Aalia is sleeping on bed and casually munching popcorn and busy on her phone !!!…

Falak in a white-blue embroidered salwar kameez, long earrings and slightly curled hairs enters into the room…

Aalia spots falak and starts her drama !…

Aalia “Aaao…Yaa allah ye dard humme bardash nahi horahi maula / God i cant bear this pain”…

Falak worriedly comes near side table and prepares her medicine !!…

Falak “Chaliye khaalijiye…lijiye…dard kam hojayegaa / Take it and gulp it you will feel better” ?

Aalia teases “Appi…aap naa zyaada naany bat baniye / Appi pls dont try to be a nanny” ?

Falak in a royal style “Aapki himmat kaise hui humse iss tarah se baat karne ki / How dare you to talk to me like that” ?

Aalia wakes up from her and starts rushing here and there in the room…Falak shouts and follows her !! ????

Aalia “Yaa khudaa….bacha mujhko iss nanny se / Ohh god pls save me from this nanny” ?

Falak shouts “Rukhiye…Chhup chap davai khaiye nahi toh hum aapka kachumbar nikaal denge aalia / Stop…gulp the medicine else i will not spare you aalia” ??

Aalia stops at a point and throws at pillow at falak !…She someone holds the medicinal plate !!…

Falak “Aap kab mature hongi madam / when you will grow up”…

Aalia “Appi why the hell are you scaring me !…You know naa i dont understand mature people…They are too much confusing…Immature people are atleast clean by heart”…

Falak “Kuch sahi kaha aapne…par saare mature log itne bhi confusing nahi hote right / You are right but all the mature people are not confusing”…

Aalia “Hmmm…appi i think you’re right…i should write an essay on immature vs mature people”…?

Falak “What the…aapke paas itna waqt hain like seriously…hahah / you have that much time !!”…??

Aalia “What do you mean ?…Mein gawar hoon jo essay nahi likhsakti / Do you think i am illiterate that i cant write an essay”…?

Falak “Humne aisa kab kaha / When i said that !!”…?

Aalia fake cries “Aapne sach much humme gawar kaha appi / You really called me illiterate appi” ???

Falak “Nautanki….chhup kar / Drama queen…Shutupp !!” ??


The room is dimm lighted and the candles are burning giving it a mesmerising look !!…

Fidaa is just wearing white gold robe with inners, her gold inners and slightly visible, her hairs are loose..

She blows the matchstick and turns back !…She spots someone !!..

Fidaa sensually “Tum aagaye / You came”…

Its shahid coming towards her ! He is wearing a white shirt (4 buttons open) and white jeans !…He comes very close to her !!…

He smirks and slowly fingers on her hairs and then liplocks her ! ?


Oh baby come to me
Raat hai jawaan jawaan jawaan
Why don’t you love me more
Jaata hai kahaan
Kahaan kahaan..

She unbuttons his shirt and starts sensually dancing with him !!..

Mauja karaungiΒ 
Heaven dikhaungi
Life mein le le thoda risk

I waana tera ishq ishq
Tera ishq ishq
Tera ishq ishq
Mere janiya.. (x2)

I wanna tera..
I wanna tera..

He opens the lace of her satin robe and removes it…She is now only in her inners !!!…

He lifts up her on his arms and throws her bed !!!…

Dont go away oh maahi
Aja mere kol ve
Only for your tarse body
Tadpe meri soul ve
Tadpe meri soul ve
Tadpe meri soul ve

She grabs his body and both starts enjoying kissing with each other !!!…????

Dont go away oh maahi
Aja mere kol ve
Only for your tarse body
Tadpe meri soul ve

Aaj na chhodungi
Har limit todungi
Chalne na dungi koi tricks

He unhooks her bra and grabs her twos and starts cuddling on them !!!…

I waana tera ishq ishq
Tera ishq ishq
Tera ishq ishq
Mere janiya.. (x2)….(MOVIE – GREAT GRAND MASTI)


She shouts “Uuaaaaaah !!!”…???

