Lafzon se saja dosti ka rishta ( episode 1 and 2) by shama

So today is 25th December so Merry Christmas to all may all your wishes comes true on this note let’s begin the episode without buffering …… Don’t forget to read the end note…
Episode 1
Scene 1
After a hectic day we all friends comedown on chat at nights to relax ourselves and forget our problems when they are around we all do video chat @ sharping 10:30 pm not a second more to it otherwise all the rest will convert into?and ready to kill that person ? and he / she had to listen the longest lecture you all might have heard and today was the day when shama was on target as she was super duper late

@ 10:35 pm

Shivika with a ?face sang : ghumshuda oh….ghumshuda !!

Harshan: where’s is shama ??

Sam: yaa she is never late on chats especially our video group chat ?? Hey shivika change your track yaar something more like kaha ho tum…kaha ho tum ….

Shivika : good one Sam now my turn itihaa ho gayi intzar ki aayi na koi khabar mere yaar ki !!

Harshan in mind: oh god shama come soon otherwise next morning people would say there was one guy named ‘harshan’ who had two ears !!

[ kal subha log kahege ek harshan hua karta tha jiske 2 kaan the]

Shivika: god ab mujhe gussa aa raha hai kaha hai yeh shama di ya hai aur Hume nahi dekh rahi !

Sam: ( hits her forehead) and says shivika woh kya Mr India joh nahi dikhegi…

@10:40 pm

On group chat all where asking the same question when in group chat a message flashes ‘ your friend shama has signed in’ .

Shivika: lo aa gai meri late latif di ? aaj toh chodo GI nahi
Sam: tum kya shivika main bhi nahi
Harshan : I am also sailing in the same boat ( shama you came 10 minutes late due to this I had to undergo through that songs and for that I am not gonna spare you)

Shama: aaj toh iss net ne pareshan kardiya 10 minutes late ho ! Shama mind says so what?10 minutes only na !! Its not a big deal kya hoga 10 minutes me shama !! Shama murmurs arrey shut up for stupid CPU… Iss generation me 2 minutes me Maggie Noodles ban jaate hai toh yeh toh poore 10 minutes hai woh sab log toh atom bomb ban gaye hoge ? ready ho jaa beta ?? ab toh tumhi unka dinner ?banegi she slowly opened the laptop and webcam and the first word which came out of her mouth was sorry sorry sorry aàaaachu (sneezed)
Sam : sorry toh banta hai but
Shivika: aaachu that means you’re captured by cold oh God
Harshan : are you fine dear ??
Sam: yaa shama your face is quite dull
Shivika: and your nose is bit reddish in colour like kareena !!

Shama: hits her forehead and gives shivika a kabhi nahi sudhare GI look

Sam: kareena in which movie dear ?? I don’t remember properly..

Shivika: oh ho Sam jab we met the character name was geet and she started mocking kareena station scene ” till date I have not missed a single train

Sam : was wow you mock so well shivika but shivika my personal favorite is ddlj train scene she started mocking kajol bau ji…please bay ji ….jaa simran jee le apni Zindagi

Harshan and shama was starring at each other that she too started shama thought iss gang ka naam na friends gang se badalkar pagalo ki gang rakhdo aaaachu….

Harshan makes a sound a said : umm shivika sam reminder that shama is not well please know we got to know that you both are multi talented personality..

Shivika and sam: ?oh nahi we are sorry

Shama: its OK aaaachu…
Shivika: what OK see yourself shama di did you visit doctor ?? Did you take medicines

Sam: oh ho shivika that means you don’t know shama in that detail that she hates medicines to the core she can tolerate this but …
Harshan completes the rest : she won’t touch medicines this is the most disliked habit of shama !!

Samika: nodes in agreement and at a same time says shama di ….??

Shama: huh what happened to them suddenly ??
Samika: di pyari di you love us na
Shama: nodes in yes
Shmika: so in front of us you have to take your medicines now!!!

Shama: ?what !!! Baad me lelo GI na I will take afterwards…
Harshan: we said na now means now
Shama takes the Medicine in one hand and in other a glass of water and with an unwilling face she keeps the pill on tongue and was about to vomit when all the three said a big noooooooo samika di you love na toh aapko kaha padega
Shama with great difficulty shallow the medicine ?

Shama said that day you were talking regarding some surprise or news what was it??

