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Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
granny tells lajo tjhat sunder shall not live long, due to her fast as her own blessing is enough, and that she shall only get slangs from her. lajo gets ready to leave and then says that she needs to tell the whole family, her romances with her husband. Granny is furious and says that if she tells anyone, then she would have it. Lajo says that she wont, but needs her blessings in return, for the karvachauth fast, or else she shall tell everyone her romantic escapade story tomorrow to everyone. she begins to leave, but then reminds her of her blessings and leaves amusingly. granny fumes and curses her strong wits.

The next morning, lajo’s button comes off, and she has a hard time dressing herself right in front of the mirror, while

the button falls right in sunder’s feet and is amused to see lajo struggling. he comes to her and romances lajo saying that the fault is not his wife’s that the button broke off, but the button’s that it did, thats causing him to take advantage of the situation. lajo smiles and shys, as he emboldens in his statements and gestures. He asks her if she doesnt resent, then could he do the honours, and would she want to experience that. she asks if he knows how to tie a button, and he complies. She gives him the go. he then takes out the thread and begins to tie the button on to her kurta’s back, and while doing so, he caresses her, as he touches her, while getting slightly physically intimate with her and romancing her, she tingles with excitement and love, as a shiver runs down her spine, at his slightest touch. both smile. she suddenly yelps, and he anxiously asks if she got hurt. she retorts that the fault isnt his but his hands, who are getting naughty. he too talks romantic with her, while she says that he should tell his hands that if they cant get naughty with her back, they can do so with her. he smiles at her boldness. he finishes the tying of the button, while she closes her eyes in anticipation. he holds her hands, while she tingles with excitement, and leans in close to her, as he holds and cups her hands. she revels in the glory of their new found love. She rushes away from there. he smiles.

Downstairs, while anwar is busy trying to get the stand fan to get working, shakuntala lashes at him to get it work faster, while sunder’s sister is looking at the cloth. she says that she also needs a dress for karvachauth. shakuntala gets angry that its for married people. she shuts her daughter and then asks the person to go, while they select the dress and send the material back. she then gets angry at her and takes her inside with her. Just then, anwar’s fan starts working, and it is directed at the door, from where gunwanti is walking in obliviously, and the red cloth kept right in front of the fan, flies and falls across gunwanti’s face and body. chaman sees her through the red cloth and gets excited. asd tge cloth slides, he comes to her, and says that the red indeed looks good on her, and holds her. she asks to be left alone, and jerks hima way asking for lajo. he shows her the path and she leaves from there, giving him a stern look and goes upstairs. He eyes the red cloth, and then smells it to get gunwanti’s odour, as a vicious look creeps in his eyes.

As she goes up, gunwanti turns around suspiciously, and finds chaman behind her, who corners her into a awall, and pins her against it, and then shushes her with his hands on her mouth. She asks him to let go. He says that he hasnt held her yet, and asks her to listen carefully, that whenever he sees her in red, he gets out of control, and that she doesnt know how happy he shall keep her. Sunder and lajo see them, and are shocked. he screams at chaman. chaman pulls her behind him, holding her hand. Sunder sees this and asks him to leave her hand. lajo is tensed. he doesnt comply. sudnerr epeats. chaman says that he left long back, then why is he concerned if he holds or leaves her. sunder says that his eyes and his characetr cant be fresh and that he shall forget everything. chaman says that he isnt wrong, as he is trying to establish a relationship with her. he says that he shall give her the pleasure that he couldnt, and asks him why does he keep interefering. He retorts that his new wife is here and he should focus on being with her, rather than gunwanti. She rushes from there and runs behind sunder. lajo is tensed and upset to slightly, while sunder is enraged. chaman eyes them angrily, and then taunts him, of having two devoutees by his side. he asks gunwanti why does she come so often and what is gunwaanti to him, and he to her. they both are rendered speechless, as chaman says that he isnt her husband atleast. Chaman leeringly comments that he didnt know sunder was so romantic and a casanova, and on one hand, he has his new wife, and on the other, he has his old romances. sunder and lajo are shocked, while he fumes. Gunwanti gets angry and slaps him tight across the face, enraged and fuming. Lajo is shocked. he gets slapped yet again, and chaman is full of venomous anger, saying that till now he was treating her with respect, but todauy she disrespected him, and that this slap wont end their story, but they shall mark its beginning and he leaves from there, after commenting to sunder, that now their scores shall be settled. Sunder continues to glare angrily. Gunwati and lajo are immensely upset. Sunder leaves from there too. Gunwanti cxalls to him, and he stops. She goes to him, and tries to speak. he asks how long shall she stay suilent, and that this house doesnt deserve her, and asks her not to come here. she says that she is beyond respect and disrespect, and that her lord knows, their relationship is clear and pure, and people like chaman cant change. Lajo stands tensedly. gunwanti says that she came for lajo, and seeing that her first karvachauth, she would gift her soemthing and dress her up herself. she shows the new dress that she had selected for lajo. he takes it. He tells her that he has started owing her now, and that this isnt good for a business man, and praises her galore, as they eye each other. lajo is displeased to see this and doesnt like it. She angrily thinks that he terms her a foolish girl, and gunwait a goddess, and if he doesnt stop praising her, then their own love story shall never start.

In her room, shakunatala is shocked and surprised to see chaman coming in full of rage and fury, tearing the cloth into shreds as he remembers the slaps. she is tensed and worried, and asks why did he tear this dupatta. Chaman swears that she shoudltn pity on the dupatta and that he shall get gunwanti in such a condition, that people wont even think of her as even deservant of their sympathy. he says that she claims to be pure and innocent, and he shall taint her so badly, that people shall always remember, and she shall never be able to clean it off. he eyes the red cloth that she rejected. he says that all are interested in celebrating karvachauth then he shall truly make it memorable for all of them, neither sunder, nor his foolish lajo, and nor gunwanti. he leaves in fury. shakuntala is shocked to hear this venomous rage of her son, wondering what and why is he upto this anger.

In the mirror, gunwanti drapes the dupatta on lajo, and comments that its lovely. She says that she shall come to dress her up on karvachauth. lajo resigneddly says that it isnt needed. She says that she is hurt and she shouldnt do much work, and truly she is indeed unique. lajo seems sad, and gunwanti asks if she didnt like it. lajo turns around and then tells her that in front of white, all the colours seem fake and pretentious, as her noble heart cant be matched by anything or anyone. gunwanti seems tensed. the screen freezes on lajo’s hurt face.


Precap: Lajo says that understandably chaman’s way of expressing his emotion was wrong, he had malice in his heart, his intentions werent clean and maybe his character is tainted too, but his question was justifiably right and asks what is she to sunder. she says that there’s some relation between both of them that still hasnt ended. she says that gunwanti must be definitely having the answer to that. gunwanti stands stunned and speechless.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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