lady don and a mad boy (TS) by rabia (2nd shot)

Thankuu guys for your response and here is the next part…


Shot 2:-

Swara reached her mansion and saw that sanky is sleeping like a kid… she stares him for some time but compose herself and got down from the car…

When she came near the main gatee her most loyal man adhiraj is standing there..

Swara in a bossy tone : adhiraj go and get the boy from the car and lay him down in the guest room..

Adhiraj knows about her this tone soo he just node and goes towards the car…

Swara in the mean while fresh herself and came out from her room…


Swara : did u lay him down??

Adhiraj : yes mam… but mam may I ask u something??

Swara : I know what u want to ask… and she told him all the incident..

Adhiraj: but mam how can u trust him?? May be he is some undercover cop

Swara thought for a while and said : we will see it later… now its night u go to your room..

Adhiraj : okay mam and he goes..

Swara got up and goes towards guest room she opens the door and saw sanky is sleeping by hugging a pillow like a teddy bear…

She smiles on seeing his cute antics but later goes to her room…

At morning swara’s wake up with the some sounds coming from the hall..

She got up and goes down and the scenario which she saw made her laugh like hell…

Sanky is sitting at the mid of dining table and pulling the hairs of her cook… who is already having few hairs on his head…

Adhiraj saw swara with amusement and come towards her…

Adhiraj : mam im seeing u for the first time laughing whole heartedly…

Swara while controlling her laugh asked what is happening there??

Adhiraj : your this new boy said to cook to make Maggie noodles for him… cook make it… but your frnd said that why is not Maggie coming in a round shape…

Cook said that he broke the noodles in short piece because u r a kid na… then after listening kid word.. sanskar throw the whole bowl on his head and then start pulling his hair…

Swara : hahahahahaha..

She goes down and calls sanskar..

Swara : sanskar…

Sanskar saw her and immediately jumps from the table and jumps on her like a kid.. by grabbing her waist with his legss..

Swara become shocked but because she is a don soo that’s why she is much stronger than normal girl…

Swara : sanskar what is this?? Why u jump on me??

Sanskar with childish tone : look na dost this bald fat man didn’t make my Maggie round and round…

Swara : okay okay I will say him to make your Maggie round and round now can u please get off me??

Sanskar : after one thing??

Swara : what??

Sanskar : give me choco..

Swara : okay I’ll give but please get off me..

Sanky : noo u have to take me like thiss..

Swara : ooohhh God… look the don of the city is carrying a big baby boy…

She walks towards the kitchen with sanskar sticked to her body 😀

She with great difficulty gives him the choco from the fridge…

Sanky jumps from her lap and kissed her on her cheek and runs outside…

Swara : ooh God my back

Adhiraj chuckless but stop on seeing swara’s glare…

Swara : uu come to my office..

Adhiraj : okay mam..

In office swara and adhiraj discussing something when adhiraj saw a shadow at the glass door.. he goes but didn’t find any one.. he thought it as his imagination…

Later at night swara is doing something in hall.. while sanky is playing with toys… swara got up and something fall down from her jacket’s pocket…

Sanky saw that and without anyone notice grab that thing.. but one pair of eyes saw him doing thiss…its non-other than adhiraj…

Adhiraj in mind : I knew it this man is showing him something else and in actual he is something else.. I have to inform mam… but secretly.. because may be he will denies…
infront of everyone

At dinner time swara sanky and adhiraj eating dinner.. but sanky starts demanding ice cream..

Sanky : dost I want ice cream..

Swara : sanskar first have your dinner than ice cream..

Sanky : no nooo nooo I want ice cream nowwwwww…. Nowwwww.. nowwww

Swara : okay okayyy wait.. and she said the servant to bring ice cream for him..

Ice cream came in a big bowl sanky grabs whole bowl..

Adhiraj : hayyy put the ice cream in separate bowl I also want that..

Sanky : noo I will not going to give it to anybody..

