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Lajwanti 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s shop
Roshan Lal is furious and ready to file a complain, when kishori stops him. he then asks kishan to get 1000 rupees for him. he complies. he then gives the money to roshan lal, and requests him to keep this between them, highly apologising for what he had to face. he complies. after roshan lal leaves, kishori tells sunder to go to the Anarkali bazaar police station, and get a report filed against the theft. sunder says that he just asked rohsna lal to be discreet about it, and not let it spread. Kishori says that it was for the outside world, but till he doesnt find out who dared to steal right from under his nose, it would be a matter of disrespect. Sunder silently complies.

The police arrives, and then after inspecting the shop, they say that

they shall have to investigate kishori asks him to do whatever it takes to expose the theif. he tells that he doesnt doubt anyone in the family, but seeing sarfaraz, he says that this too is true that he has loads of enemies. The police continue their search in sarfaraz’s shop. sarafraz asks them whats the meaning of this insult, and before their investigation, they should get themselves searched first. They eye each other tensedly. One of the constables comes and gives sunder’s duffel to the inspector, who asks whose is it. Sunder identifies it as his, tensed and boggled. the police search and ask about a particular wallet. They asks whose is it. sunder replies its his. They take the stolen money out from his purse, while all are shocked, while sunder is downright shocked and boggled, as to how the money came in his wallet. chaman evilly thinks that this is just the beginning as whatever he has snatched from him, he shall take it back with interest. kishori faces him angrily, while he vehemently denies that he didnt steal. kishori gets angry and then slaps him tight across his face, in front of everyone, while all are shocked. Sunder is apalled and disbelieving. chaman smiles viciously. Just then, sarafaraz and murad ali come out of the shop, along with other Muslims, taunting them with claps and particularly sunder, who is apalled. sarfaraz says that they thank the lord that the actual thief was indeitified or else it would have landed on their religion too, and that actually kishori has betrayers in his family itself. Sunder tells him, that he knows what he has and hasnt done, and if sarfaraz himself is found implicated in this, he wouldnt be surprised. Sarafaraz tells that his religion doesnt teach theft. Sunder says that no religion teaches theft, but every thief unfortunately does have a religion. Sarfaraz says that he feels pity, that his own dont stand by his side, when he is in trouble, even his own father desereted him. Kishori stops him saying that he might have forgotten that the place where he has his shop, is due to the generosity of the bharadwaj family. he says that his so called own people, Muslim League, have given them nothing but instigation and this political diseases. He says that successful businessmen arent rich or poor, hindu or muslim, but they are hard working. Kishori says that he is the heart of lahore, and shall remain so. murad ali smiles and says that this is the half truth, as the reality is that soon this city and country shall be under them, and this business too, and he is merely a guest for some days, in lahore. he asks sarfaraz to forget and move on, as soon the city of lahore shall also do the same. Sarfaraz eyes them tensedly, and leaves with his people.

Scene 2:
Location: Sunder’s residence
In a similar manner, Revathy, shakuntala and other ladies narrate the tale, along with following the rituals. While passing the plates as per the tradition and ritual, when lajo renders her part of the story, she accidentally drops her plate, while all are shocked and tensed considering it as an omen. granny begins to curse her profusely for the same.

Scene 3:
Location: Sunder’s shop
The inspector asks kishori if this is the same money, and if they are, then whats to be done of sunder. Sunder says that he doesnt know how they turned up in his wallet, and asks how can he not believe his own son. kishori says that he might believe him, but he cant shut the mouths of people who shall keep questioning him on his stance. he says that his heart might say anything, but his principles say that till he is proven innocent, he is liable to punishment. He is shocked, while all others are surprised too. Sunder asks what principles are these that place relations lower than anything else. he also adds that its lajo’s first karvachauth, and he has to go home and break his fast. kishan tells him that everyone needs money and if he needed it, he should have asked for it. he asks him to accept, and the more sunder hesitates, the more doubt shall go on him. Sunder asks him to take back the complaint, while kishan asks him to continue and let the inspector proceed with the dealing. he orders the inspector to arrest sunde.r Sunder and others are shocked. Sunder asks kishori, what is his respect, that makes him forget his own relations. Sunder says that he might be the biggest businessman in the eyes of the city but in the eyes of a son, he is the world’s worst beggar, and once again, he lost faith in this relation that he has with his father. Sunder raises his hands to be handcuffed, as all eye him tensedly. Sunder stands stunned, while all others are shocked, as chaman is happy inside, as the inspector handcuffs him, accusing him of theft in the shop. Sunder eyes kishori with venomous rage and walks with the policemen as a criminal, while kishori asks them to take him away. Sarafaraz eyes him being taken away, in handcuffs, just like he was, when he was accused of burning the shop. kishori starts walking in the opposite direction. Kishori turns around to see him going, while he doesnt look back. Finally, sunder too looks sideways, and feels his piercing


Precap: Back home, when kishori returns, revathy claims, vehemently protests and begs that her son isnt a thief. Lajo begs to kishori to grant him bail, falling on his feet. But he goes in and shuts the door on their faces, while they are both apalled and distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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