She spots no one near the room and pats on her head !!…

Fidaa “Shit…All was a dream ! I hops it comes true…it was a pretty hot dream” ?

She grabs a pillow and squeezes it !!!…



Nafisa in call “Haan mahira vo dono pahunch gaye…okay bye / Yah they came here on time mahira”…

Its a Biriyani treat for Shahid & Rihaan are in siddhiqui house…They both are looking quite handsome…Shahid is in black kurta whereas Rihaan is in cherry red embroidered kurta !!…

Nafisa “Aap dono keliye apne haatho se banaya hain…Chicken Dum Biriyani aur saath mein shahi paneer, chicken kofta curry aur bahut kuch / We had specially made all these dishes for you two”…

Shahid “Aunty what was the need of all this !!”…?

Nafisa “Arey beta…aap dono ne uss waqt hamari jo help ki…uske saamne ye sab toh bohot chota hai ” ?

They smiles !…

Imraan “Waise aapki shehzadiyaan kahaan hain / Where your princessess”…

Falak brings Aalia downstairs slowly !!…

Falak “Vo dekhiye aagaye / There they are !!” ?

Aalia “Kaun shahid bhai / Who shahid bhai” ?

Falak “Hum unki baat nahi rihaan ki baat kar rahe hain / I am not talking about him but rihaan”…?

Aalia “Lo musibat bhi aagaya…vo bhi red kurta pehen ke / See the problem is also here and that also he is donned in red kurta” ??

Falak “Kyaaa / Whhhat !” ?

Falak “Dekh faltu mein bakwass mat as i am saying…unhone teri jaan bachayi hain naa toh phir / Stop rubbishing and do as i am saying, they saved your life and its !!”

Aalia “Haan haan pata hain appi thankyou bolna hain…proffesor mehta ki tarah lecture mat jhaaro / Yah i know very well i need to thank them so stop lecturing like professor mehta !!” ?

Falak “Sssssh”…

They comes to the dine table and starts serving food !!…

Aalia “Ammi chalo khaana padoso bhoonkh lagi hain / I am hungry ammi serve the food”…?

Falak interuppts “Mmmhhh !!!”…?

Aalia whispers “Haan haan pata hai / Yah yah i know”…?

She looks at Rihaan who is busy in feeding his tummy ! ?

Aalia “Shahid bhai aur Rihaan…Aap dono ka bohot bohot sukriya uss din aap dono hamari jaan bachali / Thankyou so much to both of you for saving my life”…??

Shahid “Kaisi baatein kar rahi hon aalia…khuda naa khasta agar hamari behen ke saath aisa hota toh hum yahi karte / Dont say like that aalia we would have did the same it was our sister’s case !!!”…??

Aalia “Maine thodi naa bola hain…appi ne bola hain bolne keliye / Not me but appi wanted me to thankyou both” ?

Shahid & Rihaan “Hmm” ??

Nafisa thinks “Ye ladki / This girl” ??

Falak thinks “Sab ke saamne mujhe jagatmata banadiya / She made me saint infront of all !!” ??

Aalia “?”

Shahid “Biriyani kisne banaai hain / Who made the biriyani ?”…?

Rihaan “Kuch bhi hon superb bana hain / Its superb”…?

Nafisa “Hum teeno milkar banaya hain / We three made it” ☺

Shahid looks at Falak !

Falak “Kya hua aapko…aur raita doon / Do you need more raita !!”…?

Shahid “Nahi nahi / No no”…

Aalia thinks “Dekho khaana aaya….khaana nazar aaya” ????

Shahid gulps the rice and stares at falak for a while !!…He is not been able to getaway his eyes from her !!…Falak is shown standing and laughing hearing rihaan’s funny jokes !!!…

At a time, Falak eyesight falls on shahid who is continuously noticing her !!…

Falak “Aapko thoda saa paneer doon / Shall i give you more paneer!!”…?

Shahid “Nahi…sukriya…my tummy is full / No thanx !!!” ?