Harshan: haaa now I remember wait I will come back in just a second he keeps the chat on hold and goes near his cupboard and opened it up and took out his personal diary he opened the page which was marked it was containing a printout
( during this time shivika and Sam wanted to resume their songs they opened their mouths a little to spell when shama said oh god not again in this team na their should be sign board no singing allowed)

Harshan comes back on bed adjusted his webcam and was able to hear the very last words of shama and agreed to it and said so here is your news he shows the printout
( which was not Clear properly)

All were thinking about printout when harshan said hello guys !! Did you remember that day when shama sent us all a link of an award voting poll and you three voted for ishqbaaz anshi and I voted for devshi …

Shivika and Sam : shama has a habit to share links ek din me toh paata nahi information and broadcast kis kis ko information batati hai …

Shama: very funny information ka khazana and you too sunshine
Sam : sorry di per this time shivika is right
Shama: umm I remember that voting poll but was next ( she gives a puzzled look)

Harshan: shama its OK dear you sent this link with a caption ‘ after voting do see the left hand side corner of the website its displaying an advertisement of St.Xavier college of f.a.d ( film and drama ) its also displaying a free form to volunteer in their conducted camp for free and any 5 would get a chance to ………

All together ; an internship in writing in London for free as they are celebrating their 25th anniversary …. And the results will be published on 25th of December that whose forms are selected for camp……

Girls : ( literally shouting / jumping) oh my god so that printout in your hand is results for this oh my god!!!!.

Harshan: yes ( he thought in mind finally I got to know that they just sound crazy but they have brains )

Girls : we all were so struck into our lives that we totally forgot this poll thanks bro….

Harshan: oh its OK dear I remember so I told results which are like this… He reads out few names and all girls were desperately waiting to hear their names (shama holding a cushion very tightly, Sam praying to god ,and shivika biting her fingers )

@12: 10 am
The list was about to end and everyone patience at last in the midway somewhere harshan caught his name and everyone was bit relaxed after 2…3 names it was sam and when she heard her name she immediately cupped her mouth out of happiness….
Shivika : accha chalo in dono ki camping and London visa paka mera kya???? ?aur ha shama di bhi …

Shama in mind was singing for her name : aa aa aaja aa aaja aa aa…. Aaja aaja tu hai naam mera ho….

Harshan : umm list is going to finish girls
Shimika: ???no no no no…..
Shama: in mind yeh log maze karenge or main…..
Shivika: main kya karugi friends gang ke bina gaaogi ya nacho nahi gaane me toh sirf sad songs hi yaad aayege agar yeh log akele akele chale gaye…. Songs like dost dost na raha….tadptadap ki iss dil se aaha nikalti rahi….

Shama: scanned shivika mind and she was like really shivika itni tension me bhi tumhe songs soojh rahe hai aur woh bhi sad …. Tum insaan ho ya jukebox

Shivika:unknowingly murmurs jukebox

Shasam: huh kya??

Shivika come out of her deep thoughts : and rephrased the sentence ab…. Woh main insaan hi hoon I am a human

Harshan continued to read last few names avoiding their silly talks and he spells out
Bhavisha ( for you all shama) and shama and Sam was super excited….

In between shama asked sam : what about your brother Sunny who will teach him care for him as I know your brother is your world to you…

Shivika in tension also :?awww so sweet
Sam: ya shivika and shama don’t take tension he will be going in some days to granny home so I can extend his holiday.

Shimika: good good !!

Harshan girls focus please only two more to go….
Please shivika naam ho …harshan and Sam praying…
Shivika… Please mera naam ho nahi toh bhagwaan jee aapse kaati karlo GI

Shama was praying oh god un dono ka naam aana chahiye nahi toh sirf shivika ka naam aayega tab bhi gang incomplete rahegi so mark my words donno ka naam aana hi chahiye…

Second last name yashasvi ( for you all shivika) all took a sigh of relief
The last name : surbhi ……
Shivika: ( shocked)? surbhi di oh my god oh my god mere naam ke aane ki khushi se jyada toh khushi ke shock hu surbhi di ko link kese mila???

Shivika with a suspicious look : information and broadcast means shama di tell me aapke pass toh her information hoti hai

Shama without eye contact looking here and there : woh na Maine Instagram per surbhi di ko Link beja tha…..

Shivika jumps out of her bed takes stereo remote and clicks play….. And starts dancing

Dhoom chik dhak chik
Oh humsa na yesa wesa akdo oh ho!
Order janhit me jaari re
Apni limit me raho oh hello hello !
Apni toh hai apni bari re ( x2)

Sam joined: little bit chatko
Jise diya woh latka
( looking at shivika shaking her head and body) Famous hone lagi apni pagalpanti re,

Shama was feeling much better after medicines…. So she joined
Arrey party toh banti hai ,
Party toh banti hai
Pa pa pa party toh banti hai
All three wooohoo !!

Sam : po po po po po po po
Po ! Po ! Po! Party aapni jaari hai…
Shama and harshan : po po Po po Po po Po

Shivika feet’s suddenly halts and she sees everyone enjoying so she silently goes on WhatsApp and calls surbhi too on virtual dance party ….

