Ladka Deewana Aya (SanVeer) Chapter 3 – Savitri Devi College And Hospital

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my head was pounding thinking off how isha betrayed me when she knew that i liked kabir but also my head was pounding because veer was getting so close to me but why did he have a motive or so because he always hated me because he used to pull pranks on him i didnt know and my head was pounding thinkin of theese two, the door creaked and mom proceeded into my room 

mom- why are you so worried sanchi

sanchi-nothing mom just college tension

mom- you are sure sanchi

sanchih-ya mom 

mom-if you need to tell me something ill be downstairs sanchi

after she finished her sentence she went down stairs leaving me in wonders still but i decided to go to sleep but i still couldnt stop thinking of veer but i didnt know why and what was happening to me , after a night of wondering i rosee up from bed and went to wear my clothes but is till couldnt stop thinkin of veer oh my god did i like him no this better not be true i thought and after a while of observing nature i reached college and collided with veer which got me really angry with him because he kept popping infront of me

sanch- veer what is this nowowow

veer-dont get angry my golgapa ill pick up the books

sanchi-move away 

i got up and walked past him but he wouldnt stop following me and kept saying

veer- what did i do now just because of some books you aint going to talk to me

i turned around my heels facing towards him and looked at him but my feet slipped and i screamed ahh but veer caught me in his warm arms, i gazed in his eyes and he gazed in mine i could feel some connection between us but what

veer-you are so beautiful i dont want to let go

sanchi- me too …… just move away from me and dont talk to me

i left and went past classes of classes and finally reached class and went and sat in my seat and soon everyone was in thir seats and i had some relief that veer was not here but fate had something else in store for me , it was veer he proceeded into the class and the teacher welcomed him and now it was time to knew where he would sit there was one seat next to me and one at the back i hoped he sat at the back and prayed so

veer- whwere do is it sir

teacher-you can go sit at the back

veer-sir i cant see from the back i need to go to the opticians to get glasses

teacher-oh then sit next to sanchi and sanchi tell him what we need to do 

i had some relief when he said sit at the back but now taht devil was next to me

veer-i will not leave you slone miss golgapa

sanchi-uhhh i hate you

veer- i dont

as time went past he kept annoying me but i shifted my mind towards my work but finally class had finished and i went to the canteen but that devil had to come after me there too

veer-that budda talks so much right

sanchi-for you not me mr malhotra

i saw isha and kabir mingling near the corridor and i had no clue what was going on but just lost in kabir

veer- um sanchi i wanted to ask you something

sanchi- humm say

veer-will you go to prom with me

sanchi-ahham yes

omg what did i say i didn’t know what he was talking about i was lost in kabir but what was going to happen at prom would he embrass me in front of everyone 

precap:sanchi and veer dance and he grabs her waist and both gaze in  eyes and have an moment

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    This is getting more and more interesting. I hope sanchi sorts out her feelings. And Isha…it’s really tough to imagine sanchi without her besties and her mentor Kabir. What makes the whole thing beautiful is the trio friendship..

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      You have to read to know ??

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