Lafzon se saja dosti ka rishta (Prologue) by Shama


Here I am back with a new series as requested by you all fan fiction readers as well as writers thanks enormous support I got on my ” Friends are the treasure of life” which was basically a present to my dears ones similarly this is present no.2?? . hope you all support me like always its just an attempt if I got good response to this article then only I will continue …..

? [ Prologue]

{ A fine morning}

A girl came back to home with a relaxed ?face she said thank god these exams have finished iss exams ne toh dimaag ki dahi hi kardi thi ( she walked to the kitchen) god only knows? that how I manage my studies ( she hits her head ) oh ho I have finished exams toh party toh banti hai na [this cause a celebration] she opened the refrigerator and took a bucket full of icecream ???yummy she gets the icecream and sits on dinning table takes a spoon and said god bless the person who invented icecream god it looks so delicious attack she was about to take first bite when her laptop ( lappy) notified a new message she keeps the spoon back in bowl ?who is this? She takes her laptop and opened the site and slowly with the other hand takes a bite icecream and the laptop flashes a note a message for ” SHIVIKA22 kapoor” by “Samsun” with a ?face she logged in and opened the message ….

” SHIVIKA hope your exams went smoothly ( she nodes..hhh and eats icecream)
She continued to read I know you now you must be celebrating with a bucket of icecream.

( she looks at the icecream and thinks yup but how she came to know)

She asked the same question and a reply popped by shama… ( SHIVIKA hey shama di signed in) hello!!!

Shama typed ” Sam dear that is the reason I call her tooti fruity ?? .. Sam we all know her na her life is always like a party exams kam huye toh party, koi irritating teacher absent hui toh party ,uske article per 60 + ppl aaye toh toh surely party yaar…. She has always party ka bukhar ( fever) ..

(After reading this message SHIVIKA face was aacha she thinks if u tell them that I am seriously celebrating as they are guessing so I will be murdered because I am celebrating alone .. Beta yashasvi agar jaan pyaari hai na toh jhoot bol de ) she types …

” guys exams have finished but see na I have to work on assignments and holidays ka homework uff so I am just completing it

Shama and samsun reads it at their places and Sam replied ” oh really huh !!”
SHIVIKA reads it and shama message popped chal jhooti … Don’t lie tu aur padhai aur woh bhi exams ke baad is like Ishqbaaz me tia universal lectures dena bandh kar de

Sam : ?? good one I too know it that she is celebrating and trying very smartly to make us a fool.

SHIVIKA messaged ? sorry baba i was kidding …? .. But don’t murder me..

Shama : SHIVIKA if you want that so we will party together na…

Sam and SHIVIKA: party together kese ? How?

Shama : oh ho virtual party….guys ( reading both we giving puzzled expression)

Shama was waiting for their reply and wrote knock knock someone is there or I am talking to myself as a crazy girl … I meant that on a same time ,different places, we can celebrate like I will on my streo and play a song you too also play the same song and we three will dance on it but at our places …. So how is the idea…

Sam: wow awesome !! Just a second ..
SHIVIKA: guys wait for me …

[ all the three got up from their places and went near their stereo and shama said looking towards her lappy achha listen on a same time song and the message was sent]

Stereo ? at a same time with same song

Shivika danced ?” Jagamati ladkiyan ye jhilmilati ladkiyan…..

Sam dances… Jinke dewaane tum hi toh ho hmmm….

All three together now shama with a cushion, shivika banging her feet’s , Sam clapping ….

Hansti gaati ladkiya khilkhilati ladkiya chahti sab kya hai yeh Suno inhe sabke hai Mann mein kya inki dhadkan ? me kya Suno jara sapne ? kya hai in aankho me dil me hai kya armaan
I hear my body talk to me ??? some soul shake it off boggic answer me …
Yeah yeah yeah …
Girls like to swing jara aage nikalke swing…

Shama : OK OK song change……

Ton sourire m’ ensorcelle
Je suis fou de toi
Le désir coule dans mes veines
Guidé par ta voix

( French Translation)

Your smile enchants me
I am crazy about you
The desire in veins
Guided by your voice….

Nashe si chadh gayi oye,
Kudi nashe se chadh gayi ,
Patang si lad gayi oye ,
Kudi patang si lad gayi….( x 2)
SHIVIKA said hey guys let’s shoot our video and post it in our blog…. Shama and Sam says good idea….. ???

Aide khenche dil ke penche
Gale hi pad gayi oye
Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chadh gayi
Patang si lad gayi oye
Kudi patang si lad gayi

O udti patang jaise
Mast Malang jaise
Masti si chadh gayi
Humko turrant aise lagti
Current jaise nikhla warrant jaise

Abhi abhi utra ho net se torrent jaise

Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chadh gayi
Patang si lad gayi oye
Kudi patang si lad gayi….
Shama and Sam sat in an exhausted manner but SHIVIKA was on … Shama and Sam both could see her in the video and said powerhouse bas kar we are tired …

SHIVIKA sat like Arrey yaar itni jaldi no its fun ….

