My Lady (Ragsan OS) by Aliya

Ragini Gadodia:a 24 yr old girl..a sweet sensitive traditional kind hearted girl…. Physiotherapist by profession..loves her cousin Laksh from childhood..and thinks him to be her soulmate..its been seven yrs that laksh went to canada with his family…and their families decided their marriage once after Raglak decide their future..Ragini was eagerly waiting for the arrival of Laksh…

Sanskar Khurana:a 27 yr old guy..a dream guy of every girl..he has the every qualities wat a girl expects from a life partner…an NRI and from birth he stayed in Austria and want’s pure traditional Indian girl as his life partner

Firstly i want to dedicate this story to all my readers

Let’s begin…

A little girl running around the house… And she reach the terrace and sees an elderly girl writing something in the diary

Lil Girl:laado did….he is coming ?

And the girl who till now writing in the diary

Looks at the lil girl with smile

And the girl is revealed to be RAGINI

Pihu nods:i listened to bade papa who was telling with dad badi ma and mumma

Rag smiles and runs inside
And reaches her room and she opens her diary..and sees the photo of a guy…

And then she wanted to confirm if he is coming or not so she slowly went down and listens the talks of elder’s

And they were talking that he is coming this Sunday… She smiles widely…

Someone pats her shoulder from behind..
Rag turns: dadi..
Dadi:i feeling like someone is happy

Rag was blushing she bites her lips and then runs….

Dadi smiles:god.. keep my laado happy and don’t let her smile ever fade

Announcements:flight no **** of canada has been landed at 10:45
Flight no**** of Austria has been landed at 10:55

Everyone are waiting for laksh and his family in the airport….

Rag looks at the watch which shows 11:00

Adarsh: look someone is eagerly waiting
Rag looks at him: plzz chachu
Pihu:didi.. Till now your talk to his photo and today you…..
Rag immediately covers her mouth

All laughs…

Shek:we will talk with ap and jeeja sa..and fix the marriage soon…wat say Ragini?

Rag bends her head being shy..

She goes from there before she could listen more teasings and pihu goes with her

Shek sees ap and dp coming there….

They meets… And hv sometime

Dadi:wr is laksh?

Dp and ap looks at eachother…
They smiles weakly…

Lak:nani…i m here…

Dadi smiles widely….

He goes to her and takes her blessings

Everyone meets him..

Dadi sees a girl:who is she…?
The girl comes to her and takes her blessings

Lak smiles: actually…she is Sanvi MY WIFE NANI

(Sanvi played by Sanvi talwaar)

everyone are shocked….

Rag who came there listened it…. Tears makes its way in her eyes…

Dadi:wat? Even u ppl didnt bother to inform us..

Lak:hua yun ki dadi…sanvi’s dad’s medical condition was in serious..sab kuch jaldi jaldi mein hua..and now we thought we will do the reception grandly…..

Dadi felt weak…. She only remembered Ragini

Rag couldn’t control herself…

She goes from there…

Pihu looks her laado di and then goes to her parent’s

Dadi:now we should make a move..

Pari moves from there
Pari calls Ragini: Ragini wr r u???
Rag was controlling her sobs
Pari:i know Ragini u r crying
Rag:no chachi..i m not… actually m moving to the hospital as a patient is waiting for me…
She disconnects the call

Pari felt bad

Rag was moving fast… As she wanted to be alone…
While in this she dashes without someone


Rag sees the passport his ticket’s… Down.. She picks it
Rag: i m sorry
She forwards it to him..

He takes it: its ok…

She goes…
And he sees a diary down..he picks it.. And then he calls:hey excuse me Miss..your..
It was too late she hv went away…


Rag goes back at 7:00 Pm to her home
And she is hurt and was confused how to face laksh

She goes inside
And she sees none are there in the hall..
So she goes upstairs silently and was abt to enter the room

Rag turns and sees Sanvi
She smiles at Rag…
Rag smiles at her weakly

Rag:u know me?
Sanvi:laksh always talks abt you… And now when i saw you i thought its you only..and i m Sanvi laksh’s wife
Lak from behind: so finally madam came back…
Rag closes her eyes… She then turns and looks at him and plaster’s a smile you know one our childhood’s we used to say that we will marry..kyu Ragini

Sanvi smiles: actually you both together look good too


Lak:pihu…why u r getting anger with me..

