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Scene 1:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Lajo is dressed as a bride, while sunder boards the bus nack to lahore, and it starts coming back. Meanwhile, Lajo dances dressed as a bride, while dulari enjoys it thoroughly, on the roof. while excitedly taking circles in her dancing, she finally collapses on the floor. Just then, lal along with the british officer and his team enters with a charred body, in his arms, and everyone is shocked and boggled. lal puts the body down, and then sits beisde it, crying desperately. They all ask lal whats the matter and whose dead body is it. lajo rushes down hearing the commotion. the officer announces that its sunder’s dead body. they are shocked and aghast, while lajo is stunned. They refuse to believe, while the officer says that this is true,

as he died in a bus accident. They are shocked, as the officer shows the proof, of the identity card obtained from this dead body’s pockets. Amrish finds that its sunder’s identity card, and confirms it to kishori and others too. they are aghast and apalled. lajo is stunned into silence. Amrish confirms that its sunder. They all are then finally confirmed that its sunder, while lal sits dead and stunned into silence. revathy rushes by the dead body and begs him to get up, while all are in deep mourning. granny too goes berserk and begs him to get up. lajo comes stealthily towards the dead body, walking as in in a trance. the family breaks into grievous screams and incoherent rants of mourning. jamaal is shocked too. lajo hears the grieving screams and is boggled, distraught and aplled, as she collapses on the floor. Then she speaks up saying that this isnt sunder, as he had told that he would come soon, after which noone shall separate them. She tells that sunder never breaks his promise, and this cant be his body, and continues to rant the same, trying to assure everyone and herself too. She then eyes the Mandap, saying that they are bound to marry here, and shall finish all the rituals, and hence this cant be her sunder. she goes to granny and says that she cant instinctively feel that this isnt sunder, as she senses his true presence. granny composes her, begging her to understand, that he wont come now with the baraat, saying that she is an unwed widow, as before her palanquin rose, his last journey came. lajo continues to rant that this isnt sunder. granny slaps lajo to shut her, and then asks her to see that its sunder, who cant speak or hear them. she stands apalled. Granny says that she became a widow and breaks down her bangles, that she had worn. lajo begs her not to do this, as these were given by sunder, as he would be angry at her, seeing the broken bangles, and then hugs granny tightly, venting out her grief. Shakuntala and chaman break down too. Granny asks shakuntala to tale lajo, and prepare her for the final rites of sunder. Dulari comes to compoase lajo, while she is is horribly grief stricken, and takes her up with shakuntala. Jamaal sees them going and gets an idea, as he smirks evilly, at his path being clear now.

In her room, dulari and shakunatala take off her bangles, and all other ornaments and accessories signifying her marital status, one by one, grief stricken themselves, while lajo eyes herself in the mirror, too apalled and stunned to react, merely tears streaming down her cheeks. lajo asks them the reason for these rituals, and who wanted the widows draped in white, as noone wants this by choice, as they dress her up in widowed attire. they are apalled and then leave, blessing her. She eyes her Baraati Ji’s name in her hands, when she is tensed to see jamaal coming in, who places a reassuring hand on her shoulder. She eyes him worried. he apologises for what he is about to say. he tells her that her sunder made her widow at such a young age. but in his safe and secure arms, he shall always have a place for her. He extends his arms and again asks her to become his. She gets up, dressed in white, and then slaps him tight across his cheek. he is unperturbed while she is berserk with anger. he then eyes her back again, and smiles leringly, while she asks him not to even touch her, as she shall get back her sunder from somewhere, and asks him to be safe, as sunder wont leave him, as she only belongs to sunder, and he shouldnt dare to cast his eyes on heer, as she shall take them out. She pushes him and runs away. he thinks that his eyes have chosen her, and now he shall soon define the distance from the eyes to the arms.

As all prepare and organise sunder’s final journey, as the funeral procession, amidst heavy morning and grief stricken wails, the priest asks kishori to hurry up for the final rites, as the body is badly burnt, and wont be able to sustaint much longer. kishori tells shakuntala to go and tell lajo, to see her sunder for one last time, before he is taken away forever. they are distraught as they hear this. She sends dulari upto go get lajo. She goes to the room, and asks lajo to come, and see him one last time, before they take him away. She doesnt find lajo anywhere, and screams for her, but doesnt get a response. Dulari is shocked as she realises that lajo isnt in the house.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile, lajo rushes on the roads, with sunder’s pic in her hand and then stops, on a rock, panting for breath, as she eyes sunder’s pic, lovingly. she thinks that noone understands that the dead body isnt sunder’s, and that she shall find him back. the screen freezes on her tensed face.


Precap: Kishori meanwhile does the final rites, amidts the other male members, and then burns the body to ashes, as they all bid sunder a final, tearful goodbye.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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