Shama : ( in mind ) why I gave this idea now my legs are paining but she said I know it was fun …

Sam: got a notification between the video chat… She red it and said guys guys guys I am sending you a mail …. Please read it and reply…..

Shama and SHIVIKA ? opened the message it was please add me harshan ….

Shama : harshan bhaiyya!!!
Sam: someone please asap add Bhai na

Shama : wait I will just a second….

After 15 minutes ….
Harshan was on group chat and we all on video ….
Harshan: hi sissies
Shama : hi
SHIVIKA: oh ho u missed our party just now
Harshan: oh really SHIVIKA thank god
Shama : ?yup powerhouse is still not tired
And our petrol is finished

Harshan: no problem dears I have a news which? charge your batteries …..

All three: what?

Harshan: said something which is muted and all three again said what !!!! But with full happiness????

Prologue ends

Thanks for reading
Episode 1 will knock your sites anything
Because I am lazy….

This is a set of some episodes every time you will find some new stories hope you liked the start which is actually not the start and don’t worry as the episodes goes on such surprises are waiting….

If telly updates doesn’t show nakhre then I will post and Anshi os will get an end soon and I don’t know when I will be able to post and my diploma studies will soon resume so my schedule will be super tight…..

Bye for now

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  1. Soha

    Its Awesome shamma good skills seriously post the next episode ASAP dear

    1. Thanks dear I will try !!

  2. Shivika22kapoor

    Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi
    Jaise daaru desi
    Khatti mithi batein hain nashe si
    Jaise daaru desi] x2

    Ladkhadane lagi muskurane lagi ?
    Bewajaah har jagaah aane jaane lagi
    Tu mujhe main tujhe
    Jo bhi ho dil me woh khul ke bataane lagi

    [Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi
    Jaise daaru desi
    Khatti mithi batein hain nashe si
    Jaise daaru desi] x2

    Waqt bhi sarfiraa sa lage
    Bhaagta saa rahe har jageh
    Waqt ko in dino sujhne hai lagi dillagi
    Ho, yaariyaan gadiyaan jab huyee
    Aaj kal marziyon ki jagah se thhagi zindagi

    Sath hum jo chale
    Bann gaye kaafilein
    Aur koi hamen ab mile na mile
    Mauj hai roz hai
    Roke se bhi naa ye rukte kabhi silsile

    Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi
    Jaise daaru desi
    Khatti mithi batein hain nashe si
    Jaise daaru desi

    Hai chadi hai chadi iss kadar
    Ghoomti jhoomti har dagar
    Befikar befikar saa lage zindegi ka safar
    Yaar ko yaar ki hai khabar
    Pyaar se pyaar si baat kar
    Yei Jahaan hai jahan
    Hum rahein ab woh hi umra bhar

    Dhup ko thaam ke chal pade na thake
    Fursaton mein rahe, kaam ho naam ke
    Befikar befikar subah suhaani ho khali ho pal shaam ke

    [Chadi mujhe yaari teri aisi
    Jaise daaru desi
    Khatti mithi baatein hain nashe si
    Jaise daaru desi]-2

    Ladkhadane lagi muskurane lagi
    Bewajaah har jagaah aane jaane lagi
    Tu mujhe main tujhe
    Jo bhi ho dil me woh khul ke bataane lagi

    Tussi tan aaj mainu mar sutiya soniyon Mai toh aapki fan Ho gayi.
    I simply loved today’s epi and you know what while reading the song ? I was dancing ? sitting on my bed silly me ????????
    Aap toh hit Ho di Mai kya kaho aab.
    Itni aachi imagination aur itna aacha express karna ka way I love ❤ you.
    Tussi tan choka chaaka sab chadta aaj.
    Mera tan dil jeet laiya tusi.
    Mujhe toh bohat maza aaiya.
    Aur khabar daar Jo aapna issa rokna Ki koshish Ki chup chap kal pehla epi post kar Dena.
    And power house?????
    Waah! Kya pehchaan baniyi hai meri .
    Aur kaash hum itni maasti kar sakta ?
    Par koi na yahan par toh Ho rahi hai na.
    ❤ ? ? ?

    1. Oh powerhouse mera wall per comment kiya woh bas Nahi tha kya joh ab mujhe khushi ke mare rula ? hi degi….

      1. Shivika22kapoor

        Aab apna itna pyaar Sa naam Diya toh Mai galat thodi na proove karungi aapko?????
        Vaisa aap bhi kya yaad rakho Ga Ki kiss afat Sa pala pada tha ????
        Aur vaisa mujhe bhi filmy dialogues phaadi Sa zyaada jaldi yaad hota hai????
        Aab kya karain pad pad kar band baj jati hai par koi emotions ko samajh ta hi nahi ???.
        Aur rona mat.
        Rona kabhi nahi rona chaiha tot jaiya koi khilona ??????
        Bachpan Mai suna toh hoga na???
        Aaj mera full mood hai, Mai Puri form Mai hon????
        Aur jaab Mai Kisi cheez Sa bohat khush hoti hoon toh bad badati rehti hoon. Childhood problem can’t help ??