Pihu:bcs i don’t want you to talk with my laado didi
Rag:pihu…u should not talk like this..they are your bhaiyya and bhabhi
Lak: its ok Ragini
Sanvi; she is a kid afterall and you tell me pihu why They both don’t look good together
Pihu:bcs i don’t like them together

Rag:pihu u go…
Pihu drags her bag
Rag: wat?
Pihu audible to Rag: don’t talk to him

Rag fake glares her
Pihu:i will come later

Pihu goes

Sanvi: she is quite possessive abt you
Rag smiles

Lak: why didn’t you marry till now (teasing) don’t tell me your are waiting for me

Rag felt hurt: nothi..nothing like that laksh…i m tired now will talk to you later..
Sanvi:ok Ragini u take rest

Rag goes in and closes the door

She slides down the door and cries and she covers her mouth through her palm to prevent sobs…


Here the guy is sitting in his room…. He was lost somewhere …
He remembered Ragini

And then his eyes falls on the diary

He takes it..he was abt to open……. Then stops…

Voice: wat is it Sanskar?

San hides it immediately

San:kuch nai dad…
Rp: look who is telling lie!

San:no there’s nothing and you here at this time

Rp: why can’t i come
San: its not like that dad

Suji comes: and sanskar see the photos of the girls! And everyone are like your choice
Rp: Sanskar.. Select the girl whom your heart says she is the one for you

San smiles: i feel you hv lot of experience
Rp laughs: no i m saying the one wch hpn with me…i think i would hv not got a better wife than sujatha..if i followed wat everyone said or my mind said

Suji smiles she does the photos

They goes…

San sees the photo…
Bt he is only getting Ragini’s flashes…

And he keeps the photos aside..

He sees someone’s Shadow: kaun jai wahan

Voice:ji mein bhaiyya

San smiles: lallu.. Wat r u doing there come in!!

He comes in

San: first tell me why your name is lallu
Lallu: actually my namr is lalith…aur sab pyaar pyaar mein mujhe lallu bulathe hai..

San smiles and gets into a rakha with him


Rag was crying and pihu wipes her tears…
Pihu: why r u crying???i told you..if you want to marry then you should take my permission..i told you .. That you should marry Ranbir kapoor
Rag smiles: Ranbir kapoor!
Pihu: not someone like him bhi chalega aur woh laksh tho arjun Kapoor jaisa hai for him sanvi is only fit
Rag:phir se pihu..they are elder to you

Pihu:chodo chodo…i got vacation’
Rag: so?
Pihu:i will to come with you… To hospital
Rag: why?
Pihu:to search a Ranbir for you
Rag:wat?no no…u talk a lot

Pihu:no i don’t talk much bt ranbir makes me talk
Rag:u and your Ranbir.. Come sleep

Parish saw this and smiles and goes


Shek:we should search a alliance for Ragini
Ad: yes…
Pari: and we should not wait for anyone
Jan:bt my laado loved him..
Pari:didi…now she should forget him…
Dadi: yes.. wn he got married and why not my laado


A week passed
Pihu didnt let Ragini to mingle with laksh…and Ragini had bonded with Sanvi.. And Sanskar’s search for his soulmate it’s still on i said the guy will directly come to meet you at hospital
Rag nods

Sanvi: wow…mujhe bhi use dekhna hai
Pari: its just the start sanvi..we vl meet him if everything goes well

Rag goes…
Pihu:laado didi..
Rag turns and sees pihu all ready.. Everyone smiles seeing pihu as she has become more possessive abt Ragini

Rag sits in the scooty and pihu sits behind her…


Sanskar and lallu reach the hospital…
Lallu:aspathal..bhaiyya ji aap mareez se shaadi karnewale ho??let the patient be fine and will come later
(hospital.. bhaiyya you are going to marry a patient)

San:wat?here doctor’s nurse and staff bhi hote hai lallu..jisne tumhara naam lallu rakha hai usne theek rakha hai


They moves in..

San:u wait here..i vl come now..

After few mins sanskar comes…

Lallu:one min bhaiyya

Lallu:P S Y C H O kya hota hai?

They moves in…

San: where to search?

Lallu: wat type of girl you want?
San smiles sarcastically: wat a timing??kaha se aate hai tujhme itni questions
Lallu:no i want create an image of my bhabhiji in my mind
San:hmm..tho sun…i want a traditional girl….

Lallu looks at Ragini who was treating a patient
San:and we should feel..her smile is a treatment for big big prblms

Rag was smiling and treating
San:her voice is like a melodious music
Lallu:ha ha…??
San: she should be caring
Lallu:ha ha ha??
San: she should be sweet and innocent
Lallu:mil gayi…???
Lallu was looking at Rag

San: who?
Lallu:bhabhi ji???

