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Lajwanti 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
lajo smiles at the intensity and fervour of his statements. he asks why so. She turns away and says that she shall not believe, and why should she, if he is saying the truth. she asks him to make her believe by saying something. he turns her towards her, pinning her agains the wall, as a passionate eyelock follows. they are suddenly aware of their physical proximity and intimacy, as his hands clasp into hers, and their lips barely an inch apart, while she shivers with anticipation and excitement, when at the last minute she pulls away, shyly. he smiles. revathy calls him, asking if he found lajo. he says that he found her, as she was hiding due to the storm. She blesses as she sees them both together. lajo leaves from there shyly. revathy then

eyes the sky, and thinks that with the karvachauth approaching, the moon doesnt rise easily.

Later, on the roof, sunder rants with lajo, about the storm and the myths related to it, told by her father and aunts. Sunder asks lajo if she wouldnt want to respond back to the letter from her father. he hands her the letter, and she smells it saying tyhat she can get the scent of her village. he asks what should he write. they both get down to writing, as he offers to write it down, while she narrates it to him, and after each traumatic incident, she says that now everything is fine now. She starts by saying that she reached lahore safely, and then every turbulence and turmoil, personal and public, that happened after that,right till her getting burnt while sunder starts getting tensed and irritated that she is doing so. finally, culminating she asks him to write to assure her father, that everything is fine now. he starts to get irritated at her rant, and asks if its necessary to write and she says that she doesnt want to hide anything. he gets tensed, while she takes the letter from him and tears it, while he is shocked. he then hears her narrating an absolute lie, and a fancy, rosy picture of her heavenly marital life here. heis surprised. she says that she knows this hasnt happened, but when it does, it shall be the truth, and till then, her father can live with this. he is overwhelmed at her maturity, and caresses her face, while a loving eyelock follows, as both smile at each other. his sister comes and finds them both liwek this and is happily amused. She coughs to make her presence felt, and teases them both at their budding romance. he retorts back, while she says that dinner is ready and they are being called, and he can have dessert with her later on. He gives her a chase and she rushes down. he smiles with lajo, and again eyes her lovingly. They both gaze at the moon together.

Downstairs, all are having dinner, while lajo eyes granny amusingly, who fumes looking at her. revathy serves them all, while noticing that sunder is trying to signal lajo to come and eat as he feeds her. She is amused and gets an idea, and then tells granny that this is sunder and lajo’s first karvachauth, and she was thinking if she could give lajo the same bangles, that she received from her, when she got married. Shakuntala hears this, while making rotis, and commwents that when they dont consider this a marriage, then why the karvachauth. granny tells that for the first time, she has talked sense. Granny reminds revathy that lajo has been given a place to stay till her wounds dont heal, and hence karvachauth isnt needed. revathy asks her to think that lajo has married sunder. granny asks kishori to see that she shall tell now whats to be done and not. He reprimands his wife, that granny’s decision stands final, and there’s no use questioning it, and asks them all to proceed with the dinner. revathy is tensed as she goes in. Sunder calls lajo, to eat, while she hesitates. He asks for her curtly, while all are surprised. She sits beside him, while he feeds her himself, but she looks first at the elder members. he nudges her to eat and then she complies. kishori reminds him that here males are fed by females, and not the other way round. he says that her hands are wounded and she has become weak. granny tells him that she has infact become strong, by staying here. Sunder doesnt pay heed and gets to feeding again. An inwsistent doorknock alarms and startles everyone. kishori asks chaman to open the door and he complies. they are surprised to see the Munim, Roshan lal, who comes and greets them, apologising for this unannounced arrival so late at night. kishori welcomes him and asks revathy to set a plate for him too. she hurriedly complies. He denies and says that he is in a hurry as he is leaving for jalandhar with his family, as he has sold his house and family. kishori is shocked to know that he too is leaving lahore. He says that there’s no other option left, as he is always scared as he walks on the road, and now its imminent that lahore shall be a part of pakistant. he suggests the same to them too. shakunatala says that its advisable and right to be leaving, but people dont understand, hinting at them only. granny fumes and lashes at her. seh then explain roshan lal, that he wont be at peace anywhere else, and they shall never leave. He then requests kishori, that he wants to keep this money safe with him, and when the troubled times pass, he shall come back and take it. kishori asks him not to worry as when he returns, he shall hand it to him. he asks chamna to keep it in the safe. Roshan leaves, after chaman takes the bag. Kishori asks chaman to give it to granny, and asks her to keep it in the safe. she takes the bag and eyes it. Shakuntala too has greedy eyes on it.

In her room, granny places the bag safely in the safe. as she eyes her jewellery, she gets an idea, and wears them all, lost in the thoughts of her late husband, romancing her in her imaginations. she starts revisiting her memories of him with the jewellery, commenting on the way her husband used to admire her beauty and grace. she is surprised to see lajo standing in front of her, who callously comments at the sadistic pleasure that she gets out of separating them, and teases her. granny asks what she wants this late at night, and says that she knows she is eyeing her jewellery. lajo asks her to stop insinuating, as they are for her only.

While granny is dressed in all of the jewellery, late in the night, in her room, lajo hovers around her. granny asks lajo what does she need now. lajo says that she needs her blessing, for the sdargi, the karvachauth and then the reopening of the shop and asks her to let her fast and be hungry and stay thirsty all day long. granny listens intently. Lajo continues and asks for the permission to perform all the rituals of karvachauth. granny is surprised and angry too to hear this. she says that she doesnt need anything for herself, but for sunde. the screen freezes on granny’s tensed face.


Precap: Sunder romances lajo saying that the fault is not his wife’s that the button broke off, but the button’s that it did, thats causing him to take advantage of the situation. lajo smiles and shys, as he emboldens in his statements and gestures. He asks her if she doesnt resent, then could he do the honours, and would she want to experience that. he caresses her, as he touches her, while getting physically intimate with her and romancing her, she tingles with excitement and love, as a shiver runs down her spine, at his slightest touch.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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