      2. I knew that it must be your childhood problem ?aaj toh main Nahi post kar sakti becoz guests ghar aa rahe hai moreover mera cousin brother ab paata Nahi kab tak rahe ge ?let’s c kab post kar paogi….
        Oh mere bhaiyya ghar aaye oh ram ji…
        Oh kyun aaye oh ram ji
        Schedule ki toh morning se oh my mata hi ho gayi hai
        Aathithi aaya Nahi ab tak phir bhi gaane ka Mann hai aathithi tum kab jaaoge…

  3. Nithu

    Di superb as usual…loved it………????

  4. Akansha

    Shama di its awesomem.. Diff post d next one fst.. Waiting to read it loads of lov XD

  5. Anah

    zakhm chahe jitna bhi
    kehra ho
    uska dard tho
    ek lafzon main pad jaathi hai….
    thank u for beautiful shayaari shama di i really love that….
    thank u for so much concern….
    ur one lovely word is very mean to me……
    about ur ff…..
    mind bowing start…..
    waiting for next one…..
    next one asap…..
    good night and lovely dreams..

    1. Anah is this you and not saba and yaa its not my original its a film dialogue I remember dialogues more soon than my studies hope my words at least 1 % console u ….. And yaa thanks for the comments and a surprise is waiting

      1. Anah

        I’m anah…..
        u r Tamil…..?

      2. I know Tamil but I am a Punjabi good to know ur back

  6. HarSHaN

    Shama!! !!!!!Superb…Sema..Nyccc Descriptiv..Haha..My confuser too comes..”Said Something ..!!.While reading,I felt,”Itz Me!??”Make the next Soonnnn Sissy…

    1. Oh ho its u only harshan Anna !!! Just wait and watch

  7. to be honest I didn’t understand anything in this…..was it for shivay anika or something else???????????

    1. Dear this time its not for Ishqbaaz seriously I am bored of it as I wrote several articles on it and its something new …. Here after every episode the characters would change as well as the story u will understand when episode 1 arrives

  8. Sat_9492


  9. SamSun

    OMG!!!!!! kya surprise hai??!!!!!! loved it sooooooooooo much. thank you soooo much di for this.
    nashi si chad to gayi par kudi ke saath saath kudi ki ff bhi!!!????????

    u guided me when I was new to TU, and we chatted for like one hour I have never chatted to someone so long virtually, so thank u for that too. and I completely agree with @shivika22kapoor’s song. unhone emotional touch to de hi diya hai so meri thodi si pagal panti bhi dekhlo……………

    Yaara Tere Sadke FF POST karna Sikha Main Toh??
    Aayi Jag Taj Ke LIKHNA Sikha?
    Jab Yaar Kare Parwah Meri
    Mujhe Kya Parwah Iss Duniya Ki
    Jag Mujhpe Lagaaye Paabandi
    Main Hoon Hi Nahi Iss Duniya Ki

    Tumhi Din Chadhe, Tumhi Din Dhale
    Tumhi Ho Bandhu, Sakha Tumhi
    Every time every minute all the day

    even though it is stupid way of expressing, thank u. u r awesome cause the way u write ur ffs are mindblowing, I never used to comment on ur ffs cause I was a silent reader but then I have read each and every part of every ff u posted and all I can say is I am a crazy fan of u. and when a star considers her fan as friend, tab to vo fan khud hawa me ud jaegi. so thank u??????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Umm toh aap bhi silent readers me se thi but its OK thanks for comments and song offo it was just an attempt OK nothing mindblowing in it if I would be mindblowing na so I won’t struck in between of my posts but thanks for the compliment

  10. Di how do u noe tamil when u r punjabi!??
    Amazing ff…!
    Are u on fb?

    1. I just no becoz I stayed there for some months in fact I no little bit Telugu ,Bengali, Gujarati and many more… I am @ fb but now deactivated… Shama shama with SHIVIKA dp

      1. Sad becoz i can contact u only through fb….multitalented di….gr8 to noe smthng about u…!
        Now u awe mee more…..!
        Okay so can i email u!?
        Just asking
        Its such a shame that i being tamil donno tamil

      2. U bring a very big smile on my face when u reply thanks for replying! ???

      3. Dear I know Tamil but little bit and yaa wait I will reopen my account by shama shama

  11. Puvi

    nice shama di awesome good to see u back di

  12. Liya

    Nice start dear?…so you girls are really crazy.. Looking forward for 1st epi .best of luck for the new ff dear?

    1. Is it so welcome to our crazy gang di thanks for commenting

  13. Sharma akka plzz come soon with u ff….na wait panarain….
    Ungaluda silent reader…

    1. Oh nandri aama na vara Cherry da

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