Lallu:look at her..

San sees an old lady nurse:wat?u want me to marry her
Lallu: ha…
San:i think you are out of your mind…
Lallu looks at sanskar’s direction:wat bhaiyya..i m not telling abt her… He points to the direction
San: wat?
Lallu sees and the was none

San: enough…ha .. Your want me to Laugh on your joke

Lallu: now let’s go… He moves front so that he gets saved from the glare of sanskar

San moves…

They reach waiting area

San was looking the doctor’s name plates in every doors…and then he moves to receptionist

Lallu was pronouncing the word after completing it he smile widely ???

Lallu shouts??:bhaiyya bhaiyya mil gayi(San turns and all other ppl looks at him with san)


Lallu(shouts being excited):arey bhaiyya..Dr.Ragini Psycho the rapist

San widens his eyes ????

Everyone was looking at lallu

Lallu smiles ???? as he hv read the word correctly

San:guys..guys..he meant psychotherapist

All takes a sign of relief
Lallu comes to sanskar being confused

Lallu: bhaiyya..i also said the same
Lallu:wat did i do…
San:plz close your mouth for sometime atleast

Lallu: wat i did?

San:shh..(turns towards receptionist)is Dr.Ragini free now..

Rec calls Ragini

Rec to san: there’s 2 patients.. After that she will meet you sir

After sometime
Rec to san:u can go in…

San warning lallu: don’t do something!plzz close your mouth
Lallu nods…

They goes in…
And sees pihu sitting in the chair with a doctor coat and writing something

Lallu: everything is ok.. Her height is little less…


Ragini who was washing her face at corner… She immediately wipes it and turns

San sees her and identifies her how will he not identify her from past one week he was only imagining her?

Rag smiles:pihu.. She signs something
Pihu stands and removes the coat and looks at Sanskar

San:you r dr.Ragini
Rag smiles: yes

San:wat a pleasant surprise

Rag: wat…?u know me from before
San:yes ..i mean no.. actually at airport u dashed me remember

Rag she didn’t see him

Rag:on sorry for that day..
San: no that’s ok

Pihu shows???? to Rag

Rag: aaiyena baitiye

San and lallu sits

Lallu was looking at ragini with smile

Rag sees him and smiles

Lallu:i hv saw you

Rag: yes i was treating the patient in the daycare

Lallu:u r Dr Ragini psycho the rapist ryte..i knew it???

Rag immediately stands:waaatttt????

San his his head

San:no no.. sorry sorry…he meant psychotherapist.. actually he is studying english…he said being embarrassed


San:plzz sit…
Rag sits

Lallu was abt to talk

Pihu:shut up
Lallu looks at her
Pihu: they hv to talk.. and wat r u doing in middle.. Come let’s go

Lallu immediately stands being scared of pihu..
And he goes with pihu

Both RagSan laughs

San: being a child she is matured and this lallu…

RagSan looks at eachother

San:hai.. Sanskar Khurana..he forwards his hand to Rag

Rag shakes her hand with him:Ragini Gadodia

And both takes their hand back..

There was a silence

San:hope i didn’t disturb you
Rag: no…i was free..if you don’t mind can we go out and talk…
San: ya sure…

Both RagSan goes out..
They moves to the garden

San:from birth i lived in austria and i hv completed my MBA and doing a job there..

Rag smiles: i hv completed my studies and training 2 yrs back and it’s been 2 yrs i m doing this job in this hospital

San being hesitant

San:so…are you ready for the Marriage!

Rag: actually i want to share you something and after that it’s up to can even reject me

San smiles: i don’t think so there will be anything that will make me reject you

Rag: actually i loved someone

It hurt him somewhere

Rag:and he is my cousin..

San:you loved him means??

Rag: actually a week back i was happy that he is returning bt he came up with a surprise that he is married…i loved him and waited him for 7 yrs…

She smiles sadly

San:you still love him???
He looks at her

Rag smiles: i don’t know sometimes i feel i love him and sometimes i feel no…and if you want you can reject me there won’t be any big deal

San thinks for a min….

San:Ragini did you like me???

Rag smiles being shocked

San: actually i don’t want to miss you in any chance.. So i m asking you… I m little unromantic i don’t know how to make you feel special…and i can tell you one thing I LIKE YOU

Rag for a moment she was shocked

Rag then smiles weakly

San: so did you like me?would you be ready to move on with me?

Rag smiles and nods

San forwards his hands: so friends?

