Lajwanti 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Lajwanti 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Peshavar Jail
The social worker comes to meet sunder, and assures him that she saw his l;ajo, as she describes, specially about the tandola. he gets happy but gets sad when she tells him of how lajo is captive in the muslim tent. He asks her to do a favour by getting him out for some hours, with her, tomorrow morning, so that he can himself identiy lajo, and like this, he shall see her too. She gets tensed, and asks him to wait till tomorrow, as once she gets lajo, then she would serve as an evidence for him, to be out.

Scene 2:
Location: Peshavar tenthouse
As lajo is sleeping and dreaming of sunder, she doesnt realise that jamaal has come with her knife, and she is filled with disgust. He tells her that by tomorrow, she wont have her beautiful tandolas

that are a signifactn identity mark for her.

The next morning, his men stop the lady from coming in, but jamaal with much fervour, tells them not to refrain her. while she is surprised, nevertheless, she thanks him for the permission. Meanwhile, lajo is given a bath in the presence of jamaal’s wife, as her vermillion, marking her hindu religion wears off. meanwhile, the lady continues her search, trying to see the face of every single lady that passes by. Even the last drop of her vermillion is smeared off, while she sits as a dead living. the lady begs to the lord for help, so that two lovers can unite, and this isnt possible without her help. she spots a lady going and rushes after her, and when she finds her, it isnt Lajo, and she is disappointed. She then asks about the girl’s name. she identifies herself, and is about to rush off, when the lady asks for her help, to search for a hidnu woman. She fumbles and hesitates, while the lady asks her not to scared and spill the truth. just then, jamaal’s voice resonates, asking the girl to tell her, and the girl gets scared and rushes off, while the lady is angered and furious to see him. he asks the girl to respond everything, and tell the truth, and hastily, as her son needs her, and asks her to go, to her child as he needs her, and answer the questions fast. The lady tries to convince her not to be scared. She looks at him fearful. He signals her not to speak, and the girl rushes away without saying anything. the lady is disappointed and disgusted. he asks if she is satisfied now. The other maids, bring lajo dressed as a muslim, without her tandolas, and vermillion, in a niqab, and burqa, in front of the wife. She asks lajo if she knows why is she trying to do this. Lajo says that this is what she doesnt know, as to how a woman, could do this to another woman. The wife asks her not to dare compare herself with her, as she i Jamaal’s wife, and lajo a mere servant. lajo says that she too is a person. The wife asks her not to talk about humanity, as his order and will is paramount here. Sh eyes the bangles, and lajo gets scared saying that she wont lety them take it off, as these are given by sunder, with the promise of never taking themoff. The wife wrenches her hands, and forcibly pulls out the bangles, while she curses the wife. then she is taken away by the other maids, while jamaal’s wife watches tensedly.

Meanwhile, jamaal asks her to search for as long as she like, as he has nothing to hide. she asks about his wife, and he says that she is resting, and being taken care by bthe maids. She wiehse to see, and goes in, with jamaal. two maids are pressing the wife’s hands, lajo, with the burqa on her face, is making paan for her. The wife identifies the two maids, pressing her lags, and then tells her that shehas the misunderstanding that there is a hindu servant here. He asks her to come along now. But she demands to know the name of the third servant, making paan. lajo is startled and alert to hear this, under the burqa. He himself asks the lady to tell the name. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: the lady takes permission to ask the girl her name herself, and goes to lajo. she asks her not tobe scared and show her the face. Lajo takes off the urqa, and she eyes the face, sans the tandolas. Lajo sits resignedly, while the woman is boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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