Adhiraj : kids are not allowed to eat this much ice cream

On hearing the word sanky fumes in anger and he got up from his seat… before swara and adhiraj can do something sanky throws the whole bowl on adhiraj head and put the bowl as a hat on his head…

Swara laughs on seeing thiss..

Adhiraj : what the hell?? Why u always throw things on everybody’s head??

Sanky with innocent face : my wish huhh and he start eating his dinner like nothing happened..

Adhiraj goes from their after stamping his foot…

Swara while controlling her laugh to sanky : sanskar I have sent my man to search for your parents.. hopefully by tomorrow they will find them..

Sanky nodes with a pout…

Both done their dinner and swara make sanky sleep in the guest room…

Later at same night swara and adhiraj were again at swara’s office cum study…

Adhiraj again saw the shadow and this time he goes and grabs the hand of shadow and pulls the shadow inside the room..

Swara becomes shocked after seeing sanky there…

Swara : what the hell u r doing here??

Sanky : u..m..m… woohh dos…t….

Adhiraj : I will tell u mam and by saying this he takes out the same thing from his pocket which fall down from swara’s pocket.. and show it to swara..

Swara fumes in anger and said : who r u?? tell me the truth..

Sanky with attitude: Sanskar Meheswari from crime branch..

Adhiraj : I knew it mam he is doing drama..

Swara : u go out adhiraj I will see him… adhiraj goes out..

Swara with dangerous tonee : ooo soo u dare to come into my den by fooling me??

Sanskar laughs : what I will get for making a fool again as a fool

Swara : how daree uuuu

Sanskar : low your volume.. im not scared of u….

Swara fumes in anger and takes out her gun and points it towards him

Sanskar : ooo God im soo scareddd and start laughing and by this he tricks swara and grabs the gun from her hand..

Swara become shocked after this sudden movement…

Swara : uuuu….

Sanskar point gun towards her…. : u r now in my custody… lady… doonnn…

Swara smirksss : never in your dreams by saying this she bends and kick on sanky’s leg… on which he stumble and gun fall down from his hand…

Swara push him again and he fall down…

Swara points gun towards him but sanky kick her hand and got up with a sudden jerk and twist her hand at her back..

Swara : leave meeee

Sanky : noo babyyyy by saying this he bites her ear lobe..

Swara kick her other hand on his stomach and frees herself from his clutches..

Sanky : ooucchhhh u wild catt..

Swara is going to kick him again but sanky garbs her both hand and twist at her back and kissed her 😉

He kissed her passionately while swara tries to free herself.. but sanky made his grip more tighter…

Finally he broke the kiss after 15 mins..

Swara : I will kill uu….

Sanky : u taste good and winks

Swara : leave meeee and she kicks him on his main point ..

Sanky : oooooooiiiii what is thissss

Swara : this is hell mr.. sanskar meheswariii and smirks…

Sanskar with a pouttt is this the way to treat your one and only dear husband??

Swara : yuppppp because this the right of your one and only lovely wife and that is only minee the great swara sanskar meheswarii 😉

Sanky made funny faces…….

Bhai and bhabi did your romance got over?? One voice came from the door…

Both swara shoutsss : adhirajj shutupppppp

To be continued….

Precap : reason behind swara as a don

Hehehehe soo guys how was the twist??? I know many of u guessed it that sanky is doing a drama but does anybody thought about swara being as a wife of him?? 😉 and what thing fall from swara’s pocket it will revealed in the next part….


