Lajwanti 12th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Gunwanti is shocked to know of what lajo thinks about their relation. lajo stands tensedly. Lajo says that understandably chaman’s way of expressing his emotion was wrong, he had malice in his heart, his intentions werent clean and maybe his character is tainted too, but his question was justifiably right and asks what is she to sunder. she says that there’s some relation between both of them that still hasnt ended. she says that gunwanti must be definitely having the answer to that. gunwanti stands stunned and speechless. she thanks her eternally for having sacrificed sunder for lajo but still it feels at time that they are still related. She says that she is a mer village girl. Gunwanti smiles and then tells that she knows whats wrong

and thats she doesnt have a sieve. Lajo is tensed. Gunwanti says that she always blurts out whatever comes to the heart, without the use of a sieve to filter stuff. She says that if she doesnt like it, then she wont come as often to this house and wont keep relation to both of them, saying that the reason she is so close to her and sunder is because everyone else is miles away, and that she is the newly wed bride of him, and when she shall become his great friend, then she shall know how much he loves her, assuring that the pious she herself seems from outside, she is way more than that from inside. lajo is shocked, to see her generosity. Gunwanti takes her leave. lajo gets emotional and teary eyed, and she asks her what happened. lajo hugs her and apologises profusely, while she is shocked. Lajo says that she had started insinuating wrong things but actually she is ashamed and embarassed, that she should be grateful to her for the first karvachauth, and she is harbouring negative feelings about her. she starts saying that sunder is right in saying that she is a villager. gunwanti smiles at her innocent banter. She then drapes her with the dupatta, and tells that her sunder loves her for this only.

The next morning, lajo takes granny’s blessings, who gives her one rupee for sargi. sunder sees this as she gives her money for the sargi. lajo praises her for her generosity. granny leaves inside. lajo smiles, and then finds sunder eyeing her. then he starts to feed her in the kitchen. She lovingly eats, while they both eye each other romantically. he teases her too while feeding her. she stats coughing, and he hastily serves her water. she gulps it down, and demands for more. she complies, and gulps it down. he smiles at her childishness. he resumes feeding, while she helps him to eat too.

After sunrise, granny enjoys as all the ladies enjoy and celebrate the festival of karvachauth, with mehendi and dancing, amidst other festivities. Gunwanti continuously helps lajo with her bandages, as she too is a part of the ceremonies. she helps lajo take off the bandages of the hands, while all watch intently. gunwanti helps her apply mehendi, while chaman comes on the terrace and eyes gunwanti with ferocity. shakuntala catches him doing so and is tensed. Lajo eyes sunder coming down too with lal, who is amused to see her, as she shys away in his gaze. shakuntala sees all this, while lal teases sunder, as gunwanti smiles at lajo. chaman gets tensed and leaves from there. sunder signals that she is looking beautiful. later, the brides take blessings from their husbands. Lajo and sunder eye each other. granny comes and gives the keys of the sakfe to kishori. All see as he takes them. he takesher blessings. Kishan complies too. Sunder then follows suit, and granny leaves. sunder calls out to her, swearing that till she doesnt see his face, she wont break her fast. he says that he shall try and come soon. he then teases her by asking gunwanti to take care of her, so that if she gets unconscious, no one shall know if she is serious or drmamatising. lajo gets angry and starts fuming, while they both are amused. gunwanti gives her word, saying that there are lots of ladies to take care of her. he excuses himself. Gunwanti takes lajo inside.

Scene 2:
Location: Sunder’s shop
Kishori, Kishan and sunder, along with chaman and others get the shop reopened with the full rituals and worshipping of the lord, as per hindu tradition. The priest gives sunder the coconut to break it ceremonially to initiate the shop. he looks at kishori, and after getting the signal, he complies. While the priest continues the puja and the chants, their prayers are intertwined with chants of the Muslim azan prayers, and are surprised. they turn around to find the opposite shop being opened, by the name, Gulgam Emporium. kishori remembers how the earleir businessman had sold this shop to a muslim. The backs are turned so they arent able to see the owner of the shop, who opens the shop, with his left hand and then turns around, to reveal that he is Sarfaraz. they are all shocked, as they eye each other, while sarfaraz eyes them venomously. Murad ali welcomes him, and congratulaates him for the new shop, while knowing that others watch on. sarafraz taunts kishori if he wont congratulate him, or if he is scazred, that his new beginning marks the beginning of his own business’ end. sunder and kishori are surprised to hear this. kishori tells sarfaraz that everybody has the right to move ahead with hard work, and god willing, eh shall become the biggest business man in lahore, but along with congratulation and blessings, he wants to give a piece of advice to him, and that is not to keep the foundation of his business on revenge, as thats not the quality of an honest and truthful businessman, but that of a soldier. he along with murad ali hears tensedly. Kishori then extends murad ali an invitation, aas the laxmi puja’s time is passing away. murad ali apologises that his blessings today is with those, who needs them the most, and then asks sarafarz if he wont show him around the new shop. sarfaraz agrees commenting while looking at them, that now except for him, ehd oesnt have a true wellwisher. Sunder and kishori stand tensed. The muslim people follow sarafaraz into the shop.

Later, Roshan Lal comes to sunder’s shop, who congratulates him for the reopening and then says that he feels the money is safe to be taken with him, and he bothered them unnecesaarily. he demands for the money that he kept with him, for safety. kishori asks sunder to give roshan’s package to him. he complies, while chaman watches on tensedly. Kishori asks roshan to go and count them down first, while he says it isnt necessary. kishori insists, saying that its the principle of business and then gets to talking with sunder. as roshan lal complies and opens the packet, he finds empyt papers inside, and asks kishori what a joke is this. sunder and kishori too are shocked to see it. he turns to chaman and then asks sunder too what nonsense is this, and where is the money. chamn comes and tells that the keys were with granny till morning. Sunder curtly asks chaman if he knows about it. he says that he isnt let anywhere near the safe ever then how would he know. roshan asks whats this. Kishori tells him to have patiencfe as he shall get his money assuring that he shall get to the bottom of the matter. But he says that his train is in another one hour, for jalandhar, and he apologises, but sternly says that he has no other option but to write a report against them , int he police. kishori and sunde,r along with others are shocked. The screen freezes on sunder’s face.


Precap: While passing the plates as per the tradition and ritual, lajo accidentally drops her, while all are shocked and tensed considering it as an omen. granny begins to curse her profusely for the same. Later, the police search and ask about a particular wallet. They asks whose is it. sunder replies its his. They take the stolen money out from his purse, while all are shocked, while sunder is downright shocked and boggled, as to how the money came in his wallet. kishori faces him angrily, and then slaps him tight across his face, in front of everyone, while all are shocked. Sunder is apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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