Surbhi: hello yes shivika bolo !!
Shivika arrey kya bolo dahi jaam gaya hai
Surbhi: oh my goodness 8th wonder of the world shivika has no words for the first time yesa kya hua hai ? Yesi konsi khabar mili hai tujhe
Shivika : aap woh choddo mujhe baatao shama di ne aapko Instagram per link beja tha kya ??

Surbhi: ummm let me remember after a short pause yes beja tha but Instagram per nahi khulte links so WhatsApp per beja!!

Shivika: di kharbooja chaku per gire ya chaku kharbuje per karta kharbuja hai

Surbhi : ek baata khana khaya tumne
Shivika: haan ji di kha liye kyon?
Surbhi : toh phir yeh chaku ,kharbuja …kya
Shivika : oh I was saying information kahi se bhi mile mili na toh bus you filled camping form on shama di request and didn’t even tell me go kaati ….

Surbhi: oh shutup choti choti baat per kaati hona hai na you know shama only told me and I also know that you love surprises and suspense……. So we decided that if the result contains my name then you will be shocked na….

Shama saw shivika on Mobile she understood the matter and goes on WhatsApp when surbhi said oh I missed your shocked expression I should be there na…

Shama: no worries di I have secretly recorded her expressions …
Shivika : shama di ?
Surbhi:?arrey waah well done send me the clipping …
Shama : sends the whole clipping when shivika was tensed,mocking kareena ,Sam kajol ,praying every thing…..

And after watching it surbhi was ?maza aaya????

Shivika : ??? goes back and started dancing actually this time in anger she was stamping her feet’s more

And meanwhile shama added surbhi in video chat and party

Many lines skipped in this convo
Shivika: unstoppable hai aapna level
Sab karte khullam khula na ki under the table
Toh raavan ka doot ( her finger points in anger @ innocent people surbhi and shama who were not so innocent at that time?) Teri gandi hai kartoot
Baatao se toh samjhana paaye

Sam: tu laato ka bhoot
Tere gandhe gandhe scam
Tera poora ho gaya time ( points at wall clock)
Tere gandhe gandhe scam
Tera poora ho gaya time

Harshan: tujhse jyaada guts hai
Aa jaa door kardo Teri vehaam

Surbhi : looks at finger and shivika gets scared and takes rounds
Surbhi: tu khuli poll
Izzat ka Baja dhol
Face dikhna payega jab ho ga exit poll

Shama: thinks hum celebrate kar rahe hai ya kisise fight uff shivika bhi na track main change karti hoon

Sees the clock which was showing just 5 minutes to 4 am….she plays music



Aaj hai Friday night main chalun aapne friends ke saath random spinning wheels meri boom boom car lagake CD player hum toh chale hai tyaar speaker mare base karde sabke kaan fhaad say what???

All at their places: hello Mr DJ mera gaana please play aaj no wine ,aaj no laaga aaj piyenge champagne ba ba ba ba boozing dancing and we cruzing bouncer panga leta hai toh gotta keep it moving

Chaar baj gaye lekin party abhi tak baki hai..

Harshan : shouts 4 am oh god everyone stops …. Harshan says in afternoon we have to board bus for camp yaar and we have not slept yet…
Surbhi: hey how did you come to know about afternoon bus

Harshan : I got email from university you all must hai got your respective mails as I got you all check ?!
All checked and found mail and everyone replied harshan in yes
Shivika : i am so excited we are going to meet each other personally so excited….. Shama yawning : i am also yaar and we all are but this is only possible if we say bye to each other
And everyone did the same and as soon as their systems shut down they all were found sleeping like khubhkaran ……

@ morning 10 am
@ shama place – packing was under process
Whereas harshan Sam surbhi was done with it….
@ shivika was also struggling….with the same problem kya le jao kya nahi
Both the rooms were messed……

Shama: looks at her room here and there she says to herself room ki haalat na garbage se bhi batar hai agar Maine abhi packing shuru ki na toh next new year tak bhi nahi poohch paaogi ek hi tarika hai she takes her phone out of her pocket and thinks to make an conference call to surbhi di and tooti fruity
Before she could dial their call itself comes shama lifted the call

Surbhi and shivika : hello
Shama: aap dono
Survika: hai hum but tum kyon itni khush aur excited ho ?

Shama: mind – I didn’t even dial their numbers how come they know that I need them do they know telepathy she asks..

Survika : huh!! You’re sounding like mad

Shama : chalo video call per mere room ki ser karti hoon see my room she moves the camera and scanned the room

Shivika: what the hell wardrobe hai ya kudakundi ( garbage box)
Surbhi: ya I mean its super messed up….

Shama: who will search for cloth in this mess OK let’s go virtual shopping na

Surbhi: koi zarur nahi hai ghar me Washing machine hai ??
Shama claps then hits her hand hai !! She takes a pause and says aur di chal bhi rahi hai paata hai….