Rag smiles and shakes her hand:friends!

Rp and suji comes to Ragini at her home…
They liked Ragini

Yeh lamha jo tehra hai
Mera hai yeh tera hai
Yeh lamha main jee loon zara

Sanskar smiles at Ragini…

And both the families does their Roka ceremony

San meets laksh… He was bit jealous of him…bt he is happy as Ragini is officially connected to him

Ragini and Sanskar looks at eachother and smiles

Tujhme khoya rahun main
Mujhme khoyi rahe tu
Khud ko dhoond lenge phir kabhi

San comes to meet Ragini at hospital…
RagSan both talks abt their life and some good old memories

Tujhse milta rahoon main
Mujhse milti rahe tu
Khud se hum milenge phir kabhi
Haan aa phir kabhi

Rag: will you reach me to drive the car plz
San: that would be my pleasure young lady
Rag smiles….

San teaches her sitting in passenger seat..he was getting close to Ragini unknowingly..he was helping her with steering

Rag looks at him with smile….
San felt her gaze.. He looks at her..majes his eyebrows up asking her wat? She nods in no

Kyun bewajah gungunaye
Kyun bewajah muskuraaye
Palke chamakne lagi hai
Ab khwab kaise chupaye

Rag forwards a Tiffin to sanskar
San: Wats in it??
San gets surprise seeing the rasgulla
Rag: now tell me how it is!
San eats and he had expressionless face
Rag: wat hpnd? isn’t it tastes good?
San:hmm… taste’s good… no taste’s amazing
Rag hugs him being excited
San was shocked at first by he felt happy

Behki si baatein karle
Hans hans ke aankhen bhar le
Yeh behoshiyaan phir kahaan

RagSan both were in panipuri stall
San didn’t knew how to eat
Rag smiles: muh kholo
San opens his mouth and she puts the pani puri in his mouth
He eats it and signs?
But he starts to cough due to spice
Rag pats his back and she makes him drink water….
San looks at her concern for him… He was happy beyond happy

Tujh mein khoya rahun main
Mujh mein khoyi rahe tu
Khud ko dhoond lenge phir kabhi

San was sleeping in his bed and he was happy and he is madly in love with her and he dearly wants Ragini to love him back

Tujhse milta rahoon main
Mujhse milti rahe tu
Khud se hum milenge phir kabhi
Aa haan phir kabhi

San forwards her diary
Rag: from where did you get this..i hv lost it long back
San:at our first meet…diary fell from your bag
Rag smiles
San: and i hv tried to stop still couldn’t….

Rag: thank God
San:bt i cant be always sincere
Rag at first didn’t understand
San: and don’t worry i won’t force you to change the surname
Rag widens her eyes and looks at her diary
San:and i will promise every sunday..i will give my full-time to you even if i m busy with work
Rag: you….. You read my diary…..
Rag chases him.. He runs laughing

Dil pe taras aa rahan hain
Pagal kahi ho na jaayein
Woh bhi main sun ne laga hoon
Jo tum kabhi kehna paaye

Ye subha phir aayegi
Ye shaamein phir aayengi
Ye nazdeekiyan phir kahaan

Rag:where did you fall
San: Actually siipped from he is hvng badages in his right palm and around his head
Rag angrily:careless
San: wat to do! I was lost in my fiance
Rags anger expression slowly turned to smile
San smiles

Tujhme khoya rahun main
Mujhme khoyi rahe tu
Khud ko dhoond lenge phir kabhi

Soon the wedding functions starts…

Tujhse milta rahoon main
Mujhse milti rahe tu
Khud se hum milenge
Phir kabhi
Ahaan phir kabhi

And finally Ragsan gets married

Lallu: finally my bhaiyya ji got married to Dr Ragini…..
San widens his eyes.. Rag was somewhere scared
Lallu smiles at pihu
And both screams: psychotherapist

RagSan smiles


Rag was sitting in the beautifully decorated room

Sanskar comes in…

He was hesitant….he moves to bed

San:Ragini…i will sleep in the couch and u…
Rag: why sanskar…now you are my husband
San:bt….suddenly he gets wat she said

Rag smile: thankyou sanskar for coming into my life
San smiles: u mean….

Rag gets down the bed and hugs him: I love you Sanskar

San smiles widely….he hugs her back

Rag looks at him:i never thought that i would move on..i thought i can’t forget my you proved me wrong….

San:m so happy… This is the best moment of my life….I love you MY LADY


Loving someone is not a miracle bt living with a love with trust and support is a miracle!

Howz this os??

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