, bringing out reservations about Bangaldesh separation.

A scuffle ensues, and the britishers enjoy it thoroughly from their balcony, amused and evilly smiling, that their tactic for Divide and Rule worked. Sarfaraz tries to stop them, but finally due to kishan Lal and Narayan Baba who come, the matter comes to control. The fight stops, and then they all start narrating their concerns to kishan. the muslims say that there’s just one way of finding the truth and thats to find if he is circumcised or not. they check and say that he isnt a muslim. Kishan says that it could be anyone, but they start fighting, without caring that the person who died was a human, but due to the scuffle, now lives of many people shall be harmed, and particularly this dead body came on the day of eid, when they should be celerating instead of cutting each other’s throats, and the right way to answer the heinous crimes is to maintain peace and stability. The officials fume at their failure and says that they shall not stop or leave any stone unturned to break this unity.

Scene 5:
Location: Lajo’s residence, Rooranwallah
The next morning, lajo’s father and aunt holler at lajo to come out, but her brother doesnt respond out of scare. He is tensed wondering what to do. Finally, her brother opens the door, and they are shocked to find him there and lajo gone. they reprimand and question him. he stays silent. Her father is tensed. he comes to her father and gives him the letter while he is surprised and tensed. lajo’s father goes through the letter and is shocked. he asks her brother if he told this letter to lajo. he complies. Her father is distraught.

Scene 6:
Location: Lahore Streets
The next morning, Lajo reaches Lahore. She steps out in the streets of lahore for the first time, happy and excited. she starts hallucinating Sunder everywhere. meanwhile, narayan baba’s daughter is taking blessings in the temple, where by destiny, lajo too comes to seek blessings. the girl turns around and starts walking, towards lajo, trying to keep her diya alight. She passes by lajo’s who still praying. the priest comes to lajo, and gives her prashad too, and says that she doesnt seem from here. she identifies herself, and says that she has separated from her ramji. the priest says that if she has genuine belief in her devotion, she would get him. Lajo takes the blessings and thinks that definitely she shall get her ramji. she roams on the streets on lahore, where she collides into sunder’s servant. Anwar keeps blabbering, while she eyes the Bharadwaj house, and completely decorated, and asks whose house is this. he says that the son of the house is getting married. she asks if he knows the house, to Lal chand’s house. Anwar gives her the entire address and directions and drives off. Lajo eyes the big mansion, oblivious that its Sunder’s itself. she casts a long glance and then turns away from it, towards lal chand’s house.

Scene 7
Location: Lal Chand’s residence, Lahore
Indu is nostalgic as she eyes the dolls, remembering lajo. her mother in law comes and reprimands her for still not beng ready and then finds the dolls in her hands and throws them on the floor, where they fall at the feet of Lajo, who has just walked in. Indu rushes to meet lajo, while her mother in law fumes. the mother in law asks how she rfeached here, while lajo picks up the dolls and tells her everything, that she came here as she was missing Indu. Indu’s mother in law asks Indu to get ready soon, as they have to go to Sunder’s marriage, particularly hinting at lajo, who is distraught and heartbroken. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: A distraught and apalled lajo’s father tells his sister to inform the people in lahore that now this marriage wont happen. she is distraught and shocked too. In lahore, as Sunder is ready to get married, dressed as a groom, and silently bearing everyone’s taunts and teases. but they are outraged and shocked as they find his would be wife, narayan Baba’s daughter, dressed as a sanyasini, in white clothes, while holding her wedding dress in her hands. Sunder is shocked too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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