Shama to shivika: just like a sister you always care for me tum donno ne na mujhe sir per chadha diya hai paata hai … While talking she fills the basket of dirty clothes and said to herself chal beta dhubhi ghaat giri shuru kar she filled the Washing machine with clothes and asks tooti fruity

Shivika: yes di kya hua ?
Shama : woh Washing powder kaha hai
Surbhi : ghar aapka hai ya humara ?? Dekho thik se mil jaayega aas paas hoga ……
Shama finally got it and started Washing clothes……

Everyone finished their respective works and finds that its 1:00 pm and the bus for trip will departure @2 pm and its too long to travel….

Episode ends

Will they be on time before the bus departures…. If yes so will they get it with ease or difficulty ….if the answer is no so how they will reach campsite…..

No precap

Thanks for reading and you all must be thinking that on which daily soap shama is writing this fiction as its all about friends now so here is the answer behind every successful story its a team who works hard to achieve and before you all come to know about the story you should know the writers na …..above I have mentioned that a university have selected friends gang to do internship in writing and they will come across many storylines day by day so its th imaginary journey on me and my friends

@surbhi di, @ shivika ,@samsun ,@harshan and me…..

Thanks for reading it I feel it was an all time boring episode please let me know your views upon it

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    Now it’s turn for a song, dedicated to all the pagal panti and all the lovely friends ???
    ” Raat ko hoga hungama
    Jab chamkega chanda mama
    Suit boot ko goli maaro
    Pehan ke aa jaao pajama (x2)

    Yaaron ki yaari
    Taazi karaari
    Uspe hai mauqa
    Phir kaahe ki duniyadari

    Music lagaaye
    Mehfil jamaaye
    Duniya ki aisi ki taisi
    No zimmedaari
    Woh o o…
    Kya chhora… o o
    Kya chhori… o o
    Say everybody..
    Say woh o…
    Hai hum bhi.. o o
    Ho tum bhi.. o o
    Toh chaalu ho pajama party

    A for Aao re aao
    B for Bhaao na khaao
    C se Chilla ke gaao
    D se Daaru peete jaao (x2)

    O o…

    Thode sayaane zyada deewane
    Teacher ke lecture ko dirty picture bana de
    Jitne bigaadu utne jugaadu
    College ke campus ko rocking disco bana de
    Woh o…
    Kasam se.. o o
    hai humse.. o o
    Duniya saari say woh o…
    Hai hum bhi.. o o
    Ho tum bhi.. o o
    Toh chaalu ho pajama party

    A for Aao re aao
    B for Bhaao na khaao
    C se Chilla ke gaao
    D se Daaru peete jaao (x2)

    Raat ko hoga hungama
    Jab chamkega chanda mama
    Suit boot ko goli maro
    Pehan ke aa jaao pajama

    Pajama loose loose
    Butter chicken and some booze
    Kudiyon ka laga hai buffet
    Chaahe jo kar lo choose

    Ek ya do
    Do ya teen
    Kis kis ko main karu choose
    Yahaan sab hi hai haseen haseen

    Ye kudiyaan mujhse
    Kya kya karwayengi
    Mera astrologer bhi hai kehta
    Tujhko ladkiyan marwayengi

    Woh o o…
    Kya chhora… o o
    Kya chhori… o o
    Say everybody..
    Say woh o…
    Hai hum bhi.. o o
    Ho tum bhi.. o o
    Toh chaalu ho pajama party

    A for Aao re aao
    B for Bhaao na khaao
    C se Chilla ke gaao
    D se Daaru peete jaao (x2)”

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    Bshama…….Its wonderful……you, shivika and harshan……all are rocking guys…….i mean all are in bindaas , mauj- masti….but also…..missing something… i felt when i read this part…..And dear……Am confused…..with this part….well…i think my confusions will be solved when you will post the next part……

    1. Thanks for reading ?this means a lot from di and I also felt that it is not that much good as it has only masti I will surely do something for it and what kind of confusions ur having… On which story this is based or what is the role of friends gang here na something like that na ?? Do reply if I am right…

  19. Amazing one di…wht a group dear..full of masti…mein toh hans hans k pagal hogayi?????..plz continue wd ur ff..iys wow..fitst tum reading such a unique story..

    1. Oh bhahut tarif kar rahi ho roko plz !! OK and finally someone has red so long ? chinta mat karo mere gang me rahogi na toh reading habit ho jaayegi

      1. Haan haan….jarror..mujhe bhi khushi hongi ki koi mujhe sudhar sake…bit it’s impossible.. reading habit nd to in me???…nd di really it was sooo long mere toh pasine chut gaye ??????who bhi itni Thandi mein??????????????…

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