Hey everyone, So its my first muslim oriented romantic comedy drama…Its probably a love story with simple and unique thoughts and it will mainly tell us that if we do not control our words it can trouble us how much…okay so lets starts with the cs and then episode -1…here we go…

FALAK SIDDHIQUI – Falak is an ambitious college lecturer who always wants to present herself perfect whether if its her proffession or society. She is a modern high class family but carries simple and independent girl attitude !…

SHAHID QURESHI – Shahid is a Powerful Business Tycoon who loves to deal with passion and proffesionality…He is the most loved member of his family…

FIDAA SHEIKH – Zubin’s girlfriend who is a model by proffesion and arrogant by nature…She is desperate to get married to zubin as soon as possible so that she can be the heir of his property

RIHAAN QURESHI – Zubin’s step brother with bad looks and good boy attitude…Most of the time he gets into trouble bcoz of his bad boy looks…He is too a model and an actor by proffesion

AALIA SIDDHIQUI – Falak’s younger sister, Aalia is opposite of falak…Totally stubborn, cute, funny, girly, innocent and mischievous…She is a college girl








(EPISODE – 01)

The episode starts with a girl coming downstairs wearing a bridal outfit ! She comes at the hall and sits opposite to her groom !…

“Begun Falak Siddhiqui…Kya aapko ye nikaah qubool hai”…

(Are you agreeing for this marriage begum Falak Siddhiqui)

“Qubool hai” falak says smiling…?

(Yes i agree)

“Aur aapko”

(And you)

“Qubool…qubool hai”

(Yah yah me too)

Falak doubtedly “Itni jaldi…inka chehra toh dikhaye !!!”…

(So soon…firstly show me your face)

The groom reveals his face and its RAJU BIKHARI !!!…???

“Aaaaaahhhh !”…???


Aalia immediately wakes up from her weird dream !!!..

“Allah…Appi ki shaadi raju bhikaari ke saath hogaya…yaa allah !!!”…?

(Appi got married to raju bhikari)

She throws blanket, wakes up, opens the door and rushes towards Falak’s room !!…

“Appi !!!”…

She opens the Falak’s room door and enter where innocent falak is sleeping selling horses !…

Aalia screams “Appi…jaldi utho…ek buri khabar hai !!”…?

(Appi wake up pls its a bad news)

She forcefully wakes her up !!!…

Falak “Yaaa khuda…Kya hai kya aapko aalia !!!…Ab kya hua !!!”…

(Whats wrong with you and now what)

Aalia “Appi aapki shaadi raju bhikari ke saath hogayi…tauba tauba !!”…

(Appi you got married to that raju bhikari)

Falak “Anaap shaanap kuch bhi…aaj bhi aapke manhus sapne ne hamara sapna tod diya !!!”…

(Rubbish…like every night your disgusting dreams shattered my dream)

Aalia “Appi…i am not kidding agar aisa hua toh…aur kal toh vo raju aapko line bhi maar raha tha !!”…

(No i am not kidding if this really happens and yesterday that raju was even flirting with you)

Falak “Aap jaiye apne room mein aur sojaiye !!!”…?

(You go and sleep in your room)

Aalia “Appi…aap itni selfish hai…idhar hum aapki jaan bacha ne mein lage hai aur aap ko neend ki padi hai !!!”…?

(You’re so selfish appi here i am trying to save your life and there you just want to sleep)

Falak “O just shutup !!…Ab jaiye warna hum !!!”…?

(Just go else)

She makes devil eyes !!…?

Aalia “Appi…no no no appi…aapko pata hai naa humme darr laga raha…bhaagoooo !!!”…???‍♀️

She flees closing the door !…Falak takes a deep breathe and sleeps again !!…



MUMBAI CITY is shown with all sorts of vehicles, bridges, parks and then scene shifts…


Aaliya, Falak, Husaina are having breakfast with bread butter and fruits !…

Pooja (neighbour) “Ramya…tu toh har zamane ki kamchor hain !…Aaj bhi bartan pocha tune nani se hi karwaya hoga !!”…

(Ramya you are such a lazy lad…today also you dropped all your household work on your mom in law right)

Ramya (neighbour-2) “Aisa nahi hai pooja bhabhi !!”…

(No bhabhi)

Nafisa “Ramya !!!”…

Pooja “Arey Nafisa…aapke jhumke toh bade mast hai”…

(Your earrings are so pretty)

Nafisa “Vo toh hongayein naa…Shauhar leke kar aaye hai…aur vo paris se…its international you know” ??