  1. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    wow yar amazing i never expect swasan married
    i was eagerly waiting for this now plz post 3 jaldiiiii
    warna excitment ke marry meri jaan hi nikal jaye gi,,,,

  2. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Omg shock lga wo bhi big wala 😛
    Swasan married 😱😱😱😱
    Dan y he was acting lyk mad….
    So exctd for nxt part… post it ASAP

  3. Simin


    |Registered Member

    I thought sanskar is mad but to my surprise he is all good and swasan are married unbelievable
    Seriously di u are our shocking queen

  4. Rabia0032


    |Registered Member

    Wooooow yaar rabia what a great shock yaar never thought sanskar will be her husband omg…
    First I thought will kill him but you Made husband n wife Waah I am impressed now Post soon

  5. xavia

    Awesome dear….bt wt a shock….i still cnt hold it….she z his wife …i mn how…firstly she cdn’t recognize him…bt how…my head z spinning thnkng of ol ds….

  6. Mirna


    |Registered Member

    Rabssssssssss back with twistttt but never expected swasan were married 🙂 my mouth is still wide open 🙂

  7. Deeksha


    |Registered Member

    Well I had expected that Sanskaar is not mad but marriage….?????? Something which I didn’t….!!!!!!! Continue soon……

  8. Maryum


    |Registered Member

    O u always awesome too good 😘😘😘😘 I become fun of u writing u always rock I just love u rabia 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

  9. SHAN


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    Awesome di…. Didnt expect that swasan will be married….. Super di…. Amazing…. I cant wait for next chap…. U have to post soon….. Pls di

  10. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    awww lady don rabia… ur kidanapping us in your sweet stories.. hw come you get this nut bold nickel screw virus bacteria nacl h2so4 ideas in that 1,300- g brain???
    hahahaah love it this chapie so much rabi the don…
    main hoo don the rabi is back…..
    wat a twist and adhiraj… hahahh……
    post nxt part soon” ladydon”.

    • Rabia



      heheheheheh navii sochnay doouu na agay likhuu kiya 😀 pta chalay iss may saray shock ho rahay aur aglay may saray mujhay electric shocks day rahay hoon 😀

  11. Aliya123


    |Registered Member

    what sanky is a cop ……another shock they r husband wife what a couple wife don husband cop……..nice api ur shocks degree is increasing day by day

  12. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Diii diii diiiii !!!* pulling break..
    waaaa !!! yet not read d part but going to soon as m in common room in clz.. well i have a question!! *don’t take it seriously ohhkk !!!
    in 1st Dp u looked different!!
    in 2nd wala there was some match
    in 3rd wala myy God totally change…
    in 4th wala matlab niw walla u r also looking different then previous ones..whyy?? uhhh !!!
    how many twin cousins u have?*doubt..
    hmmm !!!

    • Rabia



      hahahahahhaha kakaliii
      fisrt dp was clicked in sep 2016 😉
      2nd dp was in april 2016 😉
      3rd one was in march 2016 😉
      and this one was clicked on oct 26th 2016 😉
      andd im tha eklota piece of my parents with different shades 😉 hehehehehe

      • Rabia



        hehehehehe and im having 2 twin couzns one set if of girls and one set is off boys 😉
        but ya twin sister are off same my age my class fellows till 10th and we are having many similarities and ya one twin resemble much more with me 😉

      • Kakali


        |Registered Member

        Chall jhuthiii !!! par appne toh kaha tha u have 4 more elder sisters.. then how come u become ekk louta piece of ur parents… n how can forgot about ur mele mei bichre huwe nayii twin ke baare meiii… hmmmmm !!! kuch tohh garbad hai…
        ohhhh goshhh if not thennn “Somebody help,,, kidnepers kidneped my Diiii ” uhhhh !!! *no energy soo faint.

      • Rabia



        Hahahahahaha kakali r 4 nai 3 elder sistersss
        And i said eklota piece with different shades 😆😆😆 focus on diff shadess and my new twin didnt meet me 😢😢😢😢 and dont worryy im your only rabia dii actually after thinking abiut this ts naaa i become mad 😂😂😂😋😋

  13. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Di apko pata hein ab meri mouth ki shape kya hein”O”😵😵..You gave me a big shock…Iss kiddo pe itna atyachar, not fair*pout face…loved the chappy.. Waiting for nxt….
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

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