lady don and a mad boy (TS) by rabia (1st Shot)

hello guys rabia here again with a new TS…..please doo tell me after reading that u like the concept or not 🙂

1st shot :-

A boy is around 26 of age is running while crying… one can easily say that he is not mentally stable….. he runs fast and enters in a parking lot… it look likes that there is any party going on…

He is running in between the cars suddenly he saw that one car’s trunk is open.. he immediately go and hide himself in that…

He was looking very scared…. 1 hr passed when he heard someone’s foot step.. he became scared and hide himself more in the trunk… after few seconds he heard car staring sound and by this car starts moving…

He closed his eyes…..

While in the car the driver is non-other than a girl around 25…. By her looks one can easily guess that she is a killing beauty… butt…….

She is the don of the city…. 😉 who is famous for her cruel behavior… but nobody knows what actually she wants to do or whom she punished or kidnaps….

She is talking to someone on cell phone via blue tooth..

Girl on cell phone: I don’t care what is the time.. I just want them in my den understand?? Otherwise u will he finished till morning…

Other side: okay boss..

Girl cut the call and focuses on her driving… there is complete silence suddenly she heard some one’s sobbing sound… she stops the car with a jerk and look around…

But didn’t find anyone… she was going to start the car when again she heard the same sound… she come out from the car and start searching the source… when she came at the back side of car she heard the sound coming from the car’s trunk…

She takes out her gun and open the trunk….

She points the guns inside and the boy shouts in fear…

Girl : who the hell r u?? and what r u going in my car?? Come out otherwise I will shoot u…

Boy starts shivering and crying loudly..

Girl : what the hell r u mad??

Boy: n..nn..oo…… maddd u r mad…

Girl : r u coming or may I shoot u??

Boy came out while shivering he was having his shirt collar in his mouth..

Girl looks at him from top to bottom and understand that he was mentally unstable…

Girl : what r u doing in my car??

Boy while scratching his head in childish tone : that shopkeeper is beating me

Girl : why??

Boy with pout : because he was selling soda and I liked the voice on opening of the bottle caps… so I said open the bottles…

Girl : then??

Boy with same pout: when he opened all the bottles he start leaving then he said where r u going?? I said to my home then shopkeeper said why u said me to open the bottles.. I said I like the thhhhiisss thisss sound that why I said to open the bottles soo he starts beating me on hearing this…

Boy said all this with a crying pout…

Girl on hearing this start laughing

Girl : hahahhaha okay now go to your home…

Boy : but I have no home

Girl : where u live??

Boy : I live…mm…. I don’t know he said while thinking

Girl : okay goo where ever u want to go and by saying this she start’s going…

Boy starts crying on seeing her leaving… and said plzz don’t leave mee I feel scared…

Girl : what the hell

Boy with puppy face : plzz…

Girl saw him for some time and this time she notice that he a tall and fair complexion boy… his eyes are hazel clrd.. and hair are silky and dark but messy.. on all this he is looking very handsome but innocent.. due to his mental state..

Girl : okay come…

Boy jumps in happiness and runs and hugs her tightly and kissed her on her cheek..

Girl become shocked on his this action while boy is clapping happily…

Girl smiles a little and said : go and sat down on the passenger seat..

Boy happily nodes and sat down

Girl sat down on driving seat and starts the driving… while boy is playing with the seat belt…

Girl saw him while driving….

Girl in mind : how innocent he was I don’t know whose child he is and what his parents must be doing without him.. I will send my men to search for his family…

Boy shouts suddenly… on which girl stops the car with jerk and gave him a horrified expressions..

Girl : happened??

Boy points towards the ice cream vendor with shine in his eyes..

Girl fumes in anger but after seeing his cute shiny eyes signs..

Girl : okay come

Boy claps in happiness and runs outside..

Girl came behind him and orders ice cream for him…

Boy is eating ice cream while girl is talking to someone when boy put ice cream in front of her mouth..

Girl first got confuse but after that realized that boy is giving her ice cream on which she nodes in no..

Boy made a sad crying face…

Girl saw this and eats the ice cream… boy becomes happy…

After eating ice cream they both start their journey…

While driving…

Girl : what is your name??

Boy whose is now playing with tissue box said : mmmyyyyyyyyy nameeeeeee

He start thinking while putting finger on his forehead… suddenly he said with happiness

Boy :…. yaaa my name iss sanskarrrrrr

Girl : hmm sanskarr nice name… anything else u remember about yourself??

Sanskar nodes in no with a pout..

Girl signsss : okayyy

Sanskar : what is your name dost??? (frnd)

Girl : dost??

Sanskar : yupp u know u r my first frnd who gave me ice cream and talk to me nicely u know nobody loves me or talks to me..

Girl : ooookay soo now u r my frnd and I will surely talk to u… and btw my name is swara

And under breath ppl scares from my name because im the don of the city and here this boy is considering me as his frnd..

Sanky : ss..wwa..raaa.. yeesssss swaraaa

Swara nodes..

Sanky while clapping start chanting swara swaraa swaraaa

Swara laughs on seeing his antics…

To be continued…..

Precap : swara’s men become shocked on seeing her laughing for the first time.. while sanky irritates her with is funny antics…

Okay guys soo now choice is yours.. whether I will continue this or not.. only yourrr goodddd response will decide the next shots….thankuuu 


  1. Rosey


    |Registered Member

    wow yar now i have no words to describe ur talent
    i had said U amazed mde
    I had also said I M Speechless
    I Had a;lso said I Loved It Awesom Suerrrb Amazing
    Now All words are finished now i have no words to appreciate your talent
    But still i will said its unbleviable…!!!
    and plz next sonner

  2. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Kill u if u dont continue.. and no drama dat if i die who will write nxt part.. ok!!!! Wow suorb concept rabi..
    swara in don avatar.. different nd sans may b acting as mentally disable..

  3. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Awesome di continue….. But i think sanskar is acting as mad…..may be he is any cop or undercover agent….. 😜

  4. Mirna


    |Registered Member

    Rabsssssssssss what happened suddenly many criminals in ur ff applying for any don post 😛 loved the chappy 🙂

  5. Malika


    |Registered Member

    Rabia lovely. Just now I read your previous ff. It was superb. I’m sooooooo sorry for not commenting but I read your ff. Coming to this shots…. It was superb…… I think sanskar is acting and wow swara what you did huhhhhhhh hehehhhhh love it. It was marvellous update sooon

  6. Aliya123


    |Registered Member

    Awesome api swara is don hawwww but she is bad from Heart right………..what is this swara nd sanky change their places……..always swara used to frighten sanky fr ice cream this time sanky poor swara

  7. Afra96


    |Registered Member

    It’s interesting di and I will not be available in TU for few days so don’t mind if I can’t comment and continue ur ts and ff.

  8. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr concept di… Loved it…Plz continue… I am excited to read it…
    Take care
    Keep smiling😊

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