She looks on !…


Its heavily raining outside……Thunderstorms and cloud bursting along with a deep rainfall !!!…


Due to cloud bursts, Falak suddenly opens are eyes and wakes up !!!…She goes near the window fuming !!!…

Falak “Uff ye baarish !!…Baarish kabhi bhi aajati iss shahar mein !…Bohot gussa aaraha hain yaaar puri neend toonth bigaad di / Ohh gosshh this rainfall, it so sudden it ruined my whole sleep !!!”…?

She was about to close the window but her hands gets wet and she stops at the moment !!!…

She feels something in rain and puts her right hand outside to get the raindrops !!!…?


Mehfil mein kaise keh dein kisi se
Dil bandh raha hai kisi ajnabi se

On the other hand, Shahid is too enjoying rain by placing his hands on the window pane and getting his hands wet !!…

Mehfil mein kaise keh dein kisi se
Dil bandh raha hai kisi ajnabi se
Haaye karein ab kya jatan
Sulag sulag jaaye man
Bheege aaj is mausam mein
Lagi kaisi yeh agan

Shahid “I just love rain…pakore khaane kaa mood banta hain / I wish to grab some pakoras !!” ??

He touches the waterdroplets and feels it !!!…Falak did the same from her room unaware of the fact that somebody else is doing the same like her !!…

Rim jhim gire sawan
Sulag sulag jaaye man
Bheege aaj is mausam mein
Lagi kaisi yeh agan..
Rim jhim gire sawan…(RAHUL JAIN)




Falak “Ammi carwala bhaag gaya tha…mob ne kuch der tak roka but wo baad mein shayad bhaag gaya !!”…?
Aalia “Agar hamare saamne vo miljaaye toh mein uska churma bana dungi” ?
Falak “Nahi chodungi uss driver ko mein !…Usne meri behen ko takkar maari thi toh uski kimat uss carwale ko chukani padegi !!!”…?


Shahid “Fidaa aapki car mein ye scratches !!!”…?
Fidaa gets STUNNED !!!…
Shahid jokes “Kahi aapne kisi ko takkar toh nahi maardi” ?
Fidaa SHIVERS !! ?

Hiiiii everybody !!!…Its good to see you again…I am sorry thoda late hogaya ???
Thankyou so much for commenting and liking the previous episode…
Till then take care
If you like this episode, do share your comments / likes / dislikes…


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  1. Siddharth

    Amazing episode rianu ??. Dinning table scene was very funny ??. So fidda hitted palak ?. Precap is exciting update soon ???

    1. Riana

      @Sid… Thanxalotttt sid 😍😍😍
      Umm…it will be revealed in the next episode…πŸ˜™
      Yeah will updt very soon

  2. Amazing update. Very funny(especially Biryani scene). Gave me a mini heart attack with Fidaa’s dream.

    1. Riana

      @Ayeza.. 😚😚😚😚
      Glad u liked it

  3. Anee

    OMG!!! I was shocked when I read this Lines…


    She shouts β€œUuaaaaaah !!!”…???

    She spots no one near the room and pats on her head !!…

    Fidaa β€œShit…All was a dream ! I hops it comes true…it was a pretty hot dream” ?”
    Poor FIDA… haha ha what a hot dearm She saw.
    Yaar it’s really treat to get both seasoned Naagins in one frame…. Surbhi and Mounii yarr…

    well Shalak LoveStory is starting Haule Haule..
    Thanks Riana for sharing such a cute Lovestory.

    Bye Tc Love U..

    1. Riana

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      Tc & lov u too πŸ’–

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  4. Jasminerahul

    falak alia mature immature talk was funny.thank God. was fida’s dream.ksg mouni too make a nice jodi.but since mouni is a vamp here i will not enjoy their romance. aliya telling that it was not her but falak wanted to thank shahid rihaan n their reaction was funny.the last rain scene was beautiful though both were not together

  5. Niyati

    Lovely & shocking episode di….Aaliya scenes are funny ….Omg, Fida hit the Aaliya from her car ….Shalak scebes are lovely … Update soon di & love u ? ?

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