(Yah actually its gifted by my husband and its from paris)

Aalia notices this and comes to the ladies…

Aalia “Ye jhumka…arey pooja aunty…ye jhumka toh ammi chor bazaar se uthaa kar layi hai” ?

(Arey ammi bought it from chor bazaar)

Everyone giggles ! ??

Nafisa “Aalia…Haha…mazaak kar rahi hai bacchi !…Chal tera tiffin deti hon !”…???

(She is kidding…come let me give your tiffin)

Aalia “Ammi i am not a school girl but college girl” ?

Nafisa “Chupp !…Akal toh tujhme nursery girl ka dala hua hai” ?

(Shutup you immature brain)

“Accha nafisa…chalo hum chal te hai”…?

(Okay we should leave now)

Nafisa nods okay by hiding her nose !!…As soon as they leaves, Nafisa attacks Aalia !! ??


Nafisa shouts “Har waqt badmaashi…allah ne beti di hain yaa shaitaan !!”..?

(Everytime mischieve…why allah gave me an evil in a girly disguise)

Falak to aalia “Aap issi layak hai” ?

(You deserve this only)

Aalia “Appi aapko toh hum !!” ?

(I wont spare you appi)

Falak flees quickly saying going for college !…Husaina laughs…?


“Salaam miya…Walequm asalaam…Kaise hai bhaisaab…Arey megha itne dino baad !”…

People greets each other…

Falak is shown crossing the road carrying some sorts of books !…

Its lightly raining…

Suddenly a car comes in between and she was about to hit !!!…But the car stops at the moment !…

“Mashallahhh” She shouts !!!!…

(Ohh goddd)

Shahid comes out of his car !!!…

“Aapko hamari gaari hi mili thi marne keliye !!!” He scolds her !…

(You got only my car for dying)

“Tameez se baat kijiye janaab !…Marna hota toh hum kue mein yaa toh khaaaii mein jaakar marte !…Aapki gaari ki itni insult nahi karte !!!” She sarcastically says !!…

(Behave your yourself…If i would have to die i would choose a well or cliff…i would never INSULT your car at all)

Men “Ehhh…ek toh jaldi mein gaari chalate hon upar se innocent ladki par chillaate hon !!”…???

(Ehh…firstly you rash drive and now you are shouting at the innocent girl)

Shahid “Innocent ??” ?

Falak “Guyz thankyou so much…but ye hamare friend hain isliye hum inn se lipat lenge !!”…

(But he is my friend so i will confront him)

Men nods okay and leaves !…

Shahid “Hum aur aapke friend !!”…

(Me and your friend)

Falak “Unn mardo ko dekha hai aapne…gali ke gunde bhi unn se darte hain…aur aap toh” ?

(Did you saw them…even goons are frightened of them)

Shahid “Physique dekhi hai aapne hamari” ?

(Did you even saw my physique)

Falak “Nahi dekha aur dekhne ka shauk bhi nahi hai…Agar aap apne lafz control nahi kar sakte…toh isme hamari kya galti !!”…?

(No and i dont want to see…if you cant control your words then its not my problem)

“Aapko bada pata hai lafzon ke baare mein…lecturer hain kya jo gyaan baat rahi hai…humme apne lafz control karne aate hain !!”….

(Oh so you know very well about words…are you a lecturer that you are spreading knowledge…I know how to control my words understood)

“Janaab…Ye lafz hain…apne lafzon ko sambhal ke rakhiye…ek baar lafz nikal gaya naa toh kuch nahi hosakta ! Khaane ko ulti karke nikaal sakte leken lafzon nahi !!” She says with a smile and bold attitude !!…

(Man its words…keep them in control once it goes out of control you will not be able to do anything…You can vomit by throwing the undigsted food but cant vomit the words)

He smirkingly “Meaningless…Accha seriously !…humme toh pata hi nahi tha…badi gyaani hai aap !!”…

“Ye gyaan humne apne ammi se paya hai” she replies…

(I got this knowledge from my mom)

“Aapki ammi ko hamara salaam” he replies !…

Falak smiles boldly “Khuda hafiz janaab”

Shahid smirks “Allah hafiz !!”

*Inn dono ke raaste mein hai risk…..toh kaise aaye ga inn dono ke beech ishq*

Shahid leaves in his car whereas Falak leaves for her college !…

Everyone how did you liked the first appearance of Falak & Shahid ?…They are main couple here…
Okay so tell me how much did you liked the first episode…
Let me clear its Romantic Comedy Drama so there will be no unnecassary dragging scenes and the show will focus mainly on the two couples and their families and there day to day life changes…

I was thinking to write a story on muslim oriented couple since many days and today finally i got a chance…Its a special request to my muslim readers if there’s any mistake pls do forgive as i am completely new in this line…?
Do drop your comment below…
And do tell me you want me to continue or not…
Until we meet Take Care

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  1. ImRagela

    Woow di ..I just loved the storyline ..That too with a Muslim background ..Even i am a Muslim ..Falak and Shahid …I just loves these both and Aliya is too cute and funny ???..Eagerly waiting for the next ..Love u ???????

    1. Riana

      @Reji… Thanxalott reji ??????
      So glad that u liked it…
      Ohh so you’re muslim thats grt…?
      Yah will updt soon..
      Love u ❤️

  2. Neha.love7873

    I really liked the concept . Loved the bubbly attitude of Aalia . The character of Falak is also doing justice . I admired the nok jhok between Shahid and Falak . Awesome start . Keep Writing and amusing us .
    Do send me the link when you post the next part ?????

    1. Riana

      @Neha… Thanxalottt neha ????
      So glad u liked it ?..Surely will update and send u the link ??

  3. Chandramukhi

    Hey Riyu ????. Wow what an amazing concept. Loved it to the core ????. Muslim background is doing an outstanding justice. Falak and Shahid are just ?????. Aaliya ?????. Nafisa and Aaliya ??????. Wait I have one doubt. You have written about Zubin in CS but there is no trace of Zubin anywhere. So, did you forget or is it typo or you did it on purpose????

    1. Riana

      @Deeps… Thankyou thankyou so much deeps ?????????
      Yah actually zubin ?..first i thought to name the male lead “zubin” but then it wasnt matching accordingly thats why i changed it to “shahid”…
      And i forgot to erase that zubin part ?

  4. Siddharth

    fantastic update rianu totally loved it .dream scene was very funny lol. Conversation btw aunties and chor bazar earings Rofl. Falak and shahid nok jhok was cute . waiting for next update

    1. Riana

      @Siddharth.. Thankyou sid ???
      Yah will updt asap

  5. Anokhi21

    Hi Riana…A great start…I loved it to the core…Falak and Shahid’s catfight sso nice to read…Waiting fa the nxt epi

    1. Riana

      @Anokhi… Thanxalottt Anokhi ????
      Glad u liked the catfight ?
      Yah updting soon

  6. Pavithra1616

    Just loved it di.. Super concept! Can’t wait for the next!! Liked falak and shahid.. Update soon?

    1. Riana

      @Pavi… ?????
      Aww yah will updt soon

  7. Hania

    Awesome dear . I really found muslim backgrounds relative after all I am also a muslim. Falak is sweet in nature . Aaliya is for humour in story.You writing is really awesome keep writing .

    1. Riana

      @Hania.. Thanxalottt Hania ???
      So glad u liked it and yah updting soon

  8. Niyati

    Wow di ….Lovely one .I lobe Falak character a lot .She is sensible & Alia is very funny . Update soon & love u ? ?

    1. Riana

      @Niyu.. ?????
      Yah will & love u ?

  9. Fenil

    Lovely one ???

    1. Riana

      @Fenu bhaiyoo.. ????

  10. Jasminerahul

    muslim background am liking the bubbly aalia be much.shahid falak meeting n fight were funny.

    1. Riana

      @Jas.. ????

  11. Jasminerahul

    i loved the romantic title.i guess zubin is shahid

    1. Riana

      @Jas.. Yah first i named him zubin then shahid…typo mis ?

  12. Welcome back my dear,you were spot on with your FF no one would guess that this is your first FF about Muslim background and of course continue I cannot wait for the next episodes and if you do not mind include some Muslim Attire and Jewelry. Thank you.

    1. Riana

      @Jaya.. your comment was unexpected thankyouuu so much aunty ????
      Yah will surely include it in